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The Google Teacher Podcast is designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools in classrooms and schools. Hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shake Up Learning).

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    Sunsetting. But Not The End. - GTP126


    This is the final episode of the Google Teacher Podcast. In this final episode, Matt and Kasey explain why this podcast is ending and reflect on their experiences creating it. Some of their favorite moments and things they've enjoyed include: Tips from YOU are the best episode Speakpipes are informative and sometimes entertaining Jokes, memes, and silliness with our listeners Keynote speeches and conference meet-ups Learned more from our listeners than we will ever learn on our own Hearing listeners apply things they learned made our day Continued partnership and friendship Outtakes - Speaking of outtakes...make sure you listen to the very end! You're invited to continue learning with Matt, Kasey and Chris! Matt Miller's Ditch That Text Book Listen to archived episodes of the Ditch That Textbook podcast Social media Matt on Twitter Ditch That Textbook on Twitter Matt on Facebook Matt on YouTube Matt on Pinterest  Matt’s books New book, Do More with Google Classroom, is available! Check out the book companion website for resources Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit (free online conference every December) Keynote speeches, workshops and other professional development Online courses (free and paid) by Ditch That Textbook Kasey Bell's Shake Up Learning The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast (every Tuesday) Google Resources on SUL Google Quick Tip Playlist Online Courses Books Speaking (in-person and virtual) Webinars Book Studies Shake Up Learning Community on Facebook Subscribe to Kasey’s weekly newsletter Social Twitter Facebook YouTube Pinterest TikTok Instagram Chris Nesi's House of #EdTech Social Media Twitter YouTube TikTok Instagram
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    Tips from Teachers - GTP125


    Google News and Updates Additional language support for live captions in Google Meet Create and work with documents that contain multiple page orientations in Google Docs Open Office attachments from Gmail in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides with one click Some Google Meet settings now “sticky” for Education users Take a snowy stroll with Street View Create a festive song with Blob Opera 20 years of Year in Search Featured Content Pam Hubler had a possible idea to answer a question in e124 using Wakelet to curate Google materials Another possible answer to the same question from Stephanie Litz Hello Matt and Kasey, So thankful for your podcast, keep up the good work because your listeners appreciate it.  Regarding the question from Marcel (below), I found this resource that might be a good fit:  Cube For Teachers Website - Cube For Teachers is a place where educators search, share, and store links to free open educational K-12 resources, including lessons, activities, interactive games, teaching strategies, tech tips, videos, special education, subject-specific resources, and more. Cube For Teachers - Chrome Web Store @cubeforteachers  Dr. Rebecca Kreider from Mt. Olivetownship school district, verbal feedback is 3x as effective. She recommends Mote. Ditch Summit tips: Matt Miller: Mote Chrome extension for voice feedback. Use your dictation/voice typing command on a mobile device. Esther Park: use to create a GIF from a short video clip Paula Martinez from Slides Mania: The master is for teachers. Duplicate layouts in the master for different versions of pages. Click on the “Colors” button in the master for master colors. Desiree Alexander: Make files available offline or downloadable so students won’t need internet access to complete at home. How to Access Google Files Offline Kasey: Google certifications, magnetic poetry, Google Drawings, making ebooks with Google Slides, the resources she shared in her session How to Create Drag and Drop activities Register for Ditch Summit, a FREE online conference for teachers available until January 8: On The Blogs Matt New book, Do More with Google Classroom, is available! Check out the book companion website for resources Ditch Summit: Free online conference for teachers, December 14 to January 8 Kasey 8 Reasons to Love Blended Learning with Google EARLY BIRD Special! Buy Blended Learning with Google, get FREE Google Tips Training Blended Learning with Google (on Amazon) Google from A to Z (on Amazon)
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    REPLAY: Google Classroom Tips for Remote Learning - GTP113

    Episode 113 was originally released on April 6, 2020. On this episode: Matt and Kasey share and discuss some great ways to use Google Classroom for remote learning! Click Here To View Full Shownotes
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    Google Arts and Culture - GTP124


    Google News and Updates Virtually raise your hand to ask a question in Google Meet Accept knocks in bulk in Google Meet Expanding Google Arts & Culture with Expeditions Expeditions app and Tour Creator going away Featured Content Google Arts & Culture is a non-profit initiative. They work with cultural institutions and artists around the world. The Google Arts & Culture mission is to preserve and bring the world’s art and culture online so it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. Museums Art Historical events and figures Virtual tours (Expeditions now part of A&C) 360 Collections Time Explorer Color Explorer Experiments (games) Lesson from Applied Digital Skills Art selfie Nearby Harry Potter: A History of Magic Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Marcel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada -- I have been a longtime listener and I am wondering if there is a site that you know of, that we can share G-Suite materials. I have put in a lot of time to make some good stuff, and I am sure other teachers have as well. You may have mentioned a site on one of your previous podcasts, but for the life of me, I can find it. (I have re-listened to so many podcasts...some are almost better the second time) On The Blogs Matt New book, Do More with Google Classroom, coming in mid-December Check out the book companion website for resources Ditch Summit: Free online conference for teachers, December 14 to January 8 Kasey Blended Learning with Google (Part 1: Do THIS, Not THAT) Blended Learning with Google (Part 2: Storytelling in Any Classroom) New Books Coming Soon!
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    Meaningful Group Work with Google Tools - GTP123


