RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

RN Presents - This Much Is True

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RN Presents is a diverse collection of short series. The current series, This Much is True, dives down the rabbit hole into conspiracies, misinformation and cults, and how to protect those you love.

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  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    Presenting-Stuff The British Stole


    Have you ever wandered around a museum and thought “How on Earth did all of this stuff get here?” You’re not alone. Throughout its reign, the British Empire stole a lot of stuff. Today those objects are housed in genteel institutions across the UK and the world. They usually come with polite plaques. Stuff The British Stole tells the stories about the not-so-polite history behind those looted objects. If you’re a fan of Patient Zero or This Much Is True, you might also like this series.
  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    04 | This Much Is True — Getting Out


    By some estimates, 15 per cent of Americans believe in QAnon, the conspiracy movement connected to the storming of the US Capitol in January this year. QAnon can be all-consuming, ending relationships and splitting families. So what's it like to climb back out of its embrace?
  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

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  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    03 | This Much Is True — Cults, QAnon and those left behind


    Alex's bible classes started taking over his life — then he discovered who was really running them. Emma's mum went from crystals to a clique that believes in aliens and past lives. And Tim and his dad fell into QAnon together, but what happened when one wanted to leave? We find out how cults and conspiracy theories can isolate you from your family, friends, even flatmates. And we hear what it's like to lose a loved one to a dangerous belief system.
  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    02 | This Much is True — Dream weavers


    Why do people spread information that isn't true on social media? Especially when they know that's what they're doing?
  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    01 | This Much Is True — Tradwife rabbit hole


    Equality is for ugly losers. Feminism is cancer. #submissivehousewife. Welcome to the world of tradwives, a movement with two distinct subcultures: one wholesome, one harmful. For many, it's about cooking from scratch, caring for children, and getting back to nature. But there's also an insidious side. Scrolling #tradwife on social media exposes a loose thread in an otherwise tightly knit image of happy family life. Pull the thread, and ugly things reveal themselves
  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    INTRODUCING — This Much Is True


    What do you believe? There’s some very weird stuff out there. From fringe ideas to full-blown conspiracy theories, we dive into the rabbit hole to find out why it’s so human to fall for them. We hear what motivates those who spread misinformation and what is it like for the families when someone they love goes all in on a cult. We meet people who got out of QAnon and learn how to immunise against false information. 
  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    08 | Patient Zero: First Outbreak


    In 1789, a disease tore through Aboriginal communities around Sydney Cove, or Warrane, leaving dead bodies floating in the harbour, and scattered along the shorelines. Some think that this outbreak was a fire that was deliberately lit.
  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    07 | Patient Zero: Back From The Brink


    A six-year old boy in Papua New Guinea wakes up one day and is suddenly unable to stand by himself. Less than a year later, children in three other Asia Pacific nations are experiencing the same alarming symptoms. A disease that was eradicated from these countries is back -- and it appears to be spreading.
  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    06 | Patient Zero: Ticking Time Bomb


    You’re a doctor faced with a dilemma: your patient isn’t responding to treatment. In fact, they’re getting worse. You run through a list of what might be wrong, but nothing seems to fit. And then suddenly — whatever is wrong appears to be spreading. It’s a race against time, and a medical mystery that only a seasoned disease detective can solve.
  • RN Presents - This Much Is True podcast

    05 | Patient Zero: Spillover In Suburbia


    A sleepy suburb in Brisbane is the scene of a gruesome disease outbreak, where the streets literally run with blood.

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