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Brands That Podcast is the only podcast in the world sharing case studies, interviews, and stories of how companies are using podcasting (in all of its forms) to win. If you’re a Founder, CEO, CMO, or VP of Marketing of a brand looking to grow, or you run marketing, PR, or internal communications for those brands...this podcast is your secret weapon. We’ll be showing you how to leverage podcast advertising, branded podcast production, podcast guest appearances, and private podcasts (for your internal teams). Audio is the next platform of consumer attention, and it’s still extremely early days. Your brand has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity right now to jump into this channel, and we’ll show you how to do it.

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    How Buffer Podcasts (with Editorial Director, Ash Read)


    Buffer is a social media management company serving small businesses, and it's especially known for one thing: radical transparency. From the start, the company has openly shared revenue numbers and the ups and downs of building the business. This transparency extends to its two podcasts: the Science of Social Media and Breaking Brand. The podcasts serve different purposes and are produced quite differently, but there is one commonality: each places a premium on providing value to the audience. In this episode of Brands That Podcast, Ash Read, Buffer's Editorial Director, sits down with Erik to discuss:  Why podcasts are valuable (even if audience growth is slower than a blog) Transparency as a tool for growth How to get creative with your podcasting style Being resourceful with your podcast content And a ton more. As always, hope you enjoy it and use it to grow your own brand.
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    SEO vs Podcasting


    Should invest in SEO or a podcast? In this "unedited" episode, Jeremiah talks about the pros and cons of each, the goals that each channel is trying to achieve, best case scenario for both, and how ultimately - they play really nicely together. 
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  • Brands That Podcast podcast

    How Entrepreneur Magazine Podcasts (w/ Editor in Chief, Jason Feifer)


    Jason Feifer is the Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur magazine, which alone keeps him busy enough. But on top of that, he also hosts three podcasts: Problem Solvers (an Entrepreneur podcast), Pessimists Archive, and Hush Money. For Jason, podcasting is a different way to tell stories, and one that can only add value for Entrepreneur magazine's readers. In fact, some conversations for Problem Solvers become articles or interviews for the magazine.In this episode, Jason talks about why podcasting is valuable for brands. Jason and Erik discuss the intimate nature of podcasts and how that can build a dedicated fanbase. They also get into what it takes to start a podcast, and why sometimes it might help not to have a concrete plan, and the advantages of producing multi-platform content.
  • Brands That Podcast podcast

    Unedited: Erik's .LA Summit Talk


    Espree Devora sat down for a "fireside chat" and AMA with Erik. Listen as they talk about getting your podcast to the top charts, how brands can use podcasting to grow, and more.
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    How Wistia Podcasts (w/ Director of Content, Jenny Coppola)


    For video software company Wistia, which has more than half a million businesses using its product, growth comes down to brand marketing. The 120-employee company, which has been around almost 13 years, leverages video series — and more recently podcasts — as a centerpiece of its marketing efforts.  “We have our CEO running a show. I have one in the works. One of my colleagues on our people team has one in the works,” says Jenny Coppola, Wistia’s Director of Creative and Content.In this episode of Brands That Podcast, Jenny explains why investing in brand makes sense, why focusing exclusively on numbers could be inhibiting your most creative ideas, and how the Wistia team measures the success of its content (hint: they care a lot about how much time people are spending with it).
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    How Fast Could Podcast


    In this episode of “How Brands Could Podcast”, we’ll do an open strategy session for Fast.We’ve been following Domm and the Fast team for a little while now, and since they’ve been front of mind - they make a great 2nd episode of “How Brands Could Podcast”.   And since we’re podcast nerds, we noticed the beautiful mics and adjustable arms they’re using, and figured they’ll be launching a show or two in the near future.  Overall, they have a ton of momentum behind them, and are building a huge fanbase that’s rallied behind them.
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    How Procurify Podcasts (w/ Host & Producer, Dani Hao)


    Procurify is a B2B fintech company that creates software to help organizations better track and control spend management. Their primary audience is busy CFOs. They launched their podcast "Spend Culture Stories" in November 2017 and after just 50 episodes, the podcast has hit the top 30 on Apple Podcasts in the management category.Host Dani Hao estimates that approximately 30% of podcast guests have gone on to become revenue generating partners or customers. Learn how the marketing team at Procurify uses their podcast to grow awareness, brand and revenue, and why they're making long-term investments in content marketing.
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    How EntreLeadership Podcasts (with EVP & Host, Daniel Tardy)


    The EntreLeadership podcast, which focuses on helping small businesses succeed, boasts some impressive stats —  about 200,000 listeners tune in to the 10-year-old podcast every week. This year, the show is on track to reach 10 million downloads.  In this episode, Daniel Tardy (host of EntreLeadership) shares insights from how they grew from radio-only to a successful podcast; how they think about producing content; working with advertisers, and more.
  • Brands That Podcast podcast

    4 Questions To Create The Perfect Podcast (w/ Jeremiah)


    This one is for any company who wants to start their first show, or add a second (or third, or fourth) show to their network. Here's the tricky (but important) part: strategy is everything.Make the wrong show, and nobody will listen. Make the right show, and they'll tune in, and share it with likeminded people. But how do you create the right show? How do you avoid creating a podcast like your competitors, or avoid getting paralyzed by indecision?In this episode, I discuss 4 questions you can ask about your show that will help you set a creative strategy.
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    How Huckberry Could Podcast (with Erik and Jeremiah)


    Listen in as we do a complete breakdown of all the ways Huckberry could use podcasting to inspire more active, adventurous, and stylish lives. Follow along as we create a strategy for them to get featured on other shows, and build their own branded podcast. If you’re a D2C clothing brand, we hope this sparks some ideas you can go and use at your own company.

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