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The best baseball podcast on the planet. Mental health education and entertainment for the baseball community. Hosted by MLB All-Star catcher John Buck.

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  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    What makes a great teammate?


    This episode is a recent recording from the Let’s go Ricky Ro! Podcast. If you’re looking for ways to communicate better with your baseball team? This episode is packed with some valuable stories and lessons shared from former mlb players Josh Thole, Beto Duran, and Ricky Ro. We hope you enjoy this baseball podcast. Also, make sure to check out the Let’s go Ricky Ro! Podcast. Thanks for having John as a guest.
  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    What are you thinking at the plate?


    this episode is a mashup from a hitting lesson and live at-bats with 12 year veteran and former MLB all-star catcher John Buck, myself (a washed up 38 year old junior college lefty), and 64 year old Cory Firzlaff from Sandy Utah. Listen in as John takes Cory through his unorthodox offseason workout routine using training methods he’s adopted from the world top experts including: Slow the game down vision training Weck method Joe Dispenza and Jim Fannin, just to name a few. There’s a lot of really great take away's in here if you’re a player, parent, or coach. Thanks so much for listening. It would mean the world to us if you are enjoying our podcast that you share it with someone who you think might enjoy it. Thanks to 64 year old Cory, who showed up at 6:00am for this workout. This episode does a good job answering the following questions:  What do the best hitters think about when they step into the batters box?  What do you think about when stepping into the batters box? How are you training your body to be a baseball player long term?  How are you improving even though you are an elite player? 
  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

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  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    1 thing you need to understand about success


    This episode is all about setting yourself and your team up for success. I'm asked a question about why I think I've been successful over the years and it comes down to one main factor... commitment. Players who commit to making themselves better, and their teammates better is what makes the difference. Teams who hold each other accountable and don't nurture delusion are setting themselves up for a life full of positivity and success.
  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    #49 - David Monasebian


    BTD Intern David Monasebian joins John Buck to talk Mets, smashing a pie in Jordany Valdespin's face, supplements, mental health, and more. 
  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    #48 - Rounding the bases with Joel Goldberg


    Joel Goldberg is an Emmy-Award winning sports broadcaster, and the author of Small Ball Big Results. This episode is a replay of John Buck appearing as a guest on Joel's award winning podcast, Rounding The Bases. 
  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    #47 - Martin Borgmeier


    Martin Borgmeier is a world-renowned professional long-drive athlete. Living in Munich, Martin was kind enough to take some time out his schedule to sit down with @johnbuck44 to talk golf, training, and the mental side of professional competition.  
  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    #46 - Veronica Alvarez


    Veronica Alvarez is the USA Baseball Women’s National team head coach. MLB Oakland A’s spring training coach. She also played 7 years on the women’s National team. AND she is also a firefighter and paramedic in her spare time.
  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    #45 - Jay Weaver


    Jay Weaver is the founder and CEO of @catchingcamp one of the nation’s oldest and largest catcher development programs. Episode 45 now streaming.
  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    #44 - Anxiety in Athletes


    Panel discussion with John Buck, Tom Smalley, Dr. Brad Balukjian, Dr. Robin Zasio on anxiety in athletes.
  • Behind the Dish Baseball podcast

    #43 - Brett Tomko


    Brett Tomko pitched for 16 years in The Show and struck out over 1200 batters. 

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