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The Digital Dubai Podcast shares stories on latest technologies and smart city development from global government and private sector thought leaders. How are building smart cities going to affect people and the environment? Why is everyone obsessed with data? What really is Blockchain? How is Artificial Intelligence going to change the way we live and work today? Learn about all these topics and more. We will be releasing an episode every two weeks! Subscribe now!

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  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    Are NFTs the future of all art forms?


    In this week’s episode we welcome Dr. Dirk Boll, President of Christie’s for the Europe, Middle East, Russia and India regions. Dr. Boll introduces us to what precisely is an NFT and discusses how the future of art is likely to be predominantly digital.
  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    Why a startup founders’ passion is the most important factor for venture capital investment


    In this week’s episode we welcome Basil Moftah, General Partner, Global Ventures. Basil clearly defines what precisely a Venture Capital is and the steps that his firm Global Ventures takes to pick the startups they wish to invest in and nurture to success.
  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

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  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    International Perspective – Building A Smart Israel


    In this week’s episode we welcome Ram Sidis, Deputy General Director and Director of Innovation at the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel. Ram shares details on the key initiatives and strategies that are being led by the Federation of Local Authorities to build a smart and sustainable Israel, and also highlights key projects and initiatives the Federation is working on in collaboration with the UAE Government and Private Sector entities.
  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    How technology plays a key role in you getting dinner tonight


    In this week’s episode we welcome Jeremy Doutte, Vice-President for Talabat UAE. Jeremy discusses how Talabat’s Tech Hub is leveraging technology and data science to enhance its offerings to the city’s citizens, residents and visitors, and how Talabat is supporting home-grown business to succeed.
  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    Exploring the future of logistics with UPS, the Official Logistics Provider for the Expo 2020 Dubai.


    In this week’s episode we welcome Christina Struller, Vice-President of Public Affairs for the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and Africa at UPS. Christina discusses how UPS has partnered with Dubai Exports to run a women’s empowerment program called SheTrades, and what it means to be the Official Logistics Provider for the Expo 2020 Dubai.
  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    What To Expect At Dubai Expo 2020


    In this week’s episode we welcome Zakaria Haltout, Managing Director, SAP UAE. As SAP is the Dubai Expo 2020’s official Innovative Enterprise Software Partner, Zakaria discusses how the Expo 2020 is leveraging technology to enhance various services across the Expo site - such as - providing a seamless visitor journey, helping People Of Determination easily navigate the site and also powering sustainable solutions at the venue.
  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    Defining Digital Wellbeing


    In this week’s episode we welcome Dr.Ali Alazzawi, City Experience Advisor, Smart Dubai who discusses what it means to live a happy life, the impact of technology on wellbeing, and why the concept of Digital Wellbeing is more important today than ever before as people continue to embrace technology in every aspect of their lives.
  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    Are today’s startups innovating with a purpose?


    In this week’s episode we welcome Massimo Cannizzo, CEO and Co-Founder, Gellify Middle East, an innovation platform that helps companies design and implement digital transformation solutions. Cannizzo discusses current gaps in the market that startups can leverage as business opportunities, and touches upon how the business community can support emerging tech entrepreneurs in developing smart cities.
  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    How can we make Social Commerce for SMEs seamless in the Middle East?


    In this week’s episode we welcome Ramy Assaf, Co-Founder & CEO of Zbooni, the Middle East’s newest application for social commerce. Assaf discusses key issues SMEs were facing in order to receive payments prior to Zbooni, how Zbooni is accelerating the building of a cashless ecosystem in the Middle East and what are the implications that a cash to digital transition is having on VAT, accounting, and liability from the perspective of SMEs.
  • Digital Dubai Podcast podcast

    Dubai Future Labs – defining the future of Applied Research in the UAE


    In this week’s episode we welcome Khalifa AlQama, Head of the Dubai Future Labs at Dubai Future Foundation. AlQama discusses why the Dubai Future Labs was formed and how it envisions to impact Dubai and the UAE? AlQama also sheds lights on key success of the Future Labs since inception, highlighting products or solutions that can be expected from the Labs in the future.

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