Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

Disrupting Dentistry Podcast

Melissa Obrotka, Tabitha Acret

Here is the story of two dental hygienists from opposite sides of the world, who became friends because they realized their professional lives were so in sync. One in Australia and one in America both exuding their passion for high-level patient care, both pushing back on legacy dentistry. If you are ready to revolutionize the practice of dental hygiene through science & innovation, then join us as we are disrupting dentistry.

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  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The one where we say happy birthday and hello to season 2


    ITS OUR BIRTHDAY!!   Join us to wrap up season 1, discuss our highlights and what's in stall for season 2 of Disrupting Dentistry A special thank you to all of our guests and the listeners  who have made season 1 so much fun
  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The one where we talk about Dementia Awareness


    Join Melissa and Tabitha for the last episode of season one dedicated to Dementia awareness month.  On this installment we discuss the prevalence  of dementia world wide, the social, emotional and financial impacts of the disease and how as Dental Hygienists and members of the health care team we can support our patients and their families 
  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

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  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The One Where We Get Fast and Functional with Sarah Beach


    Join us as we talk with the fabulous Sarah Beach about TMD and patient pain. Sarah has had an amazing work history from working in government dental vans to dental hygiene in Switzerland, Singapore, and back to Australia working in pain management, private practice, and whitening studio. Listen to her journey and why having baseline knowledge on TMD pain and knowing who to refer to is essential for all dental clinicians.  https://www.fastandfunctional.com/    
  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The One Where We Talk with an Original Disruptor


    On this instalment  of the podcast we talk with Australian Dental Hygienist Paulette Smith about her journey as a Dental Hygienist in Victoria Australia. When Paulette first graduated she found herself living in a state where Dental Hygiene wasn't legal and she then found herself on a journey for a fight to make not only dental hygiene legal but to improve access and quality of dental care for the people of her state.  Paulette didn't stop disrupting there and has gone on to be one of the first independent dental hygienists in Australia as well as disrupting the home whitening market. Make sure you listen to the latest episode and learn how disrupting can make a difference.
  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The One Where We Talk About Independence


    On this installment of Disrupting Dentistry, we talk with the AMAZING Pamela Sargent from Maine USA. Pamela is in one of the three states in the USA where independent practice is allowed and we talk to her about her journey to owning her own hygiene studio and how she can now treat patients in the time and way she wants to, putting care as the number one priority. We promise you will be inspired!    https://www.searsmontoralwellness.com/ https://www.facebook.com/searsmontsmiles
  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The One Where We Talk About Ditching the Homecare Bias


    On this installment of Disrupting Dentistry Tabitha and Melissa discuss bias in the dental practice for interproximal cleaning. How we need to look at every patient as an individual and give customized care plans that are evidence based, practical, needed and wanted.  Legacy dental has set the standard for what a lot of dental professionals recommend to patients and its time to disrupt " I have always done this" and make " what's best for this situation" the standard of care.
  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The One Where We Talk with the Dental HyGenius


    Join Melissa and Tabitha as they chat with Tracy Baker the brains behind @itsthedentalhygenius.  Tracy is a dental hygenius and the founder and owner of The Dental Hygenius, a dental development consultancy. Tracy helps dentistry-based entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs monetize their brand, expertise, and services to create robust revenue streams. We chat on this episode about dental hygienists being an integral part of the production and heart of a dental practice and how production doesn't always have to be a dirty word. #freeethedentalhygienists Instagram:  @itsthedentalhygenius  
  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The One Where We Learn About Tobacco


    This episode Melissa and Tabitha discuss tobacco trends, the rise of e-cigarettes and vaping along with risks and how dental professionals play a vital role in smoking cessation for patients If you are listening from Australia todays episode can be self reported as 1 hour CPD Link to VAPING FIX  https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-vaping-fix/id1562884524 https://www.icanquit.com.au/reasons-to-quit/smoking-and-your-health/health-dangers-of-smoking?gclid=CjwKCAjwn6GGBhADEiwAruUcKgKx49G-l8EYdvgFGqSVJftiCScuShlVVf0JzlgQC1OsTkHKzFjcixoCwXcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The One for New Grads


    Around the world many countries have a new batch of graduate dental hygienists and this episode talks about the first steps for getting a job and working in a dental office. We have tips from dental hygienists from around the world. Congratulations New Graduates, you are our future and we are excited to see what you make of it    Tabitha and Melissa xx
  • Disrupting Dentistry Podcast podcast

    The One Where We Talk About Mobile Dentistry


    Join us as we chat with Australian Dental Hygienist Jacquie Biggar about her career and how she came to set up her mobile dental business " Senior Dental Care". We also chat about the state of aged care and how Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists can play a key role in improving the care and outcomes.  For more information on Jacquie and her business, you can visit her website https://seniordentalcare.com.au/ Link to Angie Stone's book, Dying of Dirty Teeth

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