    Google News and Updates Google for Education transformation reports window open, availability expanded worldwide (Seven key areas of transformation are here.) Replace your background in Google Meet Office editing mode is now the default editing mode for Office files in Drive on the web Try out these Google features on your new iPhone Featured Content From Patti Young from Cornwall, NY: Hi Kasey and Matt, I love your podcast and look forward to every new episode. This year has been a struggle for teachers and their traditional ways of teaching. I am a 5th-grade teacher in middle school. My district is using a blended learning model. We have 2 cohorts Tuesdays and Thursdays and Wednesdays and Fridays. I see 2 groups of students per day. I really miss putting the kids into groups to share their learning. I love group work and I am really struggling with how to make it work this year. If you or your listeners have any ideas on how to do group work, I would love to try it. Can't wait to hear some new ideas! Simple answer: collaborate on the assignment within a doc.  Set up sections with steps that you want students to progress through. (Kind of like Hyperdocs) Discuss in the comments.  They can work on an assignment in a different app (Slides, Drawings, even outside G Suite) Use voice comments with a tool like Mote ( for comments for a personal touch of voice Other tools that integrate nicely with Classroom that can foster discussion: Flipgrid ( Video replies. Synth ( Audio discussion tool. Audio replies. What’s your purpose? Group work, collaboration, cooperative learning? Group Doc Add-On (From Alice Keeler) Collaborative Notes with Google Docs Small-Group Instruction with Google Meet Breakout Rooms and Jamboard Google Meet breakout rooms for differentiated learning (by Esther Park) Prioritize facilitation and 1-on-1 conferencing touchpoints Station Rotations in a Hybrid Model (Catlin Tucker) More details in e85 of Shake Up Learning Show Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Jen Giffen (Ontario, Canada) -- On the show: about integrating a Zoom link into Google Classroom. (Like Kasey said, no integration.) Workaround: Go to gear (class settings), if you put under “subject” Zoom link and the link, it’ll show up in the header. Not a live hyperlink, but could be copied into another tab. Students have quick easy access. Not perfect but a workaround! On The Blogs Matt: 20 virtual field trips for your classroom 40+ FREE digital escape rooms (plus a step by step guide for creating your own) NEW mini online course: Getting Started with Digital Escape Rooms Kasey: Google Classroom Comments - All You Need to Know FREE Google Lesson Plans for Teachers New Books Coming Soon!
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    Build Classroom Community with Google Tools - GTP122


    Google News and Updates 9 Chromebook and G Suite for Education features to make learning more accessible Featured Content Build classroom community with Google Google Classroom headers Get to know you activities Student interest surveys with Google Forms Fake Instagram Google Forms check-in for student well being Create more touchpoints with students: Make time for one-on-one feedback with students and small groups. Build student conferencing into your weekly schedule to make meaningful connections with students. Appointment slots in Google Calendar for one-on-one conferences with students Student Discussion in Google Classroom Flipgrid for Good Morning videos Remote Learning Tips from an Online Teacher (interview with Paulino Brener) Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Steve Scaysbrook (England) - Use OBS (Open Broadcast Software). Mix like a TV studio, bringing in a load of different feeds from the screen, external, feed it as one screen to a live broadcast. Feed to Google Meet, Zoom, whatever. He uses Microsoft Teams. Direct to that internal system. Easy to use. Mix and create screens like in a TV studio, flip between them very easily. Text. Slides. Anything else. Very easy to use. Ashley Brown (Mississippi) - Ep121, a private school teacher, being hybrid. Her public school is a hybrid. Did a fellowship with Learn Modern Classrooms. They teach you how to do blended learning with instructional videos, guided notes, tracker (so all students know where they are). Self-paced. Good for students who are in class, out of class, etc. Don’t miss anything. Can move simultaneously. Instructional videos for all students. All students can access it. Use a tracker or the to-do list so kids can see what to work on next. “Love you guys!” On The Blogs Matt 30 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools How to make an FAQ page for parents and students Kasey Blended Learning Best Practices (with Catlin Tucker) 13+ Google Classroom Quick Tip Videos
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    Support Students with Google Sites - GTP121


