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Corey Craig & Matthew Moore; Produced by Jack Sullivan

Cool Beans Comedy presents the 'How I Built This' of Comedy, hosted by Corey Craig and Matthew Moore! Comedians from HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central and more are interviewed about their journey in the arts. Completely uncensored with authentic stories bring you closer to some of the funniest minds working in the game today. Stand-Up Comics, Writers, Directors, Actors, Casting Directors, and Special Guests!

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  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    Secrets from the A-Corn: Sitting Down with Andrew Cornelius


    Andrew Cornelius is a good friend of Cool Beans Comedy and Cool Beans U. As a student, he has been a part of the program for a number of years. He has also been crushing it on the comedy circuit across the country, performing at numerous comedy festivals. Also, he helped produce the audiobook Cool Beans Comedy: Stand Up Comedy for Beginners. He is an amazing comic and an incredible person. You're going to love this sit down interview with him. With that, let's listen in to the very funny Andrew Cornelius.
  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    Comedian and Author, Mike Knox


    This is a very special interview with Cool Beans Comedy graduate and regular performer, Mike Knox. Mike is the author of "Vivien's Rain: My Daughter's Battle with Epilepsy," a book that's both inspirational and informative.  Listen in and learn how Mike was able to mine comedy gold from some of life's darker moments. Click here.  Get ''Vivien's Rain'' on Amazon.
  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

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  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    The Hilarious Lex Lumpkin from Nickelodeon's ''All That''


    We hope you are staying happy and healthy in these trying times. We interviewed the hilarious Lex Lumpkin and also spoke with his amazing mother. Corey had the pleasure of working with Lex as a coach for stand up comedy and work with him on Nickelodeon's "All That." He's a ball of energy and hilarity, so let's give it up for the very entertaining Lex Lumpkin!
  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    And Now... The Very Funny Chinguun Sergelen


    Chinguun Sergelen and his mother Jessie are two of the most amazing people I know. I had the pleasure of having Chinguun in the Cool Beans Comedy youth comedy class, and had the pleasure of coaching him into a series regular role on the Nickelodeon series "All That." He is a hilarious, brave comedian who isn't afraid to talk about anything for the sake of humor. He is the first Mongolian to be a series regular as an actor, and I hope this interview shed a light of inspiration to all. We hope that you are staying safe out there during these trying times, and with that, let's listen in on the very funny Chinguun Sergelen.
  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    Cool Beans Comedy sits down with teen comic Braxon Herda


    We hope you are staying healthy and happy during these trying times. To provide some inspiration, we interviewed teen comic Braxon Herda about his young comedic journey. Braxton has performed multiple times on the Cool Beans Comedy stage, both at the world famous Ice House Comedy Club and in Hollywood, California. He models himself after his comedy idol, Robin Williams. You've seen Braxton on Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Disney Channel, Netflix, and here's here for you today to give some inspiration. If you are a young performer at home during these quarrantine times and are interested in our new online comedy course, please head on over to -OR- if you're an adult listening in, head on over to for our adult online classes. All classes are held on Zoom with weekly writing assignments. Sending our best to everyone to stay safe and be encouraged.
  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    Drew Lynch Returns for a Cool Beans U Q&A


    We were lucky enough to have Drew Lynch drop by our final Cool Beans U class of the year to give us a bunch of insight into his "America's Got Talent" rise to fame and share inspiration with some of our students. This is one of Corey's favorite podcast interviews ever because Drew really opens up about his journey and adversities. Please listen in! Drew's 2020 Tour Schedule is up on his website. Visit if you want to find your funny in 2020.
  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    Rising Star & Cool Beans U Alum Tiffany Bank


    Tiffany Bank is a Cool Beans U grad, was a recurring character on Orange is the New Black and just participated in the ABC Discovers Showcase. She was incredible and we talk all about the journey from auditioning to the live performance at the El Portal theater in North Hollywood. If you want to find your funnybone in 2020, head on over to for all of our class info. Class starts on Sunday, January 12th. With that, let's listen in to Tiffany Bank.
  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    Dustin Ybarra's Pro Comic Q&A with Cool Beans U


    We have one of my favorite people on the planet, one of the funniest dudes around, Dustin Ybarra back on the podcast this week because he joined our Cool Beans U professional comic Q&A. He shares incredible insight on how to become funnier and how to navigate these challenging waters as a comedian. Oh, and we have a few spots remaining in our final Cool Beans U Comedy Intensive starting this Sunday, November 3rd. CoolBeansComedy/class to sign up! With that, Happy Halloween and let's listen in on Dustin Ybarra!
  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    Eat Cute and Laugh with the very funny Alexandra Catalano


    Alexandra Catalano joins the podcast this week. She talks about how stand up comedy has helped her with professional speaking experiences as Alexandra is a two time TedX speaker and the host of the wildly popular Eat Cute brand on Instagram AND she's super-producer Corey Craig's very special girlfriend. She is amazing! You are going to learn amazing tidbits on how you can take comedy and infuse it into anything that you are working on. With that, let's listen in on Alexandra Catalano. And if you want to join our Cool Beans Stand Up Comedy Intensive, we have a few spots remaining for our final 2019 class. CoolBeanComedy/class for details and to sign up! Okay, now officially, let's listen in on Alexandra Catalano.
  • Cool Beans Comedy podcast

    Getting mello with Sarah Mello of Mello Comedic


    Hey Everyone!  We have an incredible podcast for you this week with good friend and amazing comedy producer Sarah Mello of Mello Comedic.  Make sure you check out all of her upcoming shows at Mello Comedic via... Twitter Facebook or Instagram She always has the best comics on her line up coming through, and in this podcast she shares her secrets in booking for shows and how she became one of the top Los Angeles comedy producers.

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