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Why Your Personal Brand is So Important to Your Business

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Your audience wants to know the person behind the brand. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the difference between Spanx’s Instagram engagement and Sarah Blakely’s  (CEO and founder of Spanx) engagement. This boils down to one very important fact: our clients and customers want to know, like, and trust us before they support our product and brand.


In today’s episode, we have a very important conversation all about building a personal brand. We discuss the difference between a personal and a business brand while sharing some tips on how you can build your personal brand. If you’re confused about how and why you should establish a personal brand, this episode is for you. Tune in as I discuss why your personal brand is so important and how it’ll help you build that know, like, and trust factor with your customers.


In this episode, we cover:

  • Why you’ll follow the entrepreneur and not their product
  • Showing up on Instagram and building your personal brand
  • What are content pillars and why are they important
  • Reframing the way you think about your Instagram community


IG Quotes:


“Think about your Instagram community like your best friends. You're not talking to them in a professional manner. You're talking to them like friends, and sometimes your Instagram community is closer to you than anyone else because they're showing up daily.” - Dana Bowling


“Bethenny Frankel creates a new business, I may follow it, probably not. But if Oprah creates a new product, I may follow it. Probably not, though. I’m not going to clutter my Instagram feed with products. It's not interesting to me unless it's giving me massive inspiration about what I can wear or maybe discounts. Something that it's giving back. But I will happily follow Oprah and Bethenny.” - Dana Bowling


“Because in life we're trying to make people get to know us, get to like us, and get to trust us. And the only way we can do that is by showing up as ourselves.” - Dana Bowling


“How do you want people to leave your Instagram account feeling? Do you want them to feel inspired, excited, energized? Do you want them to feel pensive, motivated, wondering if there's more for them in their life? Those are all things that you want to think about.” - Dana Bowling


“Stand out, be the face of your business, and show the F up.” - Dana Bowling 


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Amp Up Your IG: 

Dana’s Instagram: @thisisdanabowling

Dana’s Website:

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  • Amp It Up podcast
  • Amp It Up podcast

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    Let's get VULNERABLE about what it's like being an entrepreneur...


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    How Her Own Transformation Has Allowed Her to Give Solo Travelers Unforgettable Experiences with Ashley Mandell


    Make sure to Enroll in Amp up Your Personal Brand here!! Current client, Ashley Mandell shares her journey of transformation in the last year. Ashley is an entrepreneur and traveler who combined her passions to create her dream career. Her mission is to help women feel empowered and go against the “supposed tos”and change their lives in the best way possible; through solo travel and incredible experiences. Her best advice? Take the risk, and do what it takes to find yourself and stay present. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How working with Dana has allowed Ashley to find clarity, the courage to pivot in her career and be true to herself through her passions creating a unique travel experience for women. How taking care of yourself will help you reconnect and build an authentic brand. How the I AM experience that  Ashley has created is for women who are ready to leave their comfort zone and are ready to dive right into life. With a built in 24/7 friend and concierge in Ashley,  it may be exactly what YOU need. Timestamps  [02:17] In order to grow a successful business you need a strong personal brand. [02:41] No one is going to hire you unless they get to know you, the person behind the brand. [02:49] What is your STAR quality? [03:11] That program starts next week. [03:23] You can register over on my link in the show notes. [03:29]If you join the group program and want to continue working with me in AMPire..  [4:48] This came out of a passion of hers and she was able to create this dream career. [6:55] When I saw you on stories, I felt like I was watching a friend. [7:55] I was in my mid thirties and single, still am..  [11:38] It was scary, it was a risk, and lots of moments listening to Brene Brown thinking about vulnerability.. [18:46] Travel has always been a passion of mine but how could I possibly do this? [19:22] Tell us about the I AM experience. [20:55]People will gain so much in one week versus six months of coaching with me. [26:57] If I could jump away for a week I would do it in a heartbeat. [27:22] The nice thing about this trip is it can be anything you want it to be. [28:31] It’s so cool to see the transformation of Ashley 3 Key takeaways We lose ourselves and it’s so important to be able to reconnect with ourselves through life changing experiences. When Ashley started talking about her journey and experiences, she realized she wanted to share that with people. She decided to create an experience in Costa Rica to help females take the risk, and leave their comfort zones. “Solo Travel helps you learn that you don't need validation.” You learn so many new things from culture to intuition and the ability to trust your true self. If life isn't scaring you, you aren’t living. Ashley took risks to invest in herself and her business and her transformation is ongoing. Anything can happen and it's important to do what makes you happy at the current moment and release yourself from the negative inner self talk. Links Connect with Ashley Mandell: Instagram  | Website Connect with Dana Bowling: Instagram | Website 
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    Lessons From 10 Years of Being An Instagram Educator with Sue B. Zimmerman


