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Episode #62: Access to Institutional Real Estate Private Equity Investments with Alan Donenfeld of CityVest

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This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst

What sets CityVest apart is that it raises capital for Access Funds that then invest in high-quality private equity real estate funds that usually have very high investment minimums, putting them out of reach for most investors. Here to talk about this and more is CityVest CEO Alan Donenfeld.

0:00 Introduction
1:10 What CityVest does
3:02 What funds invest in
3:53 Getting started with CityVest
6:31 Current deal flow
9:23 Using SDIRA capital
11:10 Understanding deal documents
12:57 The value of being a major investor
17:16: K1s and Taxes
18:43 Due diligence
21:28 Urban Catalyst ad
23:24 Lessons from the pandemic
26:24 Sectors CityVest looks at 
29:46 Reasons to be optimistic about student housing
31:48 CityVest and workforce housing 
34:19 Thoughts on blockchain and tokenization
37:21 The potential impact of inflation
40:29 The future of CityVest

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    Episode #68: Real Estate law with Daniel Cocca of Alpha Investing


    This episode is sponsored by Origin Investments.We've talked a lot on this podcast about investing in real estate deals but today we are going to look at deal structuring. And who better to ask than a lawyer. Daniel Cocca is a  lawyer, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and Co-Founder at Alpha Investing. He's a New York City corporate attorney by trade but now serves as Managing Director and Principal of Alpha Investing, and has capitalized over $3B of acquisitions over the past six years.0:00 Introduction1:20 Starting off as an investor2:44 The value of an operating agreement3:33 Structuring an operating agreement4:46 What investors need to know about limited partnerships7:12 Understanding waterfalls9:12 What is private placement? 10:25 The SEC's role in private investments13:36 The impact of the current real estate market 17:13 What the bond buying taper could mean19:32 How sponsors get started23:31 Origin Investments ad24:52 How to put a deal together26:24 What is mezzanine financing? 29:08 Understanding capital calls 31:21 Impact of supply chain concerns34:56 What inflation means for real estate38:40 Hot markets for multifamily43:18 Minimum holds for Alpha Investing49:21 Alpha Investing's plans to scale 
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    Episode #66: Housing Affordability with Pete Carroll of CoreLogic


    This episode is sponsored by Origin Investments.The problems of affordable housing in this country are likely going to be solved through a mix of public and private partnerships. That's probably a lot easier said than done and few people understand that more than my guest today, Pete Carroll from CoreLogic. Pete oversees Corelogic's industry and public sector engagement programs and prior to joining CoreLogic he held positions at Quicken Loans, Wells Fargo and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 0:00 Introduction1:12 A look at Build Back Better and what it means for housing8:19 The impact of upzoning 11:13 Changes in housing policy 16:40 How to speed up housing development 21:16 Impact of eviction moratoriums 27:28 Paths to equitable homeownership 35:24 Migration and climate change 38:33 What investors need to know about climate change 
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    Episode #66: SDIRAs with John Bowens of Equity Trust


    This episode is sponsored by Origin Investments.Today we are diving into all things self-directed IRAs with John Bowens of Equity Trust. John is a senior manager at IRA custodian Equity Trust Company. John draws from his 15 years in the real estate industry and his experience as an active real estate investor. In his travels across the U.S. and virtually, he has trained 50,000 investors during more than 300 workshops and classes, spreading the message about the power of building tax-free wealth and leaving a lasting legacy by investing in what you know best. 0:00 Introduction1:31 Core benefits of SDIRAs5:16 SDIRAs and depreciation8:29 Roth and Traditional IRAs12:08 Rules of investing in IRAs14:38 NFTs and crypto15:44 SDIRA custodians18:09 Managing an SDIRA21:10 Things to look for in a custodian27:26 Investing in crowdfunded real estate deals30:53 Understanding UBIT40:56 The use of passive losses45:15 The impact of tax fear 47:41 Fair market valuation51:06 Potential tax changes 
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    Episode #65: Rental Security with Jim Netska of PointCentral


