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How to Build a Thriving Community 117 | David Spinks

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David Spinks delivers a master class on how to build amazing, loyal, and collaborative communities. I get a lot of questions from listeners asking "do I build a community first, and then a product," or "do I build a product and then find a community." David votes for community first, and we dive deep into that. Listen to all our archives with authors like Seth Godin, Dan Ariely, Brad Feld, YouTubers like Franchesca Ramsey or Freddie Wong:

The 4 steps in community engagement are:

1. Identity The member’s identity aligns with the identity of the community. 2. Trust The member develops trust in other members and in the community as a whole. 3. Participation The member takes action to participate in the community. 4. Reward The member gets value from their participation and wants to experience it again.

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