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AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity

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The AutoConverse Mobility Tech and Connectivity Podcast explores people, ideas, and technologies that influence how we are connected and the way we get around. Visit us on the web at

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  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    Chip Shortage Probe, Auto Makers and Vaccine Requirements, and Order-based On-Demand Auto Shopping


    In this episode...Feds Taking a Harder Stance on Chip Shortage, May Suspect Hoarding; GM reminds workers to report vaccination status or risk bonus money; Ford says U.S. salaried employees required to disclose COVID-19 vaccination status; Tesla wants an exemption from COVID-19 rules so it can host a 9,000-person county fair at its Berlin Gigafactory; May Mobility Launches Semi-Autonomous Shuttle Service; Plus...How to the clutter from your space affects you, and how automobiles are becoming order-based on-demand purchases with How to Sell More Cars Author Terry Lancaster.
  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    Pandemic of the Unvaccinated


    In this episode...Secret FBI Watchlist Leaks Online; T-Mobile confirms data breach of more than 40 million customers; Facebook Debuts Ray-Ban Story Sunglasses; Yelp adding COVID-19 Proof of vaccination requirements and guidelines; Drunk-Driver Detectors for Cars Part of Infrastructure Bill; Ford Recruits Robot Test Drivers; Toyota to spend $13.5B on electric vehicle battery tech; Apple rumoured to have purchased Chrysler's old test track; SpaceX's first all-civilian mission to launch in September; Plus.. Pandemic politics is killing people, but who is responsible? The unvaccinated? It’s not about freedom or personal choice anymore. It’s about the “safety” of all Americans.     
  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

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  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    China’s Big Tech Crackdown, 5G and Level 5 AutoTech, and a Unicorn Vehicle Search that Leads to Charity


    In this episode...Sweden must repay $1.6M in bitcoin to convicted drug dealer; China Passes Sweeping Data Control Law Amid Escalating Tech Crackdown; Connected Driving: General Motors, AT&T to Equip Future Vehicles With 5G; Baidu unveils Level 5 self-driving vehicle; Auto Shopper walks into a dealership to buy a unicorn Honda Pilot and makes a donation to a new charity. It’s a feel good story you won’t want to miss.    
  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    Vax Mandates, $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, and Auto Lending on Blockchain


    In this episode...COVID-19 vaccine mandates are coming; US Senate passes $1.5 Trillion dollar Infrastructure BIl; Mars-bound Starship Nears First Ever Orbital; Ford’s Detroit Smart Parking Lab will open next month; Tesla will pay $1.5 million to settle Model S battery throttling complaints; And...Interview with FinTech startup Chief Growth Officer Brandi Kolosky; Plus...8 cities around the world are putting their focus on biking and walking — not cars.   
  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    EV Battery Tech, Billionaires in Space, and Usage-based Insurance for New Mobility


    In this episode...Hyundai to invest $100 million in battery startup SolidEnergy; EU fines BMW and VW $1 billion for limiting emissions reduction tech; Audi expands traffic light connectivity; Billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have now both gone to space; US Government Can Use High-Altitude Balloons to Provide Internet to Cubans; Disney, Facebook, Google, and Walmart issue COVD-19 vaccine mandates for workers; Plus...Interview with VOOM Co-Founder and CTO Ori Blumenthal on how usage-based insurance (UBI) is keeping pace with new mobility.     
  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    Toyota pulls Olympics Ads in Japan, Trump Sues Big Tech, and Phygital Auto Shopping


    In this episode...Toyota scraps Tokyo Olympics ads in Japan, despite being banner sponsor; Trump lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook, Google over alleged big tech censorship; Argo,  Ford to launch self-driving vehicles on Lyft ride-hailing app; Elon Musk says Tesla will open its Superchargers to other EVs this year; Plus...Interview with Mood Media Vice President of Global Brands Jonathan Wharrad about the combining the physical and digital worlds of auto shopping.    
  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    Why now is a good time to sell your car yourself


    In this episode...SpaceX to send dogecoin-funded satellite to the moon; Ford begins MACH-E Deliveries in Norway and the all-electric F-150 Lightning; GM partners with 7 charging network sahead of EV push; Plus...what’s up with high used car prices and everybody wanting to buy you car? See more on our blog, End of the Combustion Engine, High Car Prices, and Why Everybody Wants to Buy Your Car.     
  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    Counterparty the Sleeping Crypto Giant, Vehicle Electrification Heats Up


    In this episode we learn about Counterparty, a Bitcoin protocol that opens up new possibilities on the blockchain for things like trading cards, but can it be used for things like vehicle ownership and warranties? Also, an update on EV developments with Tesla, Toyota, GM, Ford, and Hyundai, plus a preview to why used car prices are soaring.   
  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    3rd Annual Super Bowl Consumer Experience Review of Automotive and Connectivity Ads


    In this episode we feature our show from the Wednesday after Super Bowl LV where special guests Joe Webb and Robin Chandley provide their analysis and commentary on the automotive ads and some of the fringe mobility tech and connectivity ads such as Uber Eats and Amazon Alexa. See complete details on our blog including the original live stream recording.
  • AutoConverse :: Mobility Tech and Connectivity podcast

    Dealership Life, Bronco Deliveries, and AskOtto Shopper Quiz


    In this episode we feature our conversation with Benjamin Dykstra from which provides training resources for car dealerships. Benjamin is on a mission to change the  tune that consumers often hear about dealerships in advertising. We also talk with a Ford dealer about their deliveries of the all-new Bronco, and we meet with the purveyor of the new auto shopper resource AskOtto and get first-look at the company’s new car matching quiz. Go to to learn more.

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