    The Instagram Expert, Sue B. Zimmerman, joins Dana to share lessons learnt from her 10 years of experience as an Instagram educator. Sue B. is a traveller and serial entrepreneur. In fact, she started 18 businesses throughout her life. She had her first million dollar business at age 22.  Her best advice? To always live in true alignment with who you are.  Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How to become an Instagram coach despite lots of competition.  How you can stop being afraid of other people’s judgement online.  How having the right team in your business can make you scale faster.  Timestamps  [00:31] What do you need to get AMPED UP?  [01:30] How often does Sue B Zimmerman travel?  [02:10] How she started 18 businesses in her life so far! [04:46] What’s the reason serial entrepreneurs start so many businesses?  [06:52] How Sue B manifested becoming @TheInstagramExpert 9 years ago (with proof). [09:47] Were there Instagram educators 9 years ago?  [11:10] How to stand out even though it seems like everyone is a coach.  [12:52] How to tell the difference between oversharing and transparency on Instagram.  [14:46] How to overcome the fear that people won’t like you online (“people will think I’m stupid”). [19:18] How to create a balanced power team for your business and scale extra fast.  [24:06] A day in the life of Sue B Zimmerman. [27:18] How did she start becoming a public speaker? [30:47] How can you spot Instagram’s upcoming features.? [35:27] How to connect with Sue B Zimmerman.   Connect with Sue B Zimmerman: Instagram | Youtube | Website Connect with Dana Bowling: Instagram | Website SIGN UP FOR THE AMP UP YOUR INNER STAR MASTERCLASS ON 9/9 HERE!
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    Resilience, Persistence, and Patience with Olympic Speed Skater Kelly Gunther


    Are you willing to put your ego aside to fight for your dreams? When we’re faced with rejection and failure, we are called on to make a huge decision. If push comes to shove, how many of us are willing to put our ego aside to stay resilient, persistent, and patient all in the hopes of achieving our dreams?   Kelly Gunther is an Olympic speed skater who defied the odds, overcame obstacles, and remained focused on her goals. After having her dreams of making the 2010 Olympic team snatched from her within 24 hours, she felt defeated. Instead of coming up with excuses and feeling sorry for herself, she picked her skates back up and headed back out on the ice.   In today’s episode, Kelly shares her story of overcoming the many major obstacles that tried to hold her back. She shares how she overcame defeat, trained relentlessly to become better, faster, and stronger, and how she bounced back from injury and earned her spot, fair and square, on the 2014 Olympic team. This conversation with Kelly is such a treat, and I hope her story gives you the courage and determination to keep pursuing your goals, whatever they might be.    In this episode, we cover: Growing up with a learning disability Falling in love with something you excel at Making the 2010 Olympic team and having it snatched from her in 24 hours Overcoming injury and staying focused on the big goal Truly believing in yourself even when it’s hard How time in rehab gave her a real life experience Making the 2014 Olympic team despite injury and setbacks Re-amping up who you are and making sure you’re exactly where you need to be     “But it all comes down to how bad you want it and how bad you know you're willing to go. And I think that's what is so important about my story is that yeah, I've gotten knocked down countless times, probably more now than I skated. But I keep coming back.” - Kelly Gunther   Links mentioned:  Kelly’s Instagram: @kellyguntherr Amp Up Your Clubhouse:  Dana’s Instagram: @thisisdanabowling Dana’s Website:  
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    Shifting the Focus from Influence to Impact with Haley Luckadoo


