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On The Paranormal Nothing podcast, join the host, Juan Quiroz, as he recounts and analyzes all things paranormal, unexplained and mysterious. From anomalous historical figures and events, bizarre and mainstream science , aliens, hauntings, cryptids, and urban legends – The Paranormal Nothing podcast will take a look at it all in an analytical narrative format.We‘ll carefully dissect each case or phenomenon being looked at and provide evidence for and against its authenticity. On The Paranormal Nothing podcast, we always #QuestionEverything.

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  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #50: Alpha Centauri | Another Sun, Another Earth?


    The nearest star system to Earth is Alpha Centauri, composed of three stars (including Proxima Centauri - the closest star to Earth, other than our Sun). We know that there are planets orbiting the stars of Alpha Centauri. Could one or more of the Alpha Centauri stars harbor Earth-like planets? And what are humanity's plans for exploring this system? And... what are its connections to E.T.?
  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #49: METI | Should we message ET?


    The idea of directly messaging a potential extraterrestrial civilization (sometimes called METI, or active SETI), is a topic for much debate. What is the history of METI? What are some questions that should be asked before executing such a transmission? And more importantly, what are the chances of a not-so-friendly response to our interstellar message?
  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

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  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #48: Dyson Spheres | The Extraterrestrial Megastructure


    The concept of a Dyson Sphere was first proposed in a scientific way by late physicist Freeman Dyson. It consists of an idea where an advanced extraterrestrial civilization would have reached the technological level to build a structure (called a Dyson Sphere) that could extract the energy from a star or group of stars. Such activity might be readily detectable by Earth's instruments. What is the history of the concept of the Dyson Sphere, and how close are we to actually detecting one at this time?
  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #47: The Wow! Signal | Communiqués of Extraterrestrial Origin


    On August 15, 1977, astronomers at the Big Ear observatory at Ohio State University captured what appeared to be an artificial radio transmission coming from the direction of the Sagittarius constellation. What is the backstory on this alleged extraterrestrial signal (known as the Wow! Signal)? What made astronomers that detected it so sure that it was not just static or noise coming from natural phenomenon? And more importantly, has ever been detected again? 
  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #46: The Man Who Saw the Future | The Curious Visions of Paul Amadeus Dienach


    Paul Amadeus Dienach was an academic that lived a simple, sometimes lonely life, in the early 1900s. Then, he would experience a year-long coma in which he alleged that he traveled (consciously) almost four thousand years into the future where he not only embodied the conscience of a citizen of the time, but also was informed about future events, such as the human colonization of Mars, a third world war and even the development of a new species of human. In today's episode of The Paranormal Nothing podcast, we will objectively analyze the evidence in favor and against the curious claims that alleged time-traveler, Paul Amadeus Dienach, made in the early part of the 20th century. 
  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #45: UFOs in the Schoolyard | The 1966 Westall High School Incident


    On April 6, 1966, students at Westall High School, near Melbourne, Australia, were eyewitnesses to an alleged UFO that passed over the school (during school hours) and then subsequently landed nearby. This case bears striking similarities to the Ariel School encounter case, which also involved school children. Did Westall students really see an extraterrestrial craft pass over their school, and what evidence exists in favor and against this explanation for the anomalous event?
  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #44: Roswell | A Firsthand Visit


    The Roswell incident. A phrase synonymous with the terms such as cover up, conspiracy and some would say… fact. There are many characters (i.e., Mack Brazel, Glenn Dennis, Walter Haut, Jesse Marcel) and locations (i.e., Roswell, Corona, Capitan, Alamogordo, RAAF, White Sands) that are included in the story, that at times, so much information seems overwhelming. In today's episode of #TheParanormalNothing podcast, we will look at a streamlined but complete/objective version of the story that "started it all." Did a UFO, piloted by extraterrestrial beings, crash land in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? And if it did, what occurred afterwards that led some to believe (up until this day) that there exists a government cover-up of the entire event? Having visited Roswell about a month ago, some personal perspectives of the city and of the Roswellian-culture will be given. #QuestionEverything 
  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #43: Little Green Children | Strange Beings in 12th Century Woolpit, England


    During 12th century England, 2 small children appeared out of nowhere and found themselves within the town of Woolpit, in Suffolk county. They didn't speak English, did not know how to eat beans from a pod, had never seen the sun brightly in the sky and… possessed skin that was green in color. What is the historical significant of this story, and is the origin of the children paranormal or more mainstream in nature?
  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #42: UFOs in the Middle East | An analysis of the 1976 Tehran, Iran UFO Incident


    The 1976 Tehran, Iran UFO incident is one of the most "officially" well-documented UFO cases in modern times. Eyewitnesses included multiple sets of Iranian Air Force fighter pilots whose electronic systems aboard their F4 fighter jets malfunctioned when approaching the UFO that hovered near the Iranian capital. These trained observers also witnessed smaller anomalous objects which appeared hostile towards them, all while training to tail the UFO "mothership" which appeared as large as a commercial airliner. Skeptics of the case, however, believed that the pilots ultimately witnessed a meteor shower and/or possibly were simply seeing the planet Jupiter in the night sky. What does "official" government documentation say about the case, and how is it connected to the recent official DIA report on UAP?
  • The Paranormal Nothing podcast

    #41: Nordics | Chronicles of Humanoid Extraterrestrials


    The Nordics, or Tall Whites (as they are sometimes also known), are a race of alleged extraterrestrials that have been visiting Earth for many years. What differentiates them from other so-called groups of extraterrestrials is that the Nordics are said to look like us, like humans. There are entire mythologies behind the appearance, actions and ultimate purpose of this so-called group of ET's. What are the stories behind sightings and encounters with the Nordics, and how much and what kind of evidence is there that can potentially validate the existence of an alien race such as the Nordics? We will look at figures in the Nordic saga such as George Adamski, Charles Hall, Valiant Thor, Jordan Maxwell, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Paul Hellyer, Brad Steiger, Travis Walton and even... Edward Snowden (and many more). We'll also discuss connections of the Nordic theory with films such as Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

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