Severed: The Ultimate Severance Podcast podcast

Severed: The Ultimate Severance Podcast

Allen Stare

"Severed: the Ultimate Severance Podcast." Severed is a scene-by-scene, moment by moment re-watch of every episode of the first season of "Severance." We'll examine theories, search through freeze frames, track the ascendency of Lumon CEOs...even break down the Waffle Party."Severed" is a thorough and well-researched look at every detail of "Severance." This podcast is for fans who have watched the entire series but are still looking for more detail and information. "Severed" also covers behind the scenes and production info. You'll hear performer bios, information about WHERE they were shooting each scene, inspiration for what you're seeing and much more!!You haven't really watched "Severance" until you've listened to "Severed."

13 épisodes