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Modern Genealogy Podcast

Megan Hillyer

Do you want to get started doing family history work? If you feel overwhelmed and unsure how to get started, you are in the right place! Through solo episodes and interviews with family history enthusiasts and experts, I will walk you through learning all about family history work and how it can benefit your life. Listen up and start connecting with your ancestors!

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  • Modern Genealogy Podcast podcast

    Ep 36 - Recipes for Connection with Sarah Yeoman


    Do you have family recipes, or want to learn more about the food of your heritage? There are powerful connections that can be formed through tapping into this part of your past. In this interview with Sarah Yeoman from The Family Cookbook, we explore this connection, why it is important, and how it can be done.Follow Sarah on Instagram @thefamilycookbook.coGo to The Family Cookbook Website------------------Connect with me:Instagram @moderngenealogyFacebookWebsiteYouTube 
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    Ep 35 - 5 Lessons I've Learned About Family History Work


    I have learned some things as I've been doing family history work. In this episode, I share five of those lessons:Make a planNot all sources are equalSometimes you need to hire a professionalYou will never be done (and why that's ok!)It's all about love and connectionI'd love to hear what you enjoyed about this episode! Share on social media and tag me @moderngenealogy :)Free mini-course: 5 Steps Before You SearchJoin the Modern Genealogy Academy
  • Modern Genealogy Podcast podcast

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  • Modern Genealogy Podcast podcast

    Ep 34 - Create Your Family Brand with Melissa Smith


    Creating a family brand is important to find purpose and build our family unit on our values. In this episode, Melissa from talks about what a family brand is and how knowing our family history can help build one.Visit FamilyBrand.comListen to the Family Brand PodcastFollow @ourfamilybrand on Instagram..................................................................Learn about and connect to one of your "pioneer" ancestorsConnect with me:Instagram @moderngenealogyFacebookWebsiteYouTube
  • Modern Genealogy Podcast podcast

    Ep 33 - Discover Your Pioneer Connection


    After being in a bit of a family history funk for the past month or so, I decided to create something just for you (and me) to help you learn about and CONNECT to a pioneer ancestor. Don't have Mormon Pioneer ancestors? No worries! You can choose any of your ancestors who have already been pretty heavily researched by others. Sometimes we get so caught up in looking for people in our tree that need their temple work done, that we forget to connect to those direct-line ancestors whose connection should be stronger with. Listen to learn how I feel about connecting to these ancestors and why it matters and find out about the 4 part video series that will be starting on July 3rd to celebrate Pioneer Day.Sign up for "Pioneer Connection - learn and connect to your pioneer ancestors" to get reminders and links to weekly worksheets. Connect with me:Instagram @moderngenealogyFacebookWebsiteYouTube
  • Modern Genealogy Podcast podcast

    Ep 32: 5 Ways to Take Your Research to The Next Level


    Feeling stuck? Don't know where to go next? Listen to this episode where I share 5 ways to take your family history research to the next level. Search specific databasesSearch unindexed recordsUse local repositoriesWrite it outQuestion "known" informationGive it a try!For members of the Modern Genealogy Academy, try out the new Ask Me Anything  tool.Join the Academy hereGet the free 5 Steps Before You Search course Connect with me:Instagram @moderngenealogyFacebookWebsiteYouTube 
  • Modern Genealogy Podcast podcast

    Ep 31: Deep Nostalgia by MyHeritage + New Animations


    This episode comes from a YouTube video. Find it here.MyHeritage now has new Deep Nostalgia animations! You can now make your ancestor's photo dance, wink, smile, and kiss! Try it out at​ - you will need the premium account to use the new animations. Watch the video to learn how to access the free animations on MyHeritage. Get the FREE 5 Steps Before You Search Video Guide -​ Join the Modern Genealogy Academy -​ Connect with me: Instagram -​ Facebook -​ YouTube -  Song: Fredji - Happy Life (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:
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    Ep 30: Love Letters of Connection with Tess Frame


    Want to feel the real power and strength that comes from family history work? Find the connection through learning the stories or imagining the stories of your ancestors. In this episode, Tess Frame shares how she found the ultimate connection to her great grandparents through their love letters.Connect with Tess on Instagram: @tesiahframeTess' websiteThe Certain Women Podcast.....................................................Get the FREE 5 Steps Before You Search video guideConnect with me:Instagram @moderngenealogyFacebookWebsiteYouTube
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    Ep 29: Coming to Christ Through Family History Work


    Why do we do family history work? In this episode, I share 4 reasons:1. To receive blessings2. To perform ordinances3. To build connections4. To experience joyUltimately, this work brings us to Christ. Want to start researching someone in your family tree? Get the free 5 Steps Before You Search Guide. Connect with me:Instagram @moderngenealogyFacebookWebsiteYouTube
  • Modern Genealogy Podcast podcast

    Ep 28: How to Add Your Spouse's Tree on FamilySearch


    Wondering how to add your spouse's line to your tree on FamilySearch? Listen up! If you want to watch the video tutorial, find it on YouTubeGet the FREE 5 Steps Before You Search Video Guide Join the Modern Genealogy Academy  Connect with me:Instagram @moderngenealogyFacebookWebsiteYouTube
  • Modern Genealogy Podcast podcast

    Ep 27: Oceania Genealogy and Breaking Stigma with Miya Jensen


    Miya Jensen is a professional genealogist who specializes in Polynesian research. In this chat she talks about what makes Polynesian genealogy unique and how she is working to preserve and celebrate its culture. Miya also shares her journey to becoming a genealogist and how family history has helped her mental health. Follow Miya on Instagram - @thepolynesiangenealogistSupport Miya's podcast on PatreonThe Polynesian Genealogist website-------------------------------------------Get the FREE 5 Steps Before You Search GuideConnect with me:Instagram @moderngenealogyFacebookWebsiteYouTube

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