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Our mission at Millionacres is to educate and empower investors to make great decisions and achieve real estate investing success. We provide regular content and perspective for everyone from those just starting out to seasoned pros with decades of experience. At Millionacres, we work every day to help you demystify real estate investing and build real wealth. Millionacres is a Motley Fool Service. Learn more at

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  • The Millionacres Podcast podcast

    Episode #60: The Fundrise Approach to Real Estate Investing with Ben Miller


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. Fundrise pioneered real estate investing for the masses. It has grown to be the largest player in the space offering opportunities for all levels of investors. Ben Miller shares his journey in founding the company, how Fundrise has evolved, and where both the company and real estate are headed next. 0:00 Introduction1:23 How Fundrise Got Started 3:10 Fundrise and the SEC3:54 How Fundrise is structured5:03 How the Fundrise investment thesis has evolved7:11 Ben's history in real estate8:34 How real estate crowdfunding is evolving10:42 Why the term crowdfunding might not be accurate12:18 Ben's opinion on the changing rules around accreditation17:53 Fundrise vs. REITs19:32 Urban Catalyst sponsored ad21:39 The rise of build to rent25:12 Why this building cycle is different26:57 Fundrise and the West Jefferson neighborhood of Los Angeles29:52 Changes in multifamily real estate33:32 Is there overbuilding at some levels? 35:36 Fundrise and industrial real estate40:17 How Fundrise tracks its investments42:41 The current pace of transactions 44:29 The next big thing47:01 The future of Fundrise
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    Episode #59: Delaware Statutory Trusts with Chay Lapin


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. Taxes can loom large in our lives but one of the great things about investing in real estate in the first place is that there are structures that can help. One of them is DSTs, Delaware Statutory Trusts. If you've never heard of these or you, like me, are curious to learn more this is the podcast for you. Chay Lapin of Kay Properties explains what investors need to know about DSTs and how to use them in investing.0:00 Introduction1:36 What is a DST?2:47 Why were DSTs created3:38 How is a DST different from a 1031 exchange? 5:31 Can DSTs be used in fractional ownership7:41 Can you go from a crowdfunded deal to a DST? 11:51 How do 1031 exchanges work to protect you from taxes?13:17 Do you have to be accredited to use DSTs?14:03 What is the average minimum investment on the Kay Properties platform? 16:04 Which investors is a DST right for? 18:17 Could new potential legislation impact DSTs? 21:22 Urban Catalyst ad23:21 Diversifying with DSTs25:08 What types of investments are available? 27:10 What is the operating structure of a DST? 29:34 Sponsor communication31:13 Geographic and sector diversification 34:08 Property sourcing 35:29 Due diligence38:55 Non-recourse financing 40:08 The education process for investors42:02 Hold times on DSTs43:59 Current deal flow 46:28 How Chay's past as an Olympic athlete connects to real estate investing
  • The Millionacres Podcast podcast

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  • The Millionacres Podcast podcast

    Episode #58: Raising Private Capital with Matt Faircloth


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. It's nearly impossible to scale your real estate investing business without access to capital. You've probably heard the term OPM, other people's money before. Matt Faircloth, the author of Raising Private Capital and the cofounder and president of the DeRosa Group shares his secrets to responsible development using private capital. We discuss what private capital is, structuring deals, and the importance of investor communication. 0:00 Introduction to Matt Faircloth1:27 What is private capital?2:47 Working with family 5:52 Building your personal network9:22 Learning how to talk about your business11:33 Vetting your cash providers 13:37 Building trust and transparency 15:02 Working with SDIRAs20:54 Investing using home equity26:09 Breaking down a new deal30:06 Offering memorandum structure32:45 Matching up investors and deals 34:50 Using social media and newsletters38:39 Communication when things aren't running smoothly 41:34 Honesty and expectation setting 43:27 Loan and equity deals 48:37 Evolving as an investor 
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    Responsible Real Estate Crowdfunding with Adam Kaufman, ArborCrowd


