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260 | r/REDDIT r/DEADDIT // Infidelity, Lies, & Murder

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Brandi Worley is an American woman from Darlington, Indiana who brutally murdered both of her children, Tyler Clinton Worley, 7, and Charlee Rose Jean Worley, 3, after her husband had filed for divorce. Brandi was cheating on her husband, Jason Worley, with their neighbor, the entirity of the drama played out via a Reddit thread.

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    270 | Cellblock Gore // Brutal New Mexico Prison Riot


    Evidence photos @’s bloodiest prison riot started on February 1, 1980 at the New Mexico State Penitentiary and ended 36 hours later with 34 casualties. Prison guards were brutally sodomized, pedophiles and convicted rapist were brutally disfigured, and the prison’s “snitches” population were tortured and dismembered while still alive.
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    269 | Blood Bowl // Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre


    Evidence photos @ On the morning of February 10, 1990, two unmasked men walked into the Las Cruces bowling alley and brutally shot 7 people, including a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old baby. The bandits made out with $5,000 in cash, but many theorists believe that money was not the primary motivation for their heinous crime. This harrowing event was one of the bloodiest tragedies in New Mexico history and is known as The Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre.
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    268 | All I Do Is Skin // The Horrific Murder of Katarzyna Zowada


    Evidence photos @ Zowada was a Polish student at Jagiellonian University who went missing in November 1998. Her skin was found months later when it became stuck in the propeller of a tugboat on the Vistula River. Detectives determined that Zowada was beaten, tortured, and then skinned alive.
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    267 | Fatal Attraction // Sheila Davalloo Love Triangle Cringe Killer


    Evidence Photos @ Davallo is an American murderer convicted of stabbing her now-ex husband with a kitchen knife during a kinky sex game as well as the murder of her romantic rival Anna Lisa Raymundo. Her case became well-known after being featured on Snapped.
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    Talking Nazi Cults // Colonia Dignidad New Podcast


    Subscribe @ in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, a cult run by former Nazis perpetuated a cycle of horror and destruction. In operation for decades under the leadership of Paul Shafer and influenced by Evangelical Revivalist Christianity, Colonia Dignidad was endorsed by the military dictatorship in Chile.
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    266 | Glitter, Glamour, Guts // Barbara Baekeland Attempts to Cure Gay Son


    Evidence photos @ twisted murder and suicide of Barbara Daly Baekeland and her son Antony Baekeland is both unbelievable and tragic. The story itself are crazy enough to make a movie about, which they did called Savage Grace, but it features all the scandalous factors that copywriters absolutely love to sell newspapers: money, greed, sex (well… incest), infertility, and of course blood and murder.
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    265 | You Stabbed Me, Daddy // Ronnie Oneal Family Slayer


    Evidence photos @ O’neal is an American murderer convicted of killing his wife, Kenyatta Barron, his daughter, Ron’niveya O’Neal, and attempting to kill his son, Ronnie O’Neal IV, before setting his home on fire. This disturbing case became a public spectacle after Ronnie O’Neal defending himself, yelling at the jury for several minutes, and then cross-examining his own son to prove his innocence.
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    264 | Face-Off Miami // 'Bath Salt' Zombie Cannibal Face Eater


    Evidence photos at May 26, 2012, the world came to know the gruesome case of the Miami Zombie (also called the Causeway Cannibal or the Bath Salt Face Eater). The gist is that a man named Rudy Eugune, reportedly high on ‘bath salts’, ate the face of a homeless person under the MacArthur Causeway overpass. Most of the public believe drugs were to blame for this horrific scene, but they found no drugs in Eugune’s system after the attack.
  • Talk Murder To Me podcast

    263 | Alpha Theta Brains! ΑΘ🧠 // Zombie Frat Boy Austin Harrouff


    Evidence photos at Austin Kelly Harrouff is an American killer from Florida who killed two victims, Michelle Mishcon and her husband John Joseph Stevens, in a brutal late night attack. Harrouff is mostly known as the ‘Frat Boy Cannibal’ since he bit and chewed the faces of his two victims.
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    262 | Deep Cuts // The Twisted Nevada-Tan Sasebo Slashing


    Evidence photos @ Nevada-Tan is a named given to an 11-year-old Japanese girl, Natsumi Tsuii, who killed her classmate, a 12-year-old Satomi Mitarai on June 1, 2004, while at Okubo Elementary School. Initially, Natsumi was referred to as Girl A (a common pseudonym given to juvenile offenders), but her name became public after Fuji TV aired the story, accidental releasing her full name. The murder of Satomi Mitarai was so brutal that Nevada-Tan gained instant fame, becoming a highly shared internet meme.

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