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Adrienne Wei, Acupuncturist, Integrative Fertility Coach, Fellow of ABORM

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    We've Moved - Welcome Episode from Fertile Me Radio!


    Listen to the welcome episode from Fertile Me Radio.  We hope to see you at our new home :)
  • Practically Fertile podcast

    This Super Versatile Supplement Might Help With Your Fertility


    I'm head over heels in love with this versatile supplement.   It has so many uses: PCOS, pelvic pain, male fertility.  It has even been used to help with symptoms of chronic bronchitis, asthma, Parkinson's disease.   It is one of the most powerful antioxidants out there in the universe.   For more information on how to purchase, visit    
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  • Practically Fertile podcast

    5 CRAZY Ways To Find Money To Fund Your Fertility Journey (Part 1)- With Devon Baeza


    You started out on this journey thinking it would be easy... and now the expenses are piling up and even a Starbucks latte seems expensive these days.  Forget IVF...who has the money for that? The good news is, I’ve brought an expert on the show today to help you find the money that you need to finance your fertility journey.  And these are crazy way to find money that you have never thought of.   The expert today is our resident finance expert Devon Baeza.  You may have seen her around inside our FB group. She has been through it all. The emotional rollercoaster from dealing with endometriosis, to being told the embryo is not good enough only for it to become a beautiful little girl, to being in debt and paying off IVF and additional 50,000. She knows her stuff about money.  What’s really interesting though is that Devon always says to me that when we’re stressed about money, it’s never about the money.  So you’re going to hear us first talk about: the stigma about talking about money why money brings so much stress and anxiety and how to navigate those feelings.  And of course she’s going to share the 5 crazy ways to find and make money so you can use it to finance your treatments, buy more supplements, organic foods, and maybe coaching that you need.  
  • Practically Fertile podcast

    Could a Keto Diet Help With Fertility With Carrie Jackson, RD, MS


    This is episode a lot of you have been waiting for. Keto diet is all the rage right now.  Everyday, I receive many emails from women who are trying-to-conceive and wondering if the Keto diet is the right diet for them.  I want to you to meet Carrie Jackson, Registered Dietician and MS of Nutrition.   I invited Carrie on the show because she's a nutrition expert first and foremost.  And I want to discuss the keto diet because I think there are misconceptions about the diet, its purpose, and also its benefits and risks. Let's dive into the conversation with Carrie Jackson on the Keto diet.
  • Practically Fertile podcast

    How To Intentionally Get Pregnant with Jane Ritz


    You know how I'm always talking about the trifecta to getting pregnant?  Nutrition, lifestyle and mindset?  So many of you ask me for tips and tricks on how to improve your body physically, but no one ever asks me for advice on how to get into the right mindset.   Yet, mindset is ⅓ of the pie, a crucial piece of the getting pregnant pie. But how do you get into the right mindset? Is it simply practicing gratitude and meditation?  Is it simply just think positively? If you’ve followed me long enough you would know that the answer to that last question is a "no." So today, I have brought a very special guest to the show to talk about getting into the right frame of mind through being present, setting intentions and meditating. Meet Jane Ritz, other wise known as Jane the guide.  Jane is an energy healer and sonic meditation expert.   Now don’t make the mistake of turning away from this episode and thinking that it’s way too esoteric and "woo woo."  There is nothing "woo woo" about this episode because we’re going to be talking about real action steps that you can take to get into the right mindset and I guarantee that you’ve never heard anything like this before. To sign up for my free mini-course, Your Complete Blueprint To Getting Pregnant, click HERE.  
  • Practically Fertile podcast

    You're a Perfectionist, me too!