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. Managing properties remotely is easier than ever due to a wide variety of technologies. Jim Netska of PointCentral discusses the use of sensors, cameras, and smart-home technologies and where the short-term rental industry is heading as a whole. 0:00 Introduction1:05 Smart home adoption 2:23 What PointCentral does4:55 Safety and security concerns 7:01 Who PointCentral is for8:45 Evolution of keyless entry10:32 Rise of flexible renting 12:08 What property managers are thinking about today13:21 Importance of Wi-Fi17:37 Urban Catalyst ad 19:48 Use of sensors23:21 Using noise sensors 24:56 Cameras and privacy 27:29 Remote monitoring 29:21 Changing attitudes toward seasonality in rentals 30:57 Labor and automation 33:00 Connecting to different types of rental software33:44 The short-term rental market in five years 
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    Episode 64: STR Tech with Jetstream Hospitality Solutions


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. The short-term rental market has changed dramatically since the pandemic. Bookings fell but then rose quickly due to remote work and school. Now in our evolving world, more guests than ever are looking at short-term or flexible solutions. To talk about this wild ride and more in hospitality is Mike Liverton, the founder of Jetstream Hospitality Solutions, a company that provides tech solutions for short-term rental operators. 0:00 Introduction1:06 How Mike got into hospitality tech5:08 Dynamic pricing in short term rentals6:05 The return of condo hotels 7:06 How short term rentals have evolved8:44 What does guest delight mean for Jetstream 10:24 The value of multilingual communication 12:20 AI and translation13:18 Short term rental trends across different companies 16:04 The flexible rent trend 18:07 Urban Catalyst ad 20:14 Investor demand for short-term rentals21:49 How to evaluate short-term rentals22:49 Impact of high prices 24:25 How Jetstream helps investors 25:52 Airbnb's need for hosts27:14 Brand building for short term investors28:25 Vetting software integrations29:40 Mike's transition away from CEO
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    Using AI in Tenant Screening


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. Rentify is a technology platform to help property owners and managers improve their ability to screen prospects and identify ideal residents. It uses an AI-driven approach that replaces credit checks with a comprehensive analysis of prospects’ overall financial picture that leverages bank data. In this episode, we talk about the uses of artificial intelligence and how spending behavior shows a more comprehensive tenant picture. 0:00 Introduction1:18 Artificial intelligence and tenant screening2:19 Building the Rentify system3:19 How Rentify's AI works 4:47 Going beyond the credit check6:10 Building a long-term relationship with tenants 6:49 Credit score inflation7:57 Chad's experience as a landlord9:45 Why credit checks are so expensive10:56 The current rental market11:47 The rise of the flexible rental 12:47 Impact of eviction moratoriums 13:24 Working with institutional landlords 15:30 Urban Catalyst ad17:28 Differences between screening in U.S. and Canada18:56 Chad's eviction horror story19:49 Chad's experience in technology 20:49 Rentify and cybersecurity22:51 The risk of identify fraud25:00 Concerns over hacking25:44 Uses of anonymized data28:03 What spending habits show about tenants30:28 The issue of subleasing31:15 A single solution for tenant applications 32:26 State and local restrictions 33:15 Biggest landlord concerns right now34:04 Rentify in 5 years 
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    Episode #62: Access to Institutional Real Estate Private Equity Investments with Alan Donenfeld of CityVest


