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017: Unveiling Biblical Jesus | Lynn Wilder

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Lynn Wilder, Author of Unveiling Grace, sits down with Jenn as she brings down Jesus from her “ex-Mormon shelf” to examine a new relationship with Him.

Jenn asks Lynn some hard questions that have prevented her from forming a relationship with Jesus outside Mormonism.

In this raw and vulnerable interview Jenn opens the door to know Jesus without any previous “knowing”.

Where are you in your journey with Jesus?

Learn how Lynn kept Jesus in her life post-Mormon and what that looks like to her in her faith journey unveiling the biblical Jesus.

Lynn, Thank you for your love and kindness as I took this first step to creating a relationship from within, instead of one patriarchy insisted I believe.

You are a wonderful human, Lynn, all my love to you on your journey.

Love, Jenn Kamp

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