Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach)

Chase DiMarco

Medical education innovation for premed, medical students, physician assistants, and nursing. Mnemonics, memory palaces, speed reading, study hacks, mind maps for the MCAT, USMLE, COMLEX, PANCE, NCLEX, and all of your healthcare board exam and classroom needs!

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  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    What’s Your Prognosis? Gamified Diagnosis with Medical Joyworks’ Dr. Nayana Somaratna (Ep. 59 Rebroadcast)


    Dr. Nayana Somaratna is CEO and Co-Founder of Medical Joyworks and creator of the Prognosis app series and the Clinical Sense app. As well as holding a medical degree, Dr. Somaratna also holds an IT degree and just this year completed a law degree. Today’s episode sees him discuss his background and inspiration for his company as well as how to apply the learning from his app series. 02:17 The Creation of Medical Joyworks 04:15 The Experience of Medical School in Sri Lanka 06:15 How and Why Prognosis was Conceived 09:15 Obtaining Clinical Insight via Prognosis 11:11 Basing Algorithms and Processes on Clinical Workflow 13:01 The Differences Between Prognosis and Clinical Sense 14:22 Which App to Use for Exam Preparation and Why 15:32 Who is the Audience: Students Practitioners 16:37 Available Research into Gamification for Medical Study 19:00 Expanding Online Curriculums and Telemedicine Post Covid-19 21:34 The Future of Joyworks 23:50 What Would You Change if You Could Go Back in Time? 26:54 Medicine is an Odyssey ResourcesMedical Joyworks Clinical Sense Prognosis Join the Medical Mnemonist Master Mind Facebook group and find our Blog posts, Podcasts, and other Resources at! Feel free to Email any Questions or Comments.
  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    Game Thinking in Medicine with Professor Karl Kapp (Ep. 62 Rebroadcast)


    Karl Kapp is a Professor at Bloomberg University and author of several books about gamification and game thinking. Karl received a Doctorate of Education in the Instructional Design program at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also a frequent speaker and business consultant, helping organizations to implement learning strategies through technology. Today’s episode continues conversations about gaming in medical education and how to use creative and interactive modalities to benefit education.   0:52 What Gamification Means to Karl 3:19 The Main Approaches to Gamification Design: Structural and Content 4:50 Learning Objections: Retaining Information by Creating Engaging Challenges 5:30 Gamification as a Design Affordance 7:00 Confidence Builds Competence: Implementing Gamification Before Residency 9:50 Overcoming the Stigma of Fun Learning Approaches 11:35 Creating Desirable Difficulty 12:20 How Society Impacts Gamification 14:29 Leveraging Analog Formats to Overcome Funding Restrictions 17:40 The Importance of Collaboration for Creativity 19:00 The Scalability of Gamification for Other Disciplines 20:04 Resources for Creating Your Own Learning Game 23:00 The Retention Benefits of Creating Your Own Game 24:04 Using Game Creation as a Self-Assessment Tool.   Resources Information about Karl Kapp can be found here: Books The Theory of Fun for Game Design by Raph Koster Websites Quizlet Print and Play The Game Crafter Gamestructor Construct The Game Agency Enspire   Join the Medical Mnemonist Master Mind Facebook group and find our Blog posts, Podcasts, and other Resources at! Feel free to Email any Questions or Comments.
  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

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  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    Increasing Motivation, Test-taking Skills & Board Prep Success (Ep. 53 Rebroadcast)


    Discover test-taking tips, test-prep strategies, how to increase motivation, and more! Chase DiMarco finishes up this 7-part mini-series with test-taking tips, test-prep strategies, how to increase motivation, and much more. We all struggle with these topics at some point in our academic careers. However, knowing how to notice when things are going astray and how to correct your actions is a skill we were often never taught. Keep motivated, organized, and keep self-assessing and you WILL reach your goals! Key Episode Points! 0:41 Study Buddies & How to Select the Right One for You 5:18 Making Learning more Durable and Finding Personal Relevance 14:50 Developing Practical Knowledge & Improving Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation for Medical Students 22:08 Failing Upwards: How a Supportive Environment Encourages Positive Mistakes Proper exam materials and techniques 27:34 Test-prep Skills, Materials, Organization, & Pitfalls 32:18 Using Analysis of Board Exams to Qualify Our Testing Strategies
  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    Video Game Mechanics for Fostering Medical Learning with Dr. Eric Gantwerker - Level Ex (Ep. 54 Rebroadcast)


