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How do I use social media to grow my business? Do I need an email list? Is it possible to find a work/life balance? How do I start or grow a YouTube channel? How do I stay motivated as an entrepreneur? Here at the Start-Up Spark Podcast, our goal is to help all business owners answer these questions! As your hosts, and the women behind the successful food blog and business Six Sisters’ Stuff, we’ll share the tools and strategies we’ve come to learn over the last 10 years, to help you diversify your revenue streams, create a clear voice and presence online, and hone in on your ideal customer. We’ll cover topics like social media, email marketing, and creating video or blog content, all while giving tips on time management and avoiding burnout. You’ll also hear other experts chime in with their years of knowledge and learn from the very best in your field. Let’s spark the flame that will bring your business to the next level! Are you ready? We sure are! To learn more, or see the show notes from each episode, visit us at

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