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Happy as a Mother

Erica Djossa

How do I cope with the load of motherhood? How do I raise good humans when I'm just trying to survive? How can I take care of my own mental health? And the biggest question of all: how do I redefine myself after going through the metamorphosis of motherhood? On the Happy as a Mother Podcast, host and psychotherapist Erica Djossa teaches strategies to help you cope with the psychological and emotional load of motherhood, guides you on a journey of self love and acceptance, and answers your tough parenting questions. Erica shares the best kept secrets of the therapy world, bringing you knowledge and education that puts you in the driver's seat of your emotional and psychological well being. Along with sharing her knowledge, she interviews other professionals (psychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, fertility specialists, lactation consultants, and more!) who provide their expertise to empower you on your motherhood journey.

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  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    091: Social Justice Parenting with Author Dr. Traci Baxley


    In the wake of George Floyd, many parents’ eyes have been opened to the injustices that BIPOC communities face on a day-to-day basis. This has also left many parents questioning how to "do the work" and raise inclusive children. Figuring out where to start when it comes to anti-racism and social justice work can feel quite daunting. Dr. Traci Baxley is here to teach us about ways we can use our parenting as a form of activism, teaching our children to show up and intervene on behalf of others. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2Z2vgHq
  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    090: Momming With ADHD with Licensed Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist Dr. Melissa Shepard


    Do you ever feel more disorganized and frazzled compared to other moms? Do you regularly forget things you know are important because of how much you hold in your mind? While these might sound typical of most mothers, major factors of ADHD that often go undiagnosed in women include forgetfulness, inattentiveness, distractibility, and disorganization. Dr. Melissa Shepard is going to help us understand what ADHD is and the impact it can have on our parenting. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3v5X212
  • Happy as a Mother podcast

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  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    089: Supporting NICU Moms with Registered Social Worker Kristin Reinhart


    Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are hard enough. But having a baby in NICU is terrifying and can be traumatic. Kristin Reinhart is a social worker and perinatal mental health specialist with 15 years of experience. More importantly, she’s a mom who survived 2 NICU experiences. She’s here to share her experience, how to know when you need help, and how to help a NICU mom. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3a8NlFs
  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    088: Alcohol, CBD, and Cannabis While Pregnant and Nursing with OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Lincoln


    Pregnancy is a time with lots of new restrictions, and it can feel like we’re losing our freedom. A lot of those new rules stick around during nursing too. With so many “Don’ts,” how do we know what’s okay? Can everything really be that bad for the baby? OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Lincoln is going to help us unpack the effects of alcohol, CBD, and cannabis during pregnancy and nursing. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2ZEmGyp
  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    087: Working As A Mother with @the.truth.doctor, Dr. Courtney Tracy


    Do you work as a mother or spend time on a hobby? Motherhood is hard enough without losing those other pieces of ourselves that are so important. But society has a clear idea of what a mom should be, and it’s not always juggling corporate calls and leaving daycare pick up to your partner. Dr. Courtney Tracy the Truth Doctor is going to help us unpack unspoken messages to moms and why we should ignore them. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3AwLHJq
  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    086: Babyproofing Our Relationships with Social Worker and Psychotherapist Kameela Osman


    New babies are snuggly and adorable, but they’re also a lot of work. Everyone tells us we need to babyproof our house, but no one tells us we need to babyproof our relationship. Or where do we even start to do that? Happy as a Mother Wellness Therapist Kameela Osman is a social worker and psychotherapist with over ten years of experience, and she’s here to help us babyproof our relationship. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3nw4qB7
  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    085: Caring for the Postpartum Brain with Neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor


    Are you well rested today? I’m not! Moms don’t get a lot of sleep, and new moms get almost none. This can be hard on our brain. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is here to explain how we can best care for our brains during seasons of life when getting a full night’s sleep is all but impossible. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2X4SGKW
  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    084: The Data Driven Mommy with Economist and Author Emily Oster


    Growing a whole human and keeping it alive can feel daunting! What are you not allowed to eat while you’re pregnant? More importantly, what can you actually eat? How do you know? And the decisions don’t get easier once the baby comes. Am I damaging my child for life if I sleep train because sleep deprivation is getting to us all?  What if there was an easy way to make these decisions? And what if every new study didn’t contradict the one before? Emily Oster is a professor at Brown University and the author of The Parent Data series is here to help us out with a framework for these decisions! Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3jxs7qp
  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    083: Helping Our Kids Cope With Change with Pediatric Psychologist Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart


    Have you ever been on your way out the door, and then one of your kids flopped on the ground like a fish, because they wanted a different color backpack? Or put a well-fed and properly hydrated preschooler to bed only to have them come out of their room 5 minutes later and ask for a drink? These moments can be frustrating, but a lot of times, it’s the moving from one thing to another that actually drives the child’s behaviour. Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart is a pediatric psychologist specializing in helping people with medical issues find alternative treatments. She is going to help us unpack why change can be so hard to deal with and how we can make it easier. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/38bavtU
  • Happy as a Mother podcast

    082: Is Breastfeeding Worth Our Mental Health? with Maternal Mental Health Specialist Johanna Phillips


    If you’re an expecting mother, are you set on breastfeeding? If you already have a child, did your feeding journey go as expected? As moms, we often feel a lot of pressure to get everything right, and feeding is often our first introduction to this. Pressure comes from both ourselves and others to make our feeding experience go according to plan. Johanna Phillips, a registered social worker and one of our Wellness Center Therapists, is here to talk with us about breastfeeding and mental health. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/37UhSFO

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