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My Corner Of The Universe

Vaden Hoffman and Rex Garland

Can changing your corner of the universe change the world? We think so! You’ve heard the quote “be the change you want to see in the world” but what does that look like? This is where we meet the people that are walking that out, one person, one idea, one decision at time.

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  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Tammy and Mae - Lean On Me International


    We are enthusiastic Isla supporters who are dedicated to the betterment of Islenños in times of crisis.  Being that we are actively involved in the Isla community, we know where the needs exist, and we work diligently to fill the gaps.  The money donated to Lean On Me Registered Charity Corporation is used for community development initiatives to build a better place to live, to work, and to raise their families.  Ultimately, we work to make sure the funds provide the greatest impact for those who need them the most.
  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Mason Martinez - maselocal


    Mason is a 9 year old making the world a better place through is action and inspiration of others. Make sure to follow Mason on instagram @maselocal
  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

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  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Matthew Trumm 2021 Addition


    Connect with Matthew and his projects Email [email protected]
  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Cliffton Schooley - Rammed Earth

    43:06 Benefits of Rammed Earth Construction Natural beauty of the rammed earth material Structural walls with large load-bearing capacity No maintenance High insulation rating (R33) Fire proof Engineered for earthquakes Uses subsoil (not topsoil) Saves trees from our valuable forests High sound resistance – inside and outside Insect proof – termites, carpenter ants, etc… Rodent proof Thermal mass – stabilizes air temperature Sustainable for 1000+ years Free of fungicides and pesticides Thickness of walls gives a solid feeling to the building Shields from harmful electromagnetic fields and radiation Lowers cost of heating Uses local materials for walls Cost comparable to conventional construction Indoor air quality Green building for health of future generations
  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Kristen Vincent - The Homes For Children


    At the Homes for Children, we provide hope and healing to troubled youth who are at-risk, abused, neglected so they can become independent, productive adults.  We play a significant role in helping children heal while helping them reach their full potential.
  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Bill Peterson - Friends of San Lucas


    Friends of San Lucas supports development in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. Our seven programs impact the lives of more than 25,000 people each year. Healthcare Our hospital and health promoter program served more than 24,000 people on a pay-what-you can basis last year. Education Our primary school provides quality, Montessori-style instruction for over 600 students. Almost all students receive scholarships. Coffee Café Juan Ana supports small growers and compensates them at above-market rates. This Direct Trade Program supports families and strengthens communities by providing a dependable income for their best coffee. Construction We build block, wood, and hybrid (a combination of block and wood) homes with fuel-efficient stoves and concrete floors. These homes impact families for generations. In 2019 we will build over 75 units of housing. Charity This program provides monthly assistance for those identified as having the greatest need, including the elderly, disabled, and widows. The charity program also manages our school scholarship program and solicits and maintains the list of families who will receive stoves and/or homes. Women’s Center A visitor favorite, this program promotes women’s advancement through classes and workshops. It also provides a safe place to gather and share experiences and dreams. Visitor Program In 2019, more than 1,200 people visited to walk alongside the people of San Lucas. Groups come to San Lucas from all over the United States and range from small family groups to parishes, schools and medical groups.
  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Jim Lineberger - Valley Community Pantry

    37:33 The Valley Community Pantry was established in 1965 by Reverend Roy Schippling of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd located here in Hemet. As its mission grew and the needs of the local community increased, the Valley Community Pantry became an important resource in this valley and to the County of Riverside. In 1992, the Valley Community Pantry received its certification as a non-profit 501(c)3, providing charitable tax deductions to our supporters. Some research was done by Mike Schippling, the son of Reverend Roy Shippling, and his research showed that the Valley Community Pantry may have been the first or second food pantry in Riverside and possibly Southern California.   12,025 families registered – 37,112 people almost an average of 3 people per family, averaging 131 new families per month Average annual income for our registered families is $13,718.00 Average Federal Annual Poverty Level for a family of 3 is $ 21,960 Services we provide are: Emergency Food, Utility and Rental Assistance. We also provide new and/or used refrigerators for Veterans and seniors when they are in need or homeless and put into housing. We serve 49 registered Homeless Veterans at our pantry We serve 437 registered Inactive Veterans at our pantry We serve 217 registered Disabled Veterans at our pantry We serve 2,726 registered Disabled senior families at our pantry We serve 2,989 who live on social security income only We serve 2,311 seniors 60 years and older We deliver twice a month to 19 Homebound/Disabled Seniors who have no family or a means to get to our pantry We serve 3,339 Single Mom families at our pantry Less than 1/4 of 1% of the people we serve or have served are homeless on the streets (Referred as Street Residents) The break down of age groups for our pantry: 34% of our clients are children under the age of 18 years old 39% of our clients are between the ages of 18 and 54 years old 27% of our clients are between the ages of 55 and 93 years old We average an annual income for our clients of $13,178.00 per year. The National Poverty Level annual income is $21,960.00. Our clients are 33% lower annual income than the National Poverty average.
  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Stephanie Clawson - Refuge For Women


    Refuge for Women is a non-profit, faith based organization providing specialized long-term care for women who have escaped human trafficking.   With multiple locations across the U.S., Refuge for Women offers up to twelve months of safe housing, at no charge to the resident, with around the clock care as clients progress through evidence-based, trauma-informed programming. The compassionate staff is trained to help residents work through the program to reclaim their identities and reach their goals to overcome addictions, heal from trauma and develop life skills leading to healthy, balanced living and financial independence. Refuge for Women strives to help each woman complete the program with a vision for her future, equipped to succeed and sustain a life marked with dignity and hope.
  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Daziah Green - United Soles


    We collect gently new or used sneakers, giving these shoes to other individuals in need. Americans throw away an estimated 300 million pairs of shoes each year. These shoes end up in landfills, where it can take 30 to 40 years to decompose. The midsole of shoes is made of ethylene vinyl acetate, which lasts up to 1,000 years in a landfill. By collecting shoes we keep them out of landfills and make the world a better place for generations to come. It is estimated that around 1.2 million students drop out of high schools in the USA every year. Shoes are a requirement to attend school, putting up a barrier to those that want to get an education. Kids without shoes often can’t attend school and adults can’t work. Without shoes, people are vulnerable to scrapes, cuts, bacteria and parasites that can lead to infection and other serious illnesses.
  • My Corner Of The Universe podcast

    Kaytie Fiedler - Open Arms International


    Open Arms International Providing HOPE to Kenyan children who have been abandoned or orphaned. Unemployment, substance abuse, and lack of education contribute to countless problems in Eldoret, Kenya. This leaves thousands of children vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition, medical problems, lack of education, and more. At Open Arms International, we have a mission of H.O.P.E. to advocate for children and break the poverty cycle    

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