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A podcast for cannabis lovers, presented by Broccoli Magazine. Tune in every two weeks for casual chats with your new weed BFFs, Lauren Yoshiko and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey.

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    A Weed is a Flower


    Broccoli's newest project is a photography book collecting images from over 25 artists around the world, each revealing different facets of the cannabis plant's unexpected beauty. In this conversation, Anja Charbonneau, Broccoli's creative director and editor in chief, talks with Lauren about how this book came to be, the therapeutic power of flowers, the sometimes fraught nature of beautifying weed, and how much room there still is for creative expression in the cannabis world.
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    Weedy Friendships


    Do you remember the first time you tried weed? Who were you with, and how did that person shape your experience? In today’s episode, Lauren and Mennlay discuss the broad concept of friendships and how these crucial relationships overlap into the weedier parts of our lives. While cannabis may be a bonding agent in some friendships, it can cause others to splinter. From highschool stories of becoming the “bad kid” who smokes to establishing new connections in our 30’s, we hope today’s episode makes you think fondly about your pals.
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  • Broccoli Talk podcast

    Cannabis & Spirituality


    Cannabis is often praised for its power of connectivity, whether it’s the simple act of bonding over a joint or consuming the plant to become in tune with your physical body. But what about connecting us to something bigger, something more unknown? In this episode, Mennlay and Lauren discuss the intersection of cannabis and spirituality, tapping into their personal memories and formative experiences surrounding religion, rituals, and shifting perspectives.
  • Broccoli Talk podcast

    Getting Toastyy with Jamie Lea


    How can you turn a love for cannabis into a career? For Jamie Lea, founder of CBD and wellness brand Toastyy, it was a combination of fate and dedication. After being laid off from her corporate job at the start of the pandemic, Jamie seized the opportunity to turn an existing passion into a business, one that was all her own. In this episode, Mennlay and Jamie chat about the challenges and lessons learned from within the cannabis industry, and Jamie shares her personal journey from college athlete to solo-entrepreneur wellness queen. This conversation is a must-listen for budding entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to take the leap into the weed industry.
  • Broccoli Talk podcast

    Weed & Working Moms


    Despite ongoing legalization, the stigma associated with cannabis is still a major issue. Mothers who consume face a huge spectrum of risk, from snarky judgment to potentially losing access to their children in states where cannabis is not yet legal. Now, imagine being a mom who works in the weed industry; there’s a lot to navigate. In this episode, Lauren chats with Heather Larimer, the Chief Marketing Officer of 1906 (a low dose edibles brand) about life as a working weed mom. 
  • Broccoli Talk podcast

    Weedy Reflections on Beauty & Style


    Cannabis encourages personal expression, but how does it reflect the relationship between our inner and outer selves? In this episode, Mennlay and Lauren reflect on the ways that their connection to their bodies, personal style, and self-care rituals have evolved over this challenging past year.
  • Broccoli Talk podcast

    Cannabis Incarceration's Math Problem


    In a rapidly legalizing country, releasing folks incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses sounds like an easy social justice win—so why can’t we make it happen? In this episode, Broccoli science editor Zoe Sigman explains that despite the numbers thrown around by the media, we don’t actually know how many people are serving time for cannabis, an essential detail for any wide-ranging reform. Fixing this data-based challenge so that folks can be free is igniting the next phase of Zoe’s advocacy career. She shares thoughts on possible fixes, as well as stories about her activist work, from nearly being arrested by the FBI during Occupy to trimming weed and starting a meditation program for inmates.
  • Broccoli Talk podcast

    Surfing the Weed Wide Web


    In the age of social media, what does it mean to be a weed person online? In this episode, Mennlay and Lauren discuss how they express their relationships to cannabis in digital spaces, both personally and professionally. Overcoming the stigma of cannabis use is often the first hurdle: even if you’re comfortable being associated with weed, and even if cannabis is legal where you live, platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok are waging their own war on drugs through their opaque, and often random, content moderation policies. Log on with us as we try to unpack the relationship between stigma, legality and creative expression in cyber weed.
  • Broccoli Talk podcast

    Cannabis and the Desi Diaspora


    Cannabis has deep roots in India across social, spiritual, and geographical spheres. In this episode, Mennlay speaks with Yogi Maharaj, founder of Luv Kush Co, dedicated to creating a community platform for Desi weed lovers. Yogi shares the origin story of how Hindu deities created bhang—the original cannabis edible—and teaches us about early weed cultivation in India and how the past connects to our present in fascinating, crucial ways. In this conversation, Yogi Maharaj, founder of Luv Kush Co, takes Mennlay deep into the history of cannabis in India, from the divine origin story of bhang to how the impacts of regulations imposed by British occupiers echo through the farmer protests happening right now. She shares personal anecdotes and a fun face mask recipe, too. 
  • Broccoli Talk podcast

    Creative Weed Business Chats


    This episode is all about The Broccoli Report, a twice-weekly newsletter offering cannabis industry insight and analysis, written by our own co-host Lauren Yoshiko! Mennlay chats with Lauren about how the project got started, why creative cannabis entrepreneurs deserve their own outlet for news, and how The Broccoli Report can help empower business owners and weed enthusiasts alike.

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