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Reese Black

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is the key to living a powerful Christian life. Join Reese Black and his guests as they discuss how to be closer friends with God, and how to live in step with the power and presence of God's Spirit. It’s time to become a candle and burn with the fire of Jesus.

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    2 Keys to Developing Intimacy with God


    I expound on two life changing keys that have helped me develop a more real and intimate relationship with God than I used to believe was possible. This interview was recorded in June of 2020 for another podcast, RealCuff Radio. It’s particularly special to me because my wife, Christa, is the one interviewing me, and […]
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    Who Has My Heart? | Troy Black


    My brother Troy and I have an in-depth conversation about devoting our full selves to God. We talk about what it means to live by faith, reclaiming our hearts for Jesus, and how to avoid creating a god in our own image. If you want to experience God for who He really is, this is […]
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    God With Us | Keith Wheeler


    Keith Wheeler has carried a wooden cross around the globe for 36 years, preaching the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. The only thing more incredible than his adventures is the intimate relationship he has with the Creator of the universe. Keith shares how Jesus has been with him through every difficulty of this ministry, and […]
  • Burn podcast

    God Removed Shame and Healed My Body


    Listen as I share my story of dealing with 8 months of severe stomach problems, and how God healed me by removing a stronghold of shame that was making me sick. Don’t let shame, self-condemnation, and self-hatred keep you captive—receive what God says about you today. Watch this episode on YouTube on Troy Black’s channel: […]
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    Making Your Life Count | Macoby Donaldson


    From baptizing people on the streets of CHAZ to seeing 166,000 come to Christ during crusade in Tanzania, Macoby is a radical evangelist who’s full of the power of the Holy Spirit. Listen to his incredible testimony of living the party life, encountering the Holy Spirit, and then seeing the sick healed and the lost […]
  • Burn podcast

    What is Success? And How Do We Handle Pain? | Rachel Wortman, Part 2


    In part two of my conversation with pastor Rachel Wortman, we talk about what our definition of success should be, and Rachel shares vulnerably about growing in relationship with God even during times of pain. More from Rachel: rachelwortman.com. My book and more at holdingfireblog.com
  • Burn podcast

    Inner Healing and Being Vulnerable with God | Rachel Wortman, Part 1


    Pastor Rachel Wortman and I discuss inner healing—the vulnerable process of finding healing in Christ for the broken places inside of us. This is part one of a two part conversation with Rachel. More from Rachel: rachelwortman.com. My book and more at holdingfireblog.com
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    When God is more than you expected | Abner Suarez


    You will be blessed by this powerful conversation with Abner Suarez about knowing the Holy Spirit and walking in the supernatural. Keep up with Abner by going to his website https://www.abnersuarez.com/
  • Burn podcast

    God wants to be your dad | Grant Wortman


    Letting God be your dad will change every part of your life. Pastor and entrepreneur, Grant Wortman, joins me for discussing what it means for God to call us His kids. Grant’s incredible story of how God became his dad will greatly encourage you concerning the kind of relationship God wants to have with you. […]
  • Burn podcast

    What does “Intimacy with God” mean?


    What does it look like to have intimacy with God? And how do we develop that kind of relationship with our Creator? You’ll be blessed by the answers in this powerful conversation with Troy Black. Troy is a Christian author, online minister/evangelist, and also my brother. More from Troy at troyblackvideos.com

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