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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Tom Shepherd

How does creativity shape our lives? Through interviews with artists, makers, creators and general lovers of life, we will explore how creativity has helped them to carve out a unique and fulfilling life. This is a great resource for creatives in any field, of any ability, from professional to hobbyist. Ultimately though, this a life affirming podcast that we hope will inspire you to pursue your own ideas and dreams, whatever they may be! We explore these peoples personal paths to where they are now, the decisions made along the way and how they made them. We delve in to their mindsets, as well as looking into the creative process, how and where ideas are born and how they are executed. The interaction between left and right brain is also a fascinating them that we hope will run through out. We will also often cover life as an artist or creator, the many forms this takes and the business of making a living as an artist. All of this and plenty more makes up this "Creative Perspectives" Podcast.

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  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Detlef Tibax - Gaining Clarity


    I am very excited to release my recent chat with Conservationist and Artist, Detlef Tibax. We talk about Detlef's personal journey and his ongoing relationship with nature and art; and how they met and have both grown together to eventually create "Art 4 Conservation" We take a deep dive into finding work, art, life balance. Whether you're full time work or career is art or not, we soon realise that actually all of the struggles, frustrations and joys are all the same. We talk about the need for passion and a deeper reason that drives our art and decisions, especially during more testing times or when it would be easy to put our creative pursuits to one side. Beyond this we go into the role of Art and Conservation, dealing with insecurities and pushing yourself forward as an artist and a person, the pros and cons of making money from your art as well as the pros and cons of being able to move around mediums. All this and much more in this episode. Find Detlef at:   Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art        
  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Amanda Beck - Sketching the Moment


    Please note: Sadly Amanda's September Exhibition has been postponed. Details of other exhibitions can be found on Amanda's site, details below. July Exhibition runs July 6th - 10th I am very excited to share with you yet another fascinating chat with a wonderful artist, Amanda Beck. Amanda's story is one of a true love of painting and sketching from life, with a commitment to capturing the essence and the energy of her subject. Amanda's journey and career with art is very inspiring, as is her attitude to making her own opportunities and really going for the things she sets her sights on. We also talk plenty about the art of visual story telling, as well as both the joys and frustrations of working form life. A very different angle on creating income as an artist, whilst developing your own practice, we talk about Amanda's recently successful Arts Council Grant to do exactly this. We discuss what was involved in every stage, plenty of great tips, plus how this grant has allowed Amanda time to explore a very new medium in the form of the iPad...and a medium that you will soon hear, Amanda is clearly loving! Find Amanda at:   Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art  
  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

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  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Liron Yaconsky - Creative Commonality


    A real pleasure to chat to Liron in this episode. A passionate and articulate artist, Liron is able to verbalise so many different aspects of being an artist, creativity and in particular watercolour. We kick off with Liron's personal journey with art and his transition to making it his profession, followed by a very free flwoing and organic chat where we talk about all the ups and downs of being an artist, watercolour and the creative process; the joys, the struggles, the triumphs and so, so much more! This episode is jam packed with inspiration and information for any artist, whatever your medium...all though we do go deep into watercolour, of course. Liron as a wonderful online presence and I highly recommend checking out all the links below:   Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art
  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Craig Williams - Pursuing your Passion


    In this episode I talk with Craig Williams, a Tasmania based artist who quit his job as an employment coach to pursue a career in art. We begin our chat with a bit of background about Craig and how his education steered him in a different direction from art. Craig then gives us an insight into how he entered the art world through a variety of commissions and inspirations.  We then talk about Craig's work at a museum which opened up the doors into the world of wildlife illustration, before discussing a climatic shift when Craig makes the jump into a full-time artistic career.  The podcast finishes with a chat around technique, before we hear Craig's final thought.    Find Craig at: Instagram - @cswilliamsart   Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art  
  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Wendy Jenkins - Art as a Therapeutic Practise


    In this episode I talk with Wendy Jenkins; a Therapeutic Arts Practitioner and mother, based in Jersey.  We begin the podcast by discussing motherhood and feminism; highlighting that in many ways, we still live in an outdated world. We then move on to talk about how Wendy discovered art again, by embracing art as a part of your life rather than just part of the weekend.  Wendy shares with us some of the details of her Therapeutic Arts practice, and describes the focus and content of the workshops that she participates in running. Finally we dive into the topic of art and economics; particularly the barriers that can come with the pressure to make money.    Find Wendy at: Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art
  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Scott Burdick Part Two - Business, Benefits and Balance


    This is the second half of a two-parter with writer, film maker and artist Scott Burdick. In this episode we talk about the business and benefits of online teaching and how Covid has affected Scott and Susan’s creative careers. We touch on finding the balance between creativity and exploring the fundamentals of technique, before moving on to discuss art lineage and the community as a whole. Scott then goes on to give us some useful tips on large scale painting, before leaving us with an inspiring final thought! Find Scott and Susan at: Scott Burdick YouTube Patreon Susan Lyon and Scott Burdick Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art
  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Moaner Lisa Ep 6 - with Martin Aveling


    In this final instalment of the Moaner Lisa, Martin and I tackle some of the questions sent in by listeners prior to recording.  We tackle some interesting topics; sharing our opinions on the best way to sell your artwork, exposure, and we also give some background into our own artistic influences.  Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art   Find Martin at: Instagram/avelingartworks YouTube – AvelingArtworks Referenced in podcast: The David Shepherd Foundation  
  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    True Nature


    Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art
  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Finding your Niche


    In this episode I explore questions around niches – what are they? How do you find one? Are they important? With the help of some challenging questions that I pose at the start, you may find it easier to investigate your motives for choosing a niche. Alongside some gentle introspection, I discuss how marketing can be developed around a niche, and also some of the benefits and pitfalls of committing to one particular style, medium or subject.   Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art Referenced: Jay Alders Podcast with Ruth Roth
  • Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

    Scott Burdick - Painting Your Passion


    In this episode I speak with writer and artist Scott Burdick about a wide range of topics; some that you wouldn’t expect to hear in an art podcast! But as the podcast goes on it becomes clear that these are the topics that Scott addresses heavily throughout his work, both written and painted. We begin with a little insight into Scott’s history, how he became an artist, and the importance of painting your passion. Before we delve into the realms of politics, life experiences, philosophy and how these create the stories we manifest into art. Scott and I then move on to discuss social media’s role in the art world, and its effects on confirmation bias and false facts, before finally tackling the themes of fragility and fear. TRIGGER WARNING: Whilst all discussions have taken place with sensitivity and respect, there are a few topics mentioned within this podcast that some may find uncomfortable/upsetting.   Find Scott and Susan at: Scott and Susan Patreon Find me at: Instagram/tomshepherdartist YouTube - TomShepherd Art  

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