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Hold My Hijab

Kay and Dee

Hosted by ya girls Kay and Dee ranting about the bulls**t that comes with being a Black Muslim woman. You can reach us at any of our social links below and we also have our very own HMH HOTLINE! You can now reach us at 647-948-5367 anytime and leave a voicemail.

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  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ep. 58: (3rd)Anniversary Reaction to "Our PSA to f-boys"


    Welcome to our 3rd year ANNIVERSARY special! We want to thank all of our supporters, listeners and fans for taking us this far. We've reached a huge milestone and look forward to many more. Join us as we go down memory lane and react to our first episode "PSA to f-boys". We share some laughs and see how we've grown since then. Thank you again -Kay and Dee
  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ep. 57: Pandemic Q&A: From porn addiction to relationships & more...


    It's that time again... you're favourite non-relationship experts (us) are back at it again answering your questions and comments from our anonymous curious cat account. When the pandemic shut everything down in March, our curious cat was flooded with our listeners seeking advice. We got topics from porn addictions and crushes on co-workers to very deep profound issues relating to family and mental health. If we have answered your curious cat in our past episodes please drop us an update and let us know how you're doing!.
  • Hold My Hijab podcast

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  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ep. 56: Not all representation is good representation


    When we say we are fed UP with the Muslim representation on movies/TV shows as of late, we were not kidding. Tune in to one of our most opinionated episodes where we go in on the show Ramy (#cantrelate) and all the ways that it went wrong with telling our stories - or what was marketed as our stories. We also show examples from Cuties, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Man like Mobeen among others to really highlight how to properly tell Muslim narratives and the frustrating tropes that need to be dropped.
  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ep. 55: Dating Pandemic


    Dating during the covid-19 pandemic has been REAL for all our single folks. We break down all the main issues with the "dating pandemic" and tips on how to meet half your deen during a world wide pandemic. How to meet someone? Date ideas (halal of course)? Continuing a bond while social distancing? We cover it all. We also hook up our listeners with a Curious Cat about a possible LinkedIn romance.
  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ep. 54: Answering even more of your curious cats!


    Questioning your standards? Dealing with crazy men? Unresolved past relationships? All this and more... You guessed it - it's our favourite topic! We're back with another round of unanswered curious cat dilemmas dating BACK to 2019 :\ We play catch up and help answer some of your pressing questions with some (hopefully) helpful advice. Don't forget we also have our very own HMH Hotline! You can now reach us at 647-948-5367 and leave a voicemail anytime. We would love to hear any updates and/or comments. Enjoyyyyyy!
  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ep. 53: Speaking up in our communities + Support your own (FUBU)


    Join us this week and we unpack the trauma that has unfolded in the East African community in the past couple of weeks on Twitter and IG regarding sexual assault. We share our thoughts on this issue and provide some resources for anyone who needs to seek counsel in Toronto. We also follow up with our last episode and share the devastating news of Amani Kildea, a 20 year old Ethiopian King, who was found lynched in the U.S an hour away from home. We also share our thoughts on supporting black businesses and #MyBlackReceipt
  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ep. 52: Community silence + Defunding police


    Join us as we unwrap our headspace about the BLM revolution. We share our opinions about the silence from our communities and social media influencers. We also talk about “Optical-Allyship” and what defunding the police should really look like.
  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ep. 51: The Revolution of 2020


    The Revolution is being televised! It is June 2020 and we are in the midst of experiencing history. We are in the middle of a world wide revolution against anti-black systemic racism and police murders and brutality against Black people. Join our conversation about our thoughts on the revolution, protests, policing issues and our take on the theory of the "thin blue line".
  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ep. 50: The Water Project feat. Yasin (@Rootworks_)


    On this week's episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Yasin, the president and co-founder of Rootworks - a non profit organization that aims to provide communities in Somalia & Ethiopia with permanent access to clean drinking water. Be sure to check out their website at: www.rootworks.org We discuss the amazing work that his team has accomplished with this initiative and the mission of building sand dams as a sustainable solution to the water crisis faced by so many communities in East Africa. They produced a fantastic documentary about their experiences which you can now find on Youtube, along with new vlog entries - please watch, share, and donate where possible. This is a link to their documentary from 2017 which launched their project and work: https://youtu.be/kId2Ub6ACqA This is their most recent vlog from here in East Africa showing the work they do(Pre COVID): https://youtu.be/iPw3XsX7WoM This is their first VLOG from Kenya in September. https://youtu.be/uE7XsBn4Sww
  • Hold My Hijab podcast

    Ramadan 2020 - Interlude


    Ramadan Kareem! It's officially our first ever quarantine Ramadan and we are aiming to make the best of it. Our interlude is a conversation about our Ramadan 2020 goals and some tips to help with starting our fasting journeys this month. We also announce that we are having a special guest on our next episode! Tune in.

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