    Google News and Updates Introducing Google Workspace  This year, teachers have gone the distance Create and view tasks in the Google Calendar mobile apps Increase engagement with Q&A and polls in Google Meet Featured Content Google Form to serve as a contact form FAQ document: If a student/parent asks a question, add it to the FAQ doc Take pictures of a whiteboard and add to the student site Include important documents (permission slips, syllabus, etc.) Embed videos to support what you’re teaching in class Use it as a “satellite location” for Google Classroom (for what it won’t do) Host digital escape rooms 30+ free digital escape rooms (plus a step by step guide for creating your own) 20 Google Sites tips and tricks Create a page for resources and tutorials for STUDENTS, and one for PARENTS Google Classroom Cheat Sheets - a great resource for students and parents Google’s Teach from Anywhere page has lots of great resources you may want to make available. Google’s Guide for Guardians Google’s Accessibility Guide for Guardians Post your virtual office hours on the home page, or add the time to your image header HYBRID? Create separate pages for these two groups Daily checklists - Use one Google Slide deck and add a new checklist to a new slide at the beginning each day. Then embed this on the homepage of your google site for parents, guardians, and students Remote Learning Resources from Shake Up Learning Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Sheryl Brennan (California) -- Back in the classroom. Exciting to implement tools she’s been teaching for seven years. Ep120: To-do widget in Google Classroom. Uses with her students to redirect if they ask what they’re supposed to be doing if they’re finished. If empty: “may do” list. Today: different views from inside the Classwork tab “view your work” widget. Mary Lynn (Nevada) -- Back in a classroom. One student remotely. With Google Meet. Two cameras in the room. Other students in the room. One student in Google Meet all day with her. Feedback? On The Blogs Matt How to create Google Meet breakout rooms for differentiated learning 12 social media-inspired Google Slides templates Kasey Synchronous v. Asynchronous Online Learning Collaborative Notes with Google Docs New Books Coming Soon!
  • Google Teacher Podcast podcast

    Fall 2020 Google Update Roundup - GTP120


    Google News and Updates The Anywhere School: 50+ Google for Education updates MEET In September, we’ll kick off with a larger tiled view of up to 49 people and an integrated Jamboard whiteboard for collaboration. We’ll also release new controls so moderators can choose to always join first, end meetings for all participants, disable in-meeting chat, and much more. In October, we’ll launch custom and blurred backgrounds to provide some extra privacy. Breakout rooms and attendance tracking will also be launching for all Google Enterprise for Education customers, allowing for more engaged classes and insights on participation. Later this year, we’re rolling out hand-raising for all customers and Q&A and polling for G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. Plus, we’ll launch a new temporary recordings feature that will be available to all Education customers for free (premium recordings will still be part of G Suite Enterprise for Education).  CLASSROOM A new to-do widget on the Classes page will help students see what’s coming up, what’s missing, and what’s been graded.  Teachers can now share a link to invite students to their class, which makes joining a class much easier.  Classroom will soon be available in 10 additional languages, for 54 languages total. educators can soon run originality reports five times per course (up from three previously). And with G Suite Enterprise for Education, educators will be able to see matches for potential plagiarism not only against webpages but between student submissions at their school. school leaders with Enterprise licenses will have greater visibility into Classroom usage via new Data Studio dashboards, which allow admins to see active classes, measure feature adoption, and monitor teacher and student engagement.  To support teachers and admins, we’re making it easier to sync Classroom grades with a push to your Student Information System (SIS), starting with Infinite Campus customers (and more SIS to come). Keep reading for more details on what’s new in Classroom. On The Blogs Matt How to use Jamboard in the classroom: 20+ tips and tricks The Unboxing Video: A fun classroom video activity Kasey Read-Along Storybooks Using Audio in Google Slides (by Mike Mohammed) Flipgrid: The Go-To Remote Learning Tool Shake Up Learning Book Study (starts Oct. 1, 2020)
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    Google Teacher Tips (Vol. 5) - GTP119