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. What sets CityVest apart is that it raises capital for Access Funds that then invest in high-quality private equity real estate funds that usually have very high investment minimums, putting them out of reach for most investors. Here to talk about this and more is CityVest CEO Alan Donenfeld.0:00 Introduction1:10 What CityVest does3:02 What funds invest in3:53 Getting started with CityVest6:31 Current deal flow9:23 Using SDIRA capital11:10 Understanding deal documents12:57 The value of being a major investor17:16: K1s and Taxes18:43 Due diligence21:28 Urban Catalyst ad23:24 Lessons from the pandemic26:24 Sectors CityVest looks at 29:46 Reasons to be optimistic about student housing31:48 CityVest and workforce housing 34:19 Thoughts on blockchain and tokenization37:21 The potential impact of inflation40:29 The future of CityVest
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    Episode #61: Real Estate and Taxes with Steve Moskowitz


    Today we are talking about taxes and more specifically how you can set up your tax structures when it comes to your real estate investing business. With the caveat that none of what you will hear today constitutes individual tax advice, let's dive in with Steve Moskowitz. Steve has over 30 years of experience as a tax attorney. His mission is to help smaller businesses and individuals deal with complicated tax issues. 0:00 Intro1:06 Steve Moskowitz on why he loves taxes3:15 Tax complexity3:59 Setting up tax structures12:33 Cost segregation analysis16:19 Qualifying as a real estate professional21:32 The benefits of Delaware Statutory Trusts24:59 Urban Catalyst ad27:06 What the Pandora Papers mean33:06 Understanding the pass through deduction39:10 What happens when you get audited41:57 How long should you hold tax documents?46:00 Opportunity zones48:24 Potential tax changes 49:48 Thoughts on crypto53:43 What's most important for real estate investors to know? 
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    Episode #60: The Fundrise Approach to Real Estate Investing with Ben Miller


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. Fundrise pioneered real estate investing for the masses. It has grown to be the largest player in the space offering opportunities for all levels of investors. Ben Miller shares his journey in founding the company, how Fundrise has evolved, and where both the company and real estate are headed next. 0:00 Introduction1:23 How Fundrise Got Started 3:10 Fundrise and the SEC3:54 How Fundrise is structured5:03 How the Fundrise investment thesis has evolved7:11 Ben's history in real estate8:34 How real estate crowdfunding is evolving10:42 Why the term crowdfunding might not be accurate12:18 Ben's opinion on the changing rules around accreditation17:53 Fundrise vs. REITs19:32 Urban Catalyst sponsored ad21:39 The rise of build to rent25:12 Why this building cycle is different26:57 Fundrise and the West Jefferson neighborhood of Los Angeles29:52 Changes in multifamily real estate33:32 Is there overbuilding at some levels? 35:36 Fundrise and industrial real estate40:17 How Fundrise tracks its investments42:41 The current pace of transactions 44:29 The next big thing47:01 The future of Fundrise
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    Episode #59: Delaware Statutory Trusts with Chay Lapin


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. Taxes can loom large in our lives but one of the great things about investing in real estate in the first place is that there are structures that can help. One of them is DSTs, Delaware Statutory Trusts. If you've never heard of these or you, like me, are curious to learn more this is the podcast for you. Chay Lapin of Kay Properties explains what investors need to know about DSTs and how to use them in investing.0:00 Introduction1:36 What is a DST?2:47 Why were DSTs created3:38 How is a DST different from a 1031 exchange? 5:31 Can DSTs be used in fractional ownership7:41 Can you go from a crowdfunded deal to a DST? 11:51 How do 1031 exchanges work to protect you from taxes?13:17 Do you have to be accredited to use DSTs?14:03 What is the average minimum investment on the Kay Properties platform? 16:04 Which investors is a DST right for? 18:17 Could new potential legislation impact DSTs? 21:22 Urban Catalyst ad23:21 Diversifying with DSTs25:08 What types of investments are available? 27:10 What is the operating structure of a DST? 29:34 Sponsor communication31:13 Geographic and sector diversification 34:08 Property sourcing 35:29 Due diligence38:55 Non-recourse financing 40:08 The education process for investors42:02 Hold times on DSTs43:59 Current deal flow 46:28 How Chay's past as an Olympic athlete connects to real estate investing

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