Where's The Village? podcast

Where's The Village?


It takes a village to raise a village. Welcome to ‘Where’s The Village?’ an ongoing discussion on grassroots activism and participation from young professionals working to alleviate poverty and its effects at the ground level. In each episode, we take a look at occurrences in pop culture as well as the latest from the DC nonprofit scene to analyze what lessons can be learned, how we can empower our communities, and find our village. Your hosts are Darius, Demetrius, and Viktor. Darius Baxter, Chief Engagement Officer of GOODProjects. After being raised by a single mother through the murder of his father and subsequent homelessness, Darius Baxter committed his life to creating pathways for families like his own to make it out of poverty. Demetrius Baxter is a guy who loves good conversation. He has worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years while running various studios and working with a lot of well-known talent. He currently serves as a Youth Support Worker in GoodProjects and assists with football programming as a coach. He wants to show the youth how things can go wrong in life but through hard work anything is possible. Viktor Valenté = Social Impact. Collaborative philanthropist. Cognitive thinker. Creative. Strategist. Provocateur. Scale enthusiast. (in that order).

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