Histoire du monde indien - Gérard Fussman podcast

Histoire du monde indien - Gérard Fussman

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The subject of the "chaire d'histoire du monde indien" is History of India and Greater India, India being the whole Indian subcontinent, including Pakistan etc., Greater India being the countries deeply influenced by Indian civilization lying outside the physical borders of the subcontinent. Actually, if G. Fussman limits himself most of the time to the ancient history of Northern India and the countries lying North of it (today Afghanistan and Uzbekistan), he made some inroads in the history of Indo-Moslem India and in the present languages of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Most of his papers and books are princeps publications of Indian inscriptions (Ashokan and Kushan), archaeological sites in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and linguistic studies of Indo-Aryan languages. Buddhism being the vehicle of the spread of Indian civilization in Central Asia, he is also very much interested in the history of Buddhism in Northern India, including its art.

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