TeaTime Chinese 茶歇中文 podcast

TeaTime Chinese 茶歇中文

Nathan Rao

茶歇中文播客为中级中文学习者量身定制,用 “可理解输入法” 聊各种话题,包括中国文化,社会,语言学习技巧,等等。不管你是出于兴趣自学中文,还是准备来中国旅游,或者为了准备HSK考试,茶歇中文播客都能帮助你。 TeaTime Chinese podcast is a popular Mandarin language podcast designed specifically for intermediate-level learners. It uses the "Comprehensible Input" method and covers a wide range of topics, including Chinese culture, society, and language learning tips. Whether you are learning Chinese just for fun, planning to travel in China, or preparing for HSK exams, TeaTime Chinese podcast is a fantastic resource.

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