The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

The Triathlon Brick Session

Mark Livesey

Elite coach (Mark Livesey) and Multiple Ironman AG Champion (sub 9hrs) chatting about all things Triathlon with some of the greatest people in the sport.

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  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Race Ranger


    It's here, finally we may have the technology to remove the scourge that is drafting. James Elvery is the co-founder of race ranger the new tech that could change the sport of triathlon for the better. Also a few rants from Mark.
  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Multiple World Champion - Daphne Belt


    A feel good show today with Daphne Belt who is one of, if not the oldest World Triathlon Champion. Mark discusses her secrets to longevity and how she's still racing at 82yrs old. An inspiration to so many.
  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

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  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Emma Carney and Triathlon Australia


    Massive show today. I chat with Tim Hemming about my interview with former World Champion Emma Carney in which we discuss the current situation surrounding Triathlon Australia.Plus race reports, including my experience racing the GREEK HERO, plus a few rabbit holes.
  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Kat Matthews


    Mark finally catches up with one of the very best 70.3 and long course triathletes in the world - Kat Matthews. Enjoy!
  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Kyle Smith


    Today we have two very good race reports/reviews from the USA and the UK from two of our loyal listeners. Mark chats to young gun Kyle Smith who is already showing he's an athlete who we will be seeing and hearing lots more of in years to come. For a young athletes Kyle knows what he wants and how he's going to achieve it. Another great insight into an elite athletes mind, plus a bonus discussion about Mullets and a short fun quiz at the end of the show. Enjoy!
  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Collins Cup with Tim and Brad


    We waited an age for the Collins Cup! Did they deliver their promises, is it the future of long course triathlon, will it have longevity? All this and more is discussed with Tim Hemming and Brad Culp. Enjoy!
  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Mark and Heather catch up to discuss the Olympics


    It's been a while since Heather was on the show. Today Mark and Heather discuss the highs and lows from the Olympics games and the fear of deep water.
  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Collins Cup with Tim, Starkey and Emma


    Mark chats to Tim Hemming, Starkey and Emma Pallant for todays show. It's all about the Cillins Cup, predictions and stagergies. Enjoy!
  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Part 2 with Dr Kirstin (Gut Health)


    Caroline is back on with Dr Kirstin talking about gut health. This follows on from their previous show back in April when they discussed over training and general nutrition. Dr Kirstin is a specialist in chronic symptoms associated with gut health and endurance sports. She has some great nuggets of information in the show to help you navigate through race day issues as well as general day to day gut problems. You can find out more about Dr K and get in touch with her here:Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen | Keeping You In The Game For Life. ( This week we had the sad news that Nathan Ford, friend and triathlon superstar, has suffered life changing injuries after an accident at the Aberfeldy Triathlon. His wife has organised a crowd funding site to help them navigate the upcoming turmoil as they try to get the best treatment possible for Nathan. Link: Fundraiser by Catrin Ford : Nathan Ford Rehabilitation ( Link to xtri experience -
  • The Triathlon Brick Session podcast

    Resilience with Rebekah Wanic and Nina Powell.


    Mark chats about resilience (lack of it) with Rebekah Wanic and Nina Powell about how out of fashion resilience has become. Please read their article here discuss why hardship and disappointment/losing is actually good for you, and that quitting sometimes isn't an option. You can donate to the swim here: to the Vercorsman

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