    Dr. Eric Gantwerker is the medical director of Level Ex games which include CardioEx, PulmEx, AirwayEx, and GastroEx. Gaming is a great way to inspire attention and active learning in medicine but also one we rarely use in education. Today’s episode will cover some of the psychology and research behind game design in medical learning. Intro 2:55 Gaming as an Active Learning Strategy for Medical Students 11:39 Why Students (and Teachers) Should Consider Adding Gamified Curriculum in Medicine 15:48 Game Design for Education & for FUN! 22:00 Games and Apps for Medical Student Education Resources Chase DiMarco at the Florida Mensa Regional Gathering Twine Polycraft EcoMUVE Microbe Invader Habatica Prognosis The Body VR Touch Surgery Plague Inc, Bio Inc Unity
  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    100. How Physicians are Changing the Medical Education Landscape


    Chase DiMarco shares his presentation about FindARotation at InnovatorMD’s World Congress 2021. This annual convention is the largest conference where physicians and entrepreneurs connect and offer their ideas on how to change healthcare for the better. Chase talks about why he built FindARotation and how it will change medical education for both students and preceptors.  [01:40] Why Chase started FindARotation [04:06] FindARotation’s Mission [05:35] How FindARotation benefits students and preceptors [08:21] Remote Rotations during the COVID-19 Pandemic [09:53] How to Use FindARotation [11:32] Q&A Portion Full show notes
  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    Accelerate your Learning and GPA with the Non-Traditional Accelerator, Camille Roney BSc


    Chase DiMarco talks to Camille Roney, an academic coach and teacher at Non-Trad Accelerator for non-traditional students. Camille shares how she raised her GPA from 2.3 to 4.10, practical study tips to increase your productivity, and the power of positive thinking. [01:01] What is a Non-Traditional Student  [02:40] How to Raise your GPA from 2.3 to 4.10  [05:50] Study Tips to Increase Your Productivity [10:02] Effective Speed Reading Tools and Strategies [15:20] Testing and Improving your Memory Skills [16:50] Memory and Mnemonic Techniques  [19:10] The Power of Positive Thinking  Full show notes
  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    99 “Jeopardy Tournament of Champions” Memory Tricks with Sam Kavanaugh


    Chase DiMarco talks to Sam Kavanaugh, winner of the 29th Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. They discuss memory techniques, the similarities between preparing for Jeopardy! and studying medicine, and effective flashcard learning strategies.  [01:28] Getting to Know Sam Kavanaugh  [04:40] Bulking up for Jeopardy! [08:20] Weaving Together Common Threads in Memory Building [13:50] Developing Memory Techniques [17:18] Adding Environmental Stimulus and Difficulty to Study Routines [18:20] How to Learn Faster and Retain More [20:58] Top Tips for Studying and Memory [25:00] Effective Flashcard Learning Strategies Full show notes
  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    98 MedEdge Method for Self-Care, Rest, and Growth


    In this final installment of the MedEdge Method mini-series, Chase DiMarco talks about self-care, rest, and growth. He dissects the benefits of self-care, why you need to stop procrastinating, and the relationship between rest and growth.  [02:25] Rest and Recuperation [04:34] Self-care in Medicine [07:19] Why Procrastination is a Form of Self Hate [09:05] The Smallest of Increments are Greater than the Greatest of Intentions Full show notes
  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    97 MEM for Board Exam Success


    In part five of the MedEdge Method mini-series, Chase DiMarco talks about board exam success. He dissects the test-taking technique table and breaks down several test answering strategies such as the tie-breaker technique, the post-exam autopsy, and the error monitoring chart.  [04:35] Test-Taking Technique Table  [04:47] Basic Technique [07:17] The Tie-Breaker Technique [09:50] Post-Exam Autopsy [11:22] The Error Monitoring Chart Full show notes
  • Medical Mnemonist (from MedSchoolCoach) podcast

    96 MedEdge Method for Self Assessment & Exam Growth


    In this fourth installment of the MedEdge Method mini-series, Chase DiMarco talks about self-assessment and exam growth. He talks about studying using the production effect, the benefits of physician mentorship, and post-lecture and post-exam study sessions.  [01:40] Post Lecture and Post Exam Study Sessions [07:23] Studying Using the production Effect [09:15] Improve Academic Performance Using Deliberate Practice [10:33] Benefits of Physician Mentorship [11:28] Emotional Intelligence and Academic Performance [13:12] The Growth Equation: Stress + Rest = Growth Full show notes

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