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87. Conversations With Chris: Oh, So You Do Things Totally Different Than Me!

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I was making fun of the way Chris draws a star (guys, he starts at the top! I thought everyone started on the lower left!) and we started chatting about all the mundane things that we that others do differently. Toilet paper: over or under? Stars? Start at the top or lower left? Toothbrush: toothpaste goes on a wet brush or a dry brush? Brushing your teeth? Before or after breakfast? Mac & cheese: follow the directions on the box or do whatever? Seatbelt: buckle before you start the car or after? Which goes on first: socks or pants? Toilet paper (part 2): set number of squares or a wad that you’ve never counted? Toilet paper (part 3): More or less than seven squares? PB&J: Peanut butter on one side or on both slices? 

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