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STNH 43: Danni Carr - How I Quit Alcohol

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Today I’m chatting with Danni Carr – a certified life coach who is passionate about helping others break the cycle and quit alcohol. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The turning point when Danni realised alcohol was negatively affecting her life
  • How going alcohol-free for 12 months kick-started her sobriety
  • The effect alcohol had on her relationship with herself and others
  • Approaches Danni uses to help stick to quitting
  • The improvement in the quality of friendships and connections since being sober
  • Challenges in mindset during the initial stages of sobriety
  • Danni’s individually tailored approach when coaching her clients 
  • Seeing alcohol for how it truly is affecting your life
  • The healing benefits sobriety has on your body & mind
  • Substituting in other options when you have a craving
  • The development of alcohol-free beverages in the market


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