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Everything is Alive


Everything is Alive is an unscripted interview show in which all the subjects are inanimate objects. In each episode, a different thing tells us its life story--and everything it says is true.

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  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Atsuko, Bagpipes


    Atsuko is a set of bagpipes, and she’s looking for some peace and quiet. Featuring Atsuko Okatsuka. Find her on various socials, her handle is @atsukocomedy.
  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Dina, Pacifier


    Dina’s not in a good place, but maybe she’s headed to one. Featuring Dina Hashem. You can find more from Dina on the social media of your choice @dinahashem_.
  • Everything is Alive podcast

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  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Vinny, Vending Machine


    Vinny has been through a lot, and a lot has been through Vinny. Featuring Vinny Thomas. Find more from Vinny on Instagram and Twitter @vinn_ayy.
  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Season Four Preview


    A few of the inanimate objects you’ll meet on the new season of Everything is Alive, launching September 22nd.
  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Adam, Stool


    Adam has been the stool on stage at a comedy club for a long time. What do you do around standup when you were made for sitting? Adam is played by Adam Burke. Radiotopia is a network of creators who are able to follow their curiosity and tell the stories they care about the most. Show your support for my fellow Radiotopia shows during our Spring Fundraiser. Donate today at https://on.prx.org/3wl9pWn.
  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Martin, Paper Towel Dispenser


    Martin is a paper towel dispenser outside a hardware store, and he's wondering how he got there. Featuring Martin Morrow. Martin is a comedian, writer, and improviser in Los Angeles. Follow him on socials at @martinMmorrow and stream his album Magic of the City!
  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Maria and Joel


    Part one: Maria is a box of tissues, without much to cry about. Part two: Joel is a water fountain thirsting for more. Featuring Maria Bamford and Joel Kim Booster.
  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Lillian, Song


    Ian has a song stuck in his head. Imagine how the song feels. Featuring Lillian King.
  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Colin, Ten Dollar Bill


    Colin is a ten dollar bill, and he’s wondering what he’s worth. Featuring Colin Nissan.
  • Everything is Alive podcast

    Deleted Scenes II


    A few scenes that didn’t make the cut for one reason or another. Featuring the Russian Dolls, Emmy the Pregnancy Test, Josh the Chainsaw, and more.

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