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3 PTs and a Cup of Tea

The Foundry

Welcome to… 3 PT’s and a cup of Tea.

The podcast where three real personal trainers give you an inside look into the world of health and fitness, running a gym and what it is actually like to be a personal trainer. 

Expect real truths, laughs, possible swears and no bullshit.

Pop the kettle on, sit back, listen and enjoy!

This podcast is brought to you by The Foundry, the most inclusive fitness company in the UK.

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22 épisodes

  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

    Sarah Davies - Preparing For The Olympics


    It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks for us and many we assume across the fitness industry getting back up and on our feet, opening our doors amidst all sorts of restrictions and financial challenges. This week, Ben, Dave, and Laura take to the podcast with Sarah Davies (who we need to check she doesn’t double up as Super Woman, ever seen them in the same room?) Sarah is currently a GB weightlifter, competing in the 64kg category, and fresh from smashing the Euro’s in Russia she is just weeks away from the Tokyo Olympics. She is also the chair of the IWF Athletes' Commission, passionate about the future of the sport, from increased participation at all levels, and seeking authentic ways to get deserved coverage, awareness, and sponsorship. Will weightlifting continue to be an Olympic Sport? Will Sarah follow Klokov to Crossfit, or will she create her own 7’s team? Whatever she does, we have no doubt she will succeed. Listen to her view on training in and out of ‘motivation’, and how you need to be focused on your goals to create a habit. Follow Sarah on @sarahd_gb and her online weightlifting coaching club @wisdom4weightlifting As always, thank you to friends of The Foundry REIGN energy drinks, we are openly addicted.
  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast



    In this episode, supported by our friends at REIGN body fuel, Laura and Ben have the pleasure of talking to 3 incredible legends of Crossfit, Mike Catris, Owner of Kratos Nutrition, Captain & Coach on The Athlete Program (which by the way is the No1 team in the UK), who has represented at Filthy 150. PD Savage, Crossfit Games Athlete, and casually Ireland’s Fittest Man 2020. And last but by no means least, Sam Stuart, also a Crossfit Athlete who tells us all about how he focuses his mindset on getting the job done during a workout. Crossfit has had its fair share of headlines for lots of good, and some less so, especially over the last year, but in our book, anything that brings together a community through movement and team celebration is a yes from us. Listen to everything they have to share about the Crossfit Open, the challenges of managing training volume and life! You can find them on @mikekratos @pd_savage & @sam.stewart Please note: this will be known as the one where Dave wasn’t there. He will be back next week!
  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

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  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

    Hannah Beecham - RED January


    Hannah Beecham was inspired to start RED January after witnessing the transformative effect that regular exercise had on her Mum as she recovered from a period of severe depression. This got her thinking about all the people out there like her mum who might need extra support to take on a physical challenge, particularly in the winter months, when we all need some extra motivation. And so RED January was born. Since then over 200,000 REDers have joined the movement all whilst raising over £3million for mental health charities. We talk to Hannah about how important RED January was this year, given the particularly tough conditions people find themselves in. Why it's transitioned from running to activity, her opinion on the link between mental health and exercise, the power of community and much more. You can find out more about Red Together here: https://redtogether.co.uk/ and follow Hannah on https://www.instagram.com/han_beecham/ Fueled by friends of The Foundry, REIGN energy drinks.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

    Covid19 Recovery with Dr Col & Spoons


    Possibly our longest episode (be warned!) but one of our most in-depth and relevant conversations with two thought-leaders of the health and fitness industry, Mel Spooner, MD of CAWS, and Dr Col Robertson, an unbelievably experienced S&C Coach, Gym Owner, and all round legend. Dr Col's driving philosophy is that: "Health, wellness, and fitness are the building blocks of a life worth living, and that everyone - regardless of their personal circumstances - has the right to receive the absolute best levels of support and guidance when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes. Sport and fitness are vital industries, and the only industries that can breed a culture of health and hope that people can rely on, and that can make all of our futures brighter."    Established in June 2020, CAWS creates online content, courses and curriculums specific to the needs of the fitness sector workforce. The company’s philosophy is to draw upon the core principles of elite sport, sport science and medicine and apply them to the education needs of commercial fitness. RebuildTM — Built to better inform, educate, and prepare coaches and trainers for when dealing with new or existing members that have been affected by COVID-19.  We discuss the impact of Covid19, how serious it is, and the future of the fitness industry.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

