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Braincare podcast is a series dedicated to helping you care for your most important organ. You'll learn about how to optimise your brain health and mental well-being through a series of bitesize interviews with the world's leading scientists and experts. Host, Dan Murray-Serter, co-founder of brain care company, Heights, interviews guests ranging from celebrities like Stephen Fry and Jay Shetty, to neuroscientists Dr Tara Swart and Professor Sophie Scott, and brilliant doctors like Rangan Chatterjee and Daniel Amen, and many more. You'll leave each episode feeling inspired, empowered, and armed with tools to help you take care of your brain and reach your heights, whatever they might be. You can learn more about Heights @yourheights and and Dan @danmurrayserter on social media. You can also receive an exclusive £10 off a quarterly subscription (how long science says it takes to feel the benefits) at Heights with the code 'workingin' ♥️ Your brain impacts every aspect of your life; from focus and performance to energy and sleep. Are you taking care of it? Check for free in just 4 minutes with our brain health assessment:

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    Encore: Power hour with Adrienne Herbert


    Adrienne Herbert wants you to get up at 5am! The leading wellness professional, author, speaker and host of the Power Hour podcast is an advocate for starting your day with a non-negotiable hour of self-focus. So, what's so transformative about her mornings that they stop her reaching for the snooze button? Today on this encore episode of The Braincare Podcast, Adrienne explains her peak performance philosophy that makes seemingly insurmountable challenges totally obtainable. We discuss ruthless routine and prioritisation, cultivating healthy habits, and how an extra hour in the morning can catalyse the change you want to see in your life. We talk about: Adrienne's 5.30am power hour What wellness is, and what it isn't The busy-ness misconception Learning to prioritise Balancing training and recovery, for body and brain Habit-forming AKA how to set yourself up for success How to curate your own Power Hour
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    Encore: The Science of Manifestation with Dr. James Doty


    Dr. James Doty wants you to conjure the life of your dreams. The Stanford University neurosurgeon, author, and mate of the Dalai Lama, the Pope, and Desmond Tutu (despite being an Athiest) knows a thing or two about manifestation! On today's encore episode of the Braincare Podcast, Dr. James Doty explains the incredible results of manifesting your intention with all of your senses. Plus, he explains how seemingly serendipitous moments of good fortune are linked to our self-actualisation practices. We talk about: How can you manifest your intentions with all of your senses? Manifestation and the subconscious mind Extraordinary connections: why you should never take people for granted Neuroplasticity and manifestation Mind over matter: how to change your fate What one thing do all spiritual leaders have in common?
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    Encore: Improving your relationships with food and body - Emilia Thompson


    Emilia Thompson returns to chat about building positive relationships with food and your body. In today's encore episode, Thompson shares characteristics of good and bad relationships with food, taking out emotions on your body, and how to recognize the signs that you may need to reevaluate how you're using food to treat your body. We discuss body image issues, body neutrality, tips on how to have a better relationship with food, and inclusive dieting. We talk about: Emilia’s relationship with food during her time in bikini competitions Having a good and bad relationship with food Symptoms of a bad relationship with food Tips and techniques to have a better relationship with food Tips for body image issues Body neutrality Inclusive dieting approaches How Emilia takes care of her brain
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    Encore: Technology and Mental Health with Dr. Rachael Kent


    Rachael Kent is keeping an eye on your technology use! As a lecturer and researcher at King's College, Rachael's PhD and ongoing research examines how digital tech influences our mental and physical health. With three technology-saturated lockdowns under our belts, her work has become more relevant than ever! Today on this encore episode of The Braincare Podcast, Rachael shares her fascinating findings about our increasingly digital-dependent lives. We discuss apps, notifications, and fitness trackers - the good, the bad and the ugly - and the fine line between helpful and coercive tech.We talk about: Leisure and labour with digital devices What is toxic productivity? Living lockdown lives online How to get intentional with tech Data acquisition and self-worth Fitness tracking apps - friend or foe? Digital detoxing
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    Encore: Daniel Amen on Overcoming Anxiety, Trauma, and Grief