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. Sometimes when it comes to real estate investment, caution is a very good thing. Adam Kaufman is a co-founder and the COO of ArborCrowd and is an authority on commercial real estate and crowdfunding. He takes a cautious and methodical approach to real estate crowdfunding.  ArborCrowd is part of the Arbor family of companies which includes the Arbor Realty Trust, a publicly traded commercial mortgage real estate investment trust. You can read the review of ArborCrowd on the Millionacres website.0:00 Introduction to ArborCrowd1:23 ArborCrowd's reaction to the pandemic 2:50 Adam Kaufman on a methodical approach to investing3:48 What makes a deal a "no go"?5:56 The value of skin in the game7:06 Explaining the sponsor promote to investors8:36 Real estate crowdfunding's future10:13 Why sponsors are hesitant about crowdfunding 12:19 The current deal acceleration13:31 ArborCrowd and the Arbor Group of companies18:13 The rules around accreditation 20:39 What does transparency mean for ArborCrowd? 22:10 What to do if you don't understand a deal23:29 The value of sponsor communication25:15 The impact of climate change on real estate crowdfunding 26:05 Interesting markets and sectors 26:40 Impact of remote work27:46 Workforce housing trends28:58 Opportunity zones30:59 Interest rates and inflation
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    Episode #56: Smart Renovating with Van Sturgeon


    This episode is sponsored by Urban Catalyst. When it comes to talking about renovation, people tend to fall into two camps, those who have watched a lot of HGTV and can't wait to do the fun part and pick out tiles and those who are scared to start because they are afraid they are going to make a costly mistake. For both of those camps, today's podcast should help. Van Sturgeon is an experienced entrepreneur who created several businesses in the real estate industry and he's also a general contractor. He personally owns over 1,000 properties across North America, and is semi-retired from the day-to-day operations of his businesses. His mission is to help real estate investors overcome their fears of house renovations.0:00 Introduction 4:11 The perils of being a general contractor6:47 The importance of a needs and wants list10:13 Secrets for vetting contractors17:08 Building a scope of work19:20 Getting multiple quotes22:06 Sponsor statement -- Urban Catalyst24:16 Dealing with water damage and mold 26:17 Wiring in older houses32:02 Buying as is 34:15 Is there anything that is unfixable39:26 The current market for flippers43:08 Renovating multiple families 48:54 Preparing neighbors for a renovation50:38 Is there any trend that is played out for renovators? 
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    Episode #55: Real estate crowdfunding with Republic Cityfunds


    Crowdfunding investment platform Republic is partnering with real estate platform Nada to open the door of some of America's top cities to the average person through Cityfunds. Cityfunds will make it possible for anyone living anywhere to invest in a single city's real estate market. In this episode we explore the concept in detail.0:00 Intro1:21 What is Republic seeing in crowdfunding right now? 3:03 Increase in sponsor interest4:04 The impact of accreditation on crowdfunding7:32 Rise of mobile platforms for crowdfunding9:15 Role of crypto in real estate11:47 Increased adoption of bitcoin18:44 What are Cityfunds?20:47 Partnership between Republic and Nada Homes22:18 How did you choose your first cities? 23:12 The buzz around Austin24:05 Challenges of buying in a hot market25:16 What cities are you looking at next?26:16 Evolution of the Cityfunds strategy27:50 Buying and selling within Cityfunds28:28 A secondary market for selling shares?29:44 Diversifying across cities31:09 Investing within specific neighborhoods33:08 How should investors be thinking about with their investment in Cityfunds? 35:15 Limits on investing35:41 How do you open a new market? 36:46 How long does it take for the Cityfund to ramp up?37:24 What happens once the fund closes? 38:31 Long-term goals for Cityfunds
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    Episode #54: Multifamily Investing at Scale with Michael Episcope, Origin Investments


