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Bonus Episode: My Story of Faith

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Up top: Please know that I realize that there are people in our community who practice a different faith than I do and there are others who do not ascribe to any faith traditions at all. I also know that in a community the size of ours, there are people carrying around the heartache of being hurt or abused by the church, so personal stories about Christianity can be triggering. I am deeply sorry if that is you. Please protect your heart and opt out. We’ll be back Friday with our regularly scheduled content.

I’m doing this episode because… well… because people keep asking me to. Because I’m a Christian and previously and currently work for companies that served the Christian segment of our population, a lot of our listeners happen to be Christians, as well. Every time I open up the podcast for questions or do an ask me anything on Instagram Live, I’m asked how I became a Christian. I’ve been reluctant to share because I think of TBTW as a lunch date with good friends instead of a stage for a sermon. All are welcome here. No matter who you are, I’ve saved you a seat.

I’ve shared this story in bits and pieces with my church and my closest friends know the details, but I’ve never shared it in a public space, despite living somewhat publicly online most of my adult life. I hope you can hear it not as my story, but rather as God’s redeeming story in my life so far.

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