    Dr. Daniel Amen knows just how powerful a healthy brain is. As one of the world's best-known psychologists and authors at the intersection between neuroscience and psychology, he's performed an enormous amount of brain scans to understand what's going on in our heads during our most challenging moments. Today Dr Daniel Amen shares his insights on overcoming anxiety, trauma, and grief. We discuss the very real implications of stress on our brain function and why good brain hygiene is imperative. Plus, Dr Daniel Amen shares actionable practices to combat anxiety that you can start! We talk about: What is brain reserve? Your brain during the pandemic Habits and practices for overcoming anxiety How can a healthy brain help you to withstand stress? PTSD and post-traumatic growth The power of diaphragmatic breathing The first steps for coming to terms with grief
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    Encore: Intelligence with Stephen Fry


    Stephen Fry is regarded as one of the UK's brightest brains. He's a prolific writer and actor who can apply his shrewd analysis and razor-sharp wit to just about any subject. So how does he keep his mind curious?  On today's encore episode of the Braincare Podcast, Stephen shares his thoughts on intelligence of every shade - cognitive, mathematical, poetic - down to the very tautology of the word, and where he falls on the nature-nurture divide.  We talk about: Whether upbringing shapes our future intelligence  The difference between intelligence and wisdom The privilege of not-knowing and the Dunning–Kruger effect How our attitude to learning can impact our intelligence
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    Dealing with Mental Health as an Influencer with Gemma Styles


    Gemma Styles, writer, influencer, and podcast host of Good Influence, returns for our season finale to discuss dealing with mental health as an influencer. Today, Gemma shares how social media impacts her mental health by her followers and competing with herself online. We discuss how to approach influencers online, curate healthy feeds, and what to look for in your social media experience. This episode closes out Season 1 of the Braincare Podcast. We'll be returning with brand new episodes in January. Can't wait until next year? We'll be releasing encore episodes of our favourite guests from the season during the month of December. Thank you for listening, sharing and supporting our episodes! We can't wait to bring you more soon. We talk about: Followers impacting mental health Competing with yourself online Dealing with negativity online How to approach influencers online Advice to people who follow influencers
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    Managing Mental Health and Media with Gemma Styles


    Gemma Styles, writer, influencer, and podcast host of Good Influence, join us today to chat about managing media and mental health as someone who has to be present online. Styles shares how she approaches and consumes media while protecting her mental health. We discuss mental health awareness, managing her life as an influencer, and how family and friends help with her mental health. We talk about: Gemma approaches media and protecting her mental health Managing life as an influencer Consuming mental illnesses on social media When Gemma became aware of mental health Mental health awareness Dealing with mental health and family/friends
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    Combatting Eating Disorders with Ambar Driscoll


    Ambar Driscoll, former model, influencer, and creator of the Bamby Collective, returns to talk about body positivity and eating disorders. Today, Ambar shares her experience with eating disorders and what she did to combat her health issues. We discuss how social media can influence body image, healthy fitness, and tips on how to have body positivity. We talk about: Where did Ambar’s eating disorder start Opening up about eating disorders Social media influences How to manage your inner voice around body positivity Fitness
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    Influencing Mental Health with Ambar Driscoll


    Ambar Driscoll, former model, influencer and the creator of Bamby Collective, joins us today to discuss her mental health journey and why she chose to use her Instagram platform to advocate for it. Today, Ambar shares why she left modelling and her impact on sharing her mental health with her social media audience. We discuss meditation, books she enjoys reading for mental health and tips to keep your mental health and check. We talk about: Ambar’s mental health journey Why Ambar started influencing mental health Ambar’s experience of sharing her mental health on social media Ambar’s tips for keeping mental health in check Meditation Why Ambar left modeling

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