    Multifamily investing is one of the hottest sectors of real estate investing right now which creates unique opportunities and challenges for those in the space. Learn from Origin Investments CEO Michael Episcope how he evaluates investments in this changing landscape. Michael Episcope one of the co-founders of Origin Investments. Founded in 2007, Origin Investments is a real estate investment firm that acquires multi-family properties in some of the country's fastest-growing markets like Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston and Raleigh. It has raised multiple funds for investors. 0:00 Introduction1:11 What is happening in multifamily?3:05 What types of multifamily are thriving?5:12 What types of projects is Origin looking at? 7:33 How Origin is changing its strategy10:02 How does Origin find sponsors?11:45 Thoughts on accreditation15:19 Real estate investing and taxes19:40 What metrics should investors be looking at? 22:03 Funds vs. individual CRE investments25:54 Michael's journey from commodities to real estate 32:47 Who are Origin's investors 34:14 The latest on opportunity zones40:11 Other tax credit programs44:11 The impact of current economic drivers on investing49:08 Michael on his own home improvement
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    Rental Property Search with Jonas Bordo, Dwellsy


    Jonas Bordo is the founder of Dwellsy, a growing rental platform for listing and finding rentals. In this interview we discuss the problems with aggregating rental data, alternatives to the security deposit, rental rates and other concerns for rental property owners and anyone curious about the rental space. 0:00 Introduction1:04 Why is the security deposit system broken? 2:30 What can landlords use instead3:44 The varying state rental laws 4:40 Data standards in rental listings6:16 The challenges of aggregating rental data9:39 Rental prices right now15:06 Where people are moving to 18:53 The current eviction moratorium landscape 24:18 How Dwellsy makes money27:48 Tracking rental laws 29:31 Staying compliant with fair housing 33:05 Pet rules for landlords 35:30 Photography for rentals 40:22 The value of search filters
  • The Millionacres Podcast podcast

    Building A Multifamily Portfolio with Mike Hills of Atlas Real Estate


    There's lots of opportunity in the rental property market. Mike Hills of Atlas Real Estate owns over 50 units including a condo, townhouse, single-family homes, duplexes, quad-plexes, an apartment and a trailer park. He shares his advice for investors, the markets he is invested in, and how real estate can be used throughout your investing career.0:00 Introduction1:30 Finding opportunities in this current market3:25 How did you and your investors respond to the pandemic? 6:10 Mike's experience through the Great Financial Crisis10:40 Using 1031 exchanges 12:55 How do you level up as an investor? 19:16 Financing larger buildings21:55 Accessory Dwelling Units27:04 The Denver market 30:05 Real estate in Phoenix31:40 Other markets Atlas is looking at 36:40 The basics of property management38:50 Crafting your exit strategy42:45 Working with Zillow45:34 The virtuous circle of real estate investing
  • The Millionacres Podcast podcast

    Fix and Flip Loans with Michael Bourque of LendingHome


    Getting funds is often the toughest part of any project and when it comes to hard money loans, many investors are scared to even begin the process. We dive into the basics of bridge loans with Michael Bourque, the CEO of LendingHome, one of the country's biggest lenders to real estate investors. In this conversation we discuss how to start your first flip, the current lending climate, and how to use financing to build your rental property portfolio or flipping business.0:00 Introduction1:29 Current lending market2:30 What is the Lending Home flipping product? 3:19 How do interest rates impact the rates for these loans4:30 What is the qualification process like?5:30 Machine learning and loan approval7:30 Lending rules by state9:30 Consolidation in the lending industry10:55 Competition in the lending space12:59 Starting your first flip16:25 When a loan starts going wrong18:25 Impact of the pandemic on Lending Home 23:03 The SFR boom25:35 Competing against iBuyers for home flippers26:59 The LendingHome rental business product29:40 Financing large scale building32:07 A passive product for accredited investors34:00 What is next for LendingHome37:40 The growth in build to rent 38:32 LendingHome in 5 years

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