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I wanted to kill myself. I thought about suicide on a weekly basis, for years. I was depressed, addicted, co-dependent, and on my last hope. I took a chance on an alternative healing modality to give one final go at self-recovery before deciding to end it all. What I found on the other side was nothing short of a miracle. My life changed... forever. I've never been the same, and I've never looked back. I recovered my independence, my soul, my freedom. And now, I'm here to help others do the same. This is the story of how I became broken, and how I put myself back together again. Buckle up.

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  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #39 Solo Session - Self-Reflection, Ownership, and Linkedin Updates


    Join me for a special solo session of reflection and ownership. We look back on the Teal Swan interview, and I share some of my lessons learned. I share my opinion about how Linkedin is treating content creators. And we take a look into the next chapter of my life and business. Enjoy this candid social reflection.
  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #38 Teal Swan - Your Superpower is "Truth"


    Sit in with two social superstars to see how DEEP we go with Teal Swan. This episode is about truth, censorship, control, the medical industry, narcissism, family, spirituality, religion, depression, suicide, the real epidemic plaguing us all… And how we can fully rise above it all - with our TRUTH! Teal Swan is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today, having integrated her own harrowing life experience, she inspires millions of people around the world towards truth, authenticity, freedom, and joy.
  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

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  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #37 Danelle Delgado - Leading With Confidence and No Excuses


    I met the "Millionaire Maker" and we were VIBING this episode. Danelle Delgado is an elite entrepreneur and coach helping people level up their confidence in life and business. Listen to her magnificent turnaround story. Hear her mic drop moments and how it inspires her kids to be better. In this episode: ➤ How to thrive through adversity and stay grounded ➤ Parenting practices to build healthy independent kids ➤ How to lead by example via selfless service
  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #36 Marc Wasserman (of The Pot Brothers) - Conquering social stigmas of society


    Enjoy a high-energy episode with one of the most non-traditional social media influencers online. Marc Wasserman is one half of "The Pot Brothers at Law". They are a dynamic duo that has taken over social media with their eclectic content style. We tap into the strategy behind their success over the years. While diving into some interesting topics regarding social stigmas. Listen in to see how and why these guys dominate social media as lawyers.   In this episode: ➤ The power of an authentic social strategy ➤ How we can recognize and break down stigmas ➤ The life lessons of an artistic entrepreneur thriving online
  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #35 Elaine Culotti - Life lessons from an undercover billionaire


    Check out this dope episode with the most inspiring woman I've met in a while. Elaine Culotti is a real estate developer, interior designer, builder, founder of House of Rock, and a generational visionary. She is also a star of Discovery's Undercover Billionaire. We went DEEP into some interesting topics. Both personal and professional. Listen in to see why I love her so much.   In this episode: ➤ Why a billionaire lives humbly as a "Lipstick Farmer" ➤ How we find "unity" with or without religion ➤ The life lessons of a serial entrepreneur since the age of 14. 
  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #34 The Return of Shay... My next chapter (events, livestreaming, spirituality)


    I'M BACK!!!! Whoa, almost died of spiritual bypassing. Totally made it through though. Thank you to all my loyal fans who've been waiting for this show to re-launch, I'm going to be repurposing my Tuesday LinkedIn Live show into episodes here now -AND- creating exclusive "The Shay Rowbottom Show" only episodes that you can only now find here, and not on LinkedIn. Tune into today's episode to learn more about my life and career updates, why I've decided to relaunch my podcast, what more I've learned about myself and my shame, and why the spiritual community as it turns out... is... pretty toxic. 
  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #33 My Last Episode... (for now) and why


    To all my loyal followers, I have some relatively sad news. I am taking a break from this show for a little while to focus my energy elsewhere, and I wanted to record one final episode to explain to you all why. Thank you so much to all my supporters, and all my amazing guests who made this show incredibly healing the past 6 months. You can still follow me and catch my weekly Lives now, every Tuesday at 4 EST on my LinkedIn. Visit to stay in touch or to sign up for HealTribe. Thank you beautiful people for your support, your encouragement, and most importantly... your passion for the TRUTH, which desperately needs to come out in our world. Have trust, it will. Thank you... and I will be back. 
  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #32 Drew Gerald - Cinesomatic therapy, integrating the shadow self


    Drew Gerald is an entrepreneur, author, and director at the Center for Cinesomatic Development. His Cinesomatics workshops are held internationally from New York to London, Tuscany to Switzerland—helping professionals see the elusive patterns that hold them back. This methodology leads the world in cinematic movement diagnostics and advanced intuition development integrating approaches from embodiment, shadow work, therapy, and spirituality. To learn more visit 
  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #31 Alessandra Santos - Breathwork and Energy Alchemy


    Alessandra Santos is a breathwork practitioner, certified in Breatharian Healing, Soulful Breathwork, and rebirthing technique, she is a coach certified in NLP, time-line therapy, hypnosis, and reiki. She empowers you to transform and create fulfillment and harmony in your life through the magic of breathwork, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and other spiritual technologies. With 20 years of experience in finance and private banking, Alessandra provides a bridge of understanding between the material world and spirituality, allowing you to integrate both aspects in your life. Follow her on Instagram @thebreathworkeffect or email to learn more. 
  • The Shay Rowbottom Show podcast

    #30 Eric Osborne - The Magic of Psilocybin Mushrooms


    Eric Osborne is the founder of PLEDG - Psychedelic Liberation Education Discipline & Guidance. Pledg is a non-profit specializing in sponsoring income disadvantaged individuals getting access to psilocybin mushrooms for healing purposes. Eric has facilitated thousands of ceremonies, worked with veterans, along with other trauma survivors, and now, is on a mission to bring this incredible plant to more people in need. Contact or follow him on Instagram @sporespreader to learn more. 

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