The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

The Stay Focused Podcast

Emily Supiot

The Stay Focused Podcast: Photography advice to help you stay focused in camera and with your photography goals! Beyond just tips and tricks this podcast was designed for new to intermediate portrait photographers, not only to teach you, but also guide you so you can feel focused on your photography goals. Learn from Emily and her expert guests as they help you learn more about the basics of photography, different genres and ways that you could begin your own portrait photography biz! The Stay Focused Podcast is an extension of the photography website,, which helps new and intermediate portrait photographers take and edit better pictures!

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  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    #118 Getting into Equestrian Photography + how to serve your clients!


    On this week's episode we are talking about taking gorgeous photos with horses, how to break into equestrian photography and how to serve your clients so that you are the talk of the town! Kirstie Jones with Kirstie Marie Photography joins Emily on The Stay Focused Podcast today  sharing with you her journey into equestrian photography and how she evolved that love into teaching other photographers! Show links: Apply for the next Cozy Clicks Beginner To Business Mastermind:   See Kirstie's work on Instagram:   Check out what Kirstie has to offer:
  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    #117 Where have I been? + Your permission to do THIS.


    The Stay Focused Podcast is back! So excited to be back with season 2 to help you take and edit better pictures and build the photography business of your dreams!  This podcast is perfect for beginners looking to learn more about portrait photography and how to run their business! Links to check out! Past Shows: Apply for the Beginner to Business Mastermind: Cozy Clicks online education:  
  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

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  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    116 How To Get Things DONE! Being a mom + business owner


    Are you a parent also trying to start up your photography business? Then this episode is totally for you.  Advanced email marketing specialist, Bev Feldman shares her strategies for working at home and raising her kiddos that you can use too when starting up your photography business. Not only that, but Bev breaks down some of the more advanced email marketing  techniques that you can apply when just starting out your photography business or if you've been at it awhile.  Listen today!
  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    115 How We Can All Learn From Each Other


    Come learn a little more about a fun opportunity for YOU and how you can learn and teach from other photographers just like you! Listen in the this short and sweet episode of the Stay Focused Podcast
  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    #114 Your EXACT Steps To Breaking into Headshot Photography!


    Interested in taking headshots? This is a market that is full of all kinds of opportunity that is just waiting for you! Everyone needs at headshot at some point, but not many photographers jump into the headshot niche. Cozy Clicks student, Vanessa Burns tightened down on this niche and shares with you the incredibly easy ways that YOU can too! You do not need a super fancy studio setup and you CAN do it even if it seems like a saturated market in your town. Listen right here!
  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    #113 How to Get Over feeling like an Imposter Photographer!


    Feeling like a bit of an imposter? It's easy to feel like a fraud or not "real" when you're just getting starting in photography (hey, even when you've been at it awhile you can feel this way too!) We can all feel like that at one time or another. The important thing to realize is recognizing when imposter syndrome is bringing you down and causing you to not move forward . Imposter syndrome expert, Heather Rider chats with you on The Stay Focused Podcast to help you overcome any amount of imposter syndrome you might have!
  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    #112 Email Marketing 101 for Photographers


    Looking to start a photography business? One of the most important parts of your biz is starting a email list. I know what you might be thinking...I'm a photographer, not a writer, I don't want o write emails. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it really is a must...but the good news is: it's not that hard! Magan Ward chats with me today and breaks down just what you should be focusing on to get started with email marketing!
  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    #111 How Tapping Into Your Intuition Could Make You An Extraordinary Photographer


    v Feeling stuck with Photography lately? At some point we all feel that way. Recognizing that and tapping into our own intuition could help you to break out of any funk you might be in and help you sky rocket your skills and goals too! But how exactly does one do that? On today's episode, Emily chats with mind and body coach Deborah Chalk who gives extremely specific examples of how you can use your intuition and law of attraction to help you specifically as a photographer! Listen here!
  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    #110 So Many Ways YOU Can Make Some Extra Cash with Your Photography Passion!


    When you understand how to use the camera, there are so many things that you can do to earn a little extra money with your skills! Even if you are not a full on photography business, there are ways that you can make some cash doing some fun side jobs...or even a few things you can do that aren't really jobs at all Listen in to this episode of the Stay Focused Podcast to learn how you can make money as a photographer!
  • The Stay Focused Podcast podcast

    #109 The Beginners Guide To Conceptual Photography


    Ever wonder about conceptual photography? Maybe you haven't even heard the word before...or maybe it's seems a little bit intimidating to you. Conceptual and composite photographer Sandy Taylor breaks it down for you today very easily, explaining just what it is and how you could get started with it today! Sandy explains how she broke into this genre of photography and how you really could start with just very simple ideas Listen here!

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