    What’s the purpose of your influence? Nowadays, the words “influence” and “influencer” are thrown around without much thought. It’s so commonly used that people have attached a specific connotation to those terms. When you think about an influencer, you think about someone who is of celebrity status. You think of individuals like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. But as female entrepreneurs, we know we have an influence too.   My guest today is the wonderful Haley Luckadoo. Haley is a marketing coach, motivational speaker, and fellow podcaster. She coaches impact-driven women on sales and marketing so that they make more money. In today’s episode, she shares her approach to influence and how she’s shifting the focus from influence to impact.   We chat about her story and how the lack of a safety net in her business gave her no choice but to show up confidently. She also shares her unique perspective on imposter syndrome, the importance of showing up for your community, and finding the confidence to step out of the boxes people have placed you in.   In this episode, we cover: Haley’s crazy story on how she started her business How Haley helps female entrepreneurs merge their sales and their marketing Haley’s journey through public and motivational speaking Why Haley is obsessed with podcasting Haley’s unique approach to imposter syndrome Responsibilities of being an entrepreneur with a platform The difference between influence and impact   IG Quotes:   “I want to focus instead on the impact that I have and being an impactor. And that's what I choose to do with the influence is focus more on the impact and how are you impacting the people that you do have? And how are you making a difference in their life? And how are you focusing in on that one person?” - Haley Luckadoo   “I had no safety net, I had to go all-in on this business because I didn't know what else to do. So if I can now be the safety net for somebody else - 100% I'm going to do that.” - Haley Luckadoo    “We're told that we are overly confident, that we're an overachiever, that we're overly talkative, we're overly ambitious, we're overly this and overly that. And I started thinking of all of the stories that I have, where I was put in those boxes, and eventually had to step out of those.” - Haley Luckadoo   “The bigger you get, the more eyes are on you. And the more eyes are on you, the more people see those little mistakes. So acknowledge that that's going to be the case, but be aware of how you respond when you mess up. That's the part that I think matters the most.” - Haley Luckadoo   “I think the goal is just to try to live a life and run a business that is worth having people look at. And then acknowledging that when we have those missteps, we can own them, and we can learn from them, and we can apologize for it the way that it needs to be done.” - Haley Luckadoo   Links mentioned:  Haley’s Website: Haley’s Instagram: @haleyluckadoo Females on Fire Podcast: Amp Up Your Clubhouse:  Dana’s Instagram: @thisisdanabowling Dana’s Website:
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    Why You Don’t Need a Massive Following to Grow Your Business


    So many online entrepreneurs are focusing on the wrong thing. They often think “more is better” when it comes to growing a following and an audience. However, what truly matters most isn’t the size of your following, but how engaged they are.   This very special episode is recorded Clubhouse style. First, you’ll hear my thoughts and advice on increasing your engagement and growing a supportive community and client base. Then, I open the floor up to our many fabulous speakers so you can learn from their experience and expertise as well. Tune in to this treat of an episode as we talk about consistency on Clubhouse, the ability to follow through, and why you still need to show up on Instagram.   In this episode, we cover: Why you should focus on building an engaged audience instead of a big one The importance of consistency on Clubhouse Putting your energy and personality out there  Continuing your relationship on Instagram Getting your audience involved on Clubhouse   IG Quotes:   “Involving your audience and not simply the moderators on the stage is going to make your audience know that you truly want us to be about them.” - Dana Bowling   “It's really important that you are consistently showing up on Instagram and really growing that relationship and letting them see the behind the scenes of your life.” - Dana Bowling   “As a