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EP 179. Eva May, the Wisewoman of Wiltshire.

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In this episode Phil and Ian are joined by Eva May. Eva comes from a magical background but spends most of her time working as a Wisewoman. Traditionally the Wisewoman has the honour of officiating Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Soul Midwifery and all important family rites of passage. In this episode we discuss these and all sorts of associated entertainment  including tea leaf reading, tarot cards, and cold reading - and why Eva does not cold read!  This was a fascinating episode to record as we find out a lot about an art allied with our performance art of magic.

As well as fairs and personal appearances Eva also helps couples celebrate marriage with ceremonies at Stonehenge, working together with Teri Stout, Eva and Teri are 'Stonehenge weddings'.  Find out more about Eva May here:    and Stonehenge weddings here Stonehenge Weddings

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