    Covid Roadmap Reaction from The Foundry


    Ben, Laura and Dave react to the "roadmap" for easing Covid restrictions in England which has been announced by Boris Johnson’s government.   April can’t come quick enough for gym owners and fitness professionals across the country after a year of closures and restrictions.     What have we learnt about how the fitness industry reacted and adapted to weather the storm? How has the pandemic highlighted the power of community in fitness? What does the future of fitness look like? We discuss COVID recovery and the role of the fitness industry in supporting the physical and mental health of the nation. Finally we call on the government to provide practical financial assistance to help us rebuild our communities.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

    Prepare for Haskellation - James Haskell


    We were thrilled to have a former teammate of Ben’s on the show, James Haskell. He has played 77 times for his country, been on a Lions tour, won European and domestic titles, slept next with Minty in the jungle, ranted on the internet and is the self proclaimed Arch Bishop of Bantebury…. prepare yourselves for Haskellation. The man who succeeds at whatever he puts his mind to, we gain a deeper insight into the highs and lows of his professional rugby career, his commercial DJ production, his time in the Jungle, his time training MMA, the big fight getting cancelled due to COVID 19 and THAT rant about McDonalds. Fueled by friends of The Foundry, REIGN energy drinks.    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

    How to Move It in 2021 with Joslyn Thompson Rule


    Joslyn is a Nike Global Master Trainer, founder of the Women in Fitness Summit and Be The Change Coaching Mentorship. And now, she is a big bad author!!!  How To Move It by Joslyn Thompson Rule, publishing 7 January 2021. Joslyn is someone Laura very much looked up to and continue to do so for the way in which she delivers her message, she focuses on the basics and it is difficult times, just the night before we recorded this podcast we heard the news of a national lockdown so more than ever now is important to MOVE IT.   Follow Joslyn on IG @joslynthompsonrule  She runs her own BE THE CHANGE MENTORSHIP, with regular intakes in 2021. Her book HOW TO MOVE IT is out January 7th 2021 available from Amazon and most online bookstores.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

    F*ck 2020- the year in review


    Join Ben, Dave & Laura in reviewing what should have been their greatest year ever as gym business owners! No one could have ever predicted we would be where we are today, but the strength of community has been exceptional, and we will relentlessly continue our passion for health and fitness, mentally and physically during this challenging time.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

    Scummy Mummy Does Fitness


    Helen Thorn is a comedian, writer and single Mum. One half of the renowned @scummymummies.podcast, Helen has recently discovered weights and she wants to tell us ALL about it! Fay Reid is not only a fantastic Foundry member who embodies all of our values Where The Strong Belong but she's also the face behind @9to5menopause, openly discussing the ordeal of menopause and why she loves shifting tin!   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  • 3 PTs and a Cup of Tea podcast

    Recovery Gains with "Hal" Robson-Kanu


    We are joined by "Hal" Robson-Kanu, a professional footballer who plays as a winger for West Bromwich Albion and the Wales national team.  Robson-Kanu had no idea that one sickening injury would set him on the path to a fascination with turmeric, recovery and a business venture which supplied eight Premiership clubs, the England Rugby and more.. A born and bred a Londoner, is a professional footballer who plays as a winger for West Bromwich Albion and the Wales national team. He was an Arsenal schoolboy! He actually represented England at U-19’s but swiftly moved to Wales, where your Grandmother was born.   But not only does he have a fantastic professional football career, you are also a business owner, which he hails as his secret weapon. The Turmeric Co, all made from natural ingredients. We'll chat to Hal about what it takes to get to the top and about the mental and physical toll of recovering from injury.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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