    Google News and Updates Use the new Google Chat app for fast and reliable communication New quick settings help you optimize your Gmail layout New Google Groups now generally available Learn and play together as a family with Chromebook Featured Content Susan Vincentz (Kentucky): Using screencastify to record and export audio only Stephanie Howell (Ohio) -- Google Educator Group: people gathering together, talk about Google, build a community to expand your knowledge. Working as a group collaboratively. Supporting others. Amazing community. She leads the Ohio GEG with Eric Curts. Think globally … Global GEG supports local GEGs. Host events together. Groups can come together and communicate, grow, learn, build upon each other’s ideas. Built-up as an educator. Was so in her own world. Now, gets perspective from others.  Google Educator Groups (GEG) resources Katie Wardrobe (Australia): Use Chrome extension Transpose on YouTube and Vimeo to change the speed, key of music, or create a playback loop.  Daren White (England): Forms and Sheets responses to maintain interaction with students during streamed lessons. Form responses come back and shout out correct answers, birthdays, anything else they want to call out. Tanner Oglesby (Arkansas): Use Google Forms to create a database in Sheets. He uses it to gather student contact information and was very useful during remote learning. Dan Stitzel (Ohio) -- Keep for personal organizations, notes, checklists, copy/paste links. Excellent for sharing with other people as well. Share individual notes with co-teacher. Share a note that you start, both add to it. Create a checklist for a student and share with a student so only you two see it. Location reminder feature -- a set reminder for when you arrive at a place. Remember when you get to work: that reminder pops up. When go to a certain buildings, accomplish what you noted in Keep. Anna Cartwright (New York): Highlighter strips in Google Slides by creating a semi-transparent colored rectangle that can be dragged over the text.  Mike Mohammad (Wisconsin): Loves the podcast. Favorite for distance learning: adding audio to Google Slides. Loves using Cloud Audio Recorder to record snips of audio to Drive, then students add into slideshows -- or he adds them. Made a YouTube video for it. Ronaldo Palacios (California): Using Google Meet to view all students and share screens he opens a second window. Pam Hubler (South Carolina): Google Sheets instead of the calendar to keep track of my daily activities as a coach. IT takes less time to update one Google sheet for a month than add individual events on a calendar. Easy to share with admin, teachers to see where she is. Updated tracker from show notes in episode 65.  Template: Notes with a new tracker linked: Laura Conway (Colorado): Military spouse headed overseas next year. Asking how to move files from the school account. Kim McClintic (Texas): Hi Matt and Katie, I would like to know if you have any suggestions for how to keep track of assignments that are turned into Google classroom.I have a digital journal or notebook that I have had students doing for a novel study and every week I add new slides to their journals. However, if I’m still grading work that they turned in they cannot begin work for the new assignment until I return it to them. Do you have any suggestions for how I could assign work for them and allow them to continue working without me having to return the journal to them so that I can continue grading while they continue working? Amber Houk (North Carolina): Using Google Voice to listen to her recording a song story. Students call in for a new song story each day. On The Blogs Matt: Tech Like a PIRATE is OUT! Get the paperback/Kindle here. FREE Tech Like a PIRATE resources page 20 Google Sites tips and tricks Kasey: Google Classroom Cleanup Tips for the End of the Year Get Your Virtual Lead On (virtual conference for leaders)
  • Google Teacher Podcast podcast

    Ending the Year Remotely with Google - GTP118


    Google News and Updates Keep tabs on your tabs in Google Chrome Google Meet is here to host your video meetings, for free New ways Google Duo helps make time together more special We need your tips! Episode 119 will be the finale of our fourth season of the podcast. This episode is all about YOU and your Google tips, tricks, strategies, and resources! Go to our feedback page and leave us a voice message to include in the episode! Featured Content Google Classroom and Drive cleanup for the EOY From the previous episode 88: Return all work, grade it if you need to Archive Classes Clean-up Folders in Drive Create new folders for the things you want to keep and move things over Create a folder for exemplary work Do NOT Delete the Classroom Folder Do NOT Delete from Shared with Me Delete Old Class Calendars Reflect on your Google Classroom practices, collaborate with others for ideas A check-out form that admins could sign digitally / students and parents / returning equipment Doing last Google Meet calls with students Fun things to do during Google Meet calls (Kahoot/Gimkit, scavenger hunts, virtual field trips with Google Earth, etc.) How to Create a Google Classroom Template (for next year) Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Debbie Thymianos (Henderson, NV) -- Is there a way to disable the chat in Google Meets? It's very distracting when they are messaging each other or writing nonsense. Philip Trott (Bermuda) -- I swear I have been listening to your podcast for YEARS. I must have a hundred subscriptions, and yours is the ONLY one I listen to weekly. I really appreciate all the hard work you put in. Is there a way to subscribe to the Keyword blog? I didn't see anything on there and I would prefer to receive a weekly email or something to remind me to go in there and check. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Keyword Blog RSS feed Keyword Blog education RSS feed RSS reader: Feedly RSS feed to email via IFTTT Email subscription to G Suite Updates  Google Edu Newsletter On The Blogs Matt: Tech Like a PIRATE is OUT! Get the paperback/Kindle here. FREE Tech Like a PIRATE resources page 20 ways Google tools can make the end of the year ROCK 8 YouTube-inspired classroom video ideas Ditch That Textbook eLearning Resources Page Kasey: Lessons Learned From Remote Learning (interview with Evan Robb) Remote Learning Resources

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