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#006: How community can humanize business with Nick Mehta

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Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta joins Alex and Kirsti to discuss how his customer success company became Community-Led and how putting community at the heart of their business has improved their relationship with their customers. Plus, a message from Commsor's Community Events Manager Naya Joseph about our exciting upcoming 2022 Community-Led Summit.

Find Nick on Twitter and LinkedIn. Read his blog, Mehta Physical here.

For more Community-Led resources, head over to, where you'll find the Community-Led Growth Model, The 2022 Community-Led Report, and the Community-Led Assessment.

Register to attend the 2022 Community-Led Summit. 

  • Alex Angel is the Chief Community Officer at Commsor and The Community Club, with more than 12 years of community experience under her belt.
  • Kirsti Buick is a journalist turned Community Content Creator, and heads up the Content team at Commsor and The Community Club.

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