    This topic is an especially hard one to talk about because it has to do with my perfectionism because, I like to be perfect all the time.  In fact I feel like I have to be perfect all the time. I want to really highlight this today because It’s taking me a super long time to realize that my perfectionism could be standing in the way of my own success.  And perhaps you’ll resonate with some of the things that I’m going to talk about so bear with me. And I always say that self awareness is the first step. If you’re not self aware then it’s going to be hard to take action.  So I think this episode will apply to a lot of you if not all of you who are listening out there. Links Mentioned: Free Mini-Course: Your Complete Blueprint to Getting Pregnant
  • Practically Fertile podcast

    How Each Human Emotion According to Chinese Medicine, Can Affect Your Fertility


    It doesn’t seem fair but we all know someone who was so frustrated, then says screw it all, I’m going to party like a rockstar this month, eat what I want, do what I want...and they end up getting pregnant. So is there some truth to just relax and it’ll happen? I know so many of you love the tips and tricks but  I keep noticing over and over again inside the private group that a lot of you are stuck on the mindset piece. So this is not going to be an episode where I tell you that you can’t feel a certain way because that’s not how I do things.  But what’s really interesting is that in Chinese medicine, each emotion is tied to a certain organ system.  And each emotion can absolutely have an impact on the functions of each organ system, and ultimately fertility. Links mentioned: Private FB Community Episodes mentioned: Episode 47 Episode 52  
  • Practically Fertile podcast

    Shopping sprees, blood work and diagnostics ... Which are worth it and which are NOT!


    Today’s podcast episode is all about money- or rather deciding which blood work panels and diagnostics are TRULY WORTH the financial investments that come with them. Today’s episode kicks off a new mini-series I’m doing called, “Where Should I Spend My Money?” For today, we’ll talk about: ----> The standard tests you should ALWAYS ask for… ----> The test to get if you haven’t had your period in 3+ months… ----> When a uterine biopsy makes sense… and when it doesn’t. ----> What tests your partner should be getting... ----> And you’ll get my thoughts on the HSG test, sonograms, laparoscopies…   Listen, I know it’s overwhelming just to read that list above… and depending on your insurance or the type of test, you’re probably seeing $$ all over the place. But this is important- and with new advice, information and “internet experts” coming from all aspects of your life- I promise this episode will help break it down CLEARLY and CONCISELY so you spend money on the right things at the right time.
  • Practically Fertile podcast

    You Officially Have My Permission To Stop Worrying About These 4 Things


    It’s hard to let things go sometimes- especially when we’re looking for answers. You’re not getting pregnant so CLEARLY it’s something you’re doing wrong, right? Well… no, not always. Sometimes it simply is just the timing... and has absolutely nothing to do with what flavor tea you’re drinking. Yes, you do need to pay attention to lifestyle habits… Yes, you do need to cut certain things from your diet… And HECK YES, you do need to understand your cycle… But still, there are just some things that you can officially toss in the “WHO CARES BUCKET!” And that’s what we’re going to gab about today! On today’s episode I’m going to: ----> Break down the top 4 things I hear people worrying about most… ----> Explain why they aren’t worth becoming a worry-wart over… ----> And there’s a little bonus “ah ha” moment about spleen energy and digestion I think you’re going to like… Quit pulling your hair out over every little thing and join me to catch a breather. TTC is exhausting YOU control the level of chaos… and I think you’ll feel much better for doing so! Links mentioned: Private FB Community
  • Practically Fertile podcast

    Everything You Need To Know About Fertility Massage With Angie Allison, LMBT


    Angie and I met over 10 years ago when we shared a mutual working space. Basically, as a fertility acupuncturist I helped women get pregnant and then as a massage therapist- with a focus on fertility and prenatal care- Angie helped them through their pregnancies.f She was like the PB to my Jelly And now she’s here to talk with us today! She’s basically a self-care guru and today we’ll be talking about the things you can do to help increase fertility and decrease pain or discomfort throughout the pregnancy from home. In today’s episode of the How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant podcast you’ll hear us dishing on: ---> All things massages: how it works for fertility, why to get them while pregnant, and how to find a massage therapist who specializes in them near you. ---> Castor Oil… and how to use it most effectively. ---> And of course more #selfcare hacks so you can take care of your body before, during and after baby! Links mentioned: Bellies and Babies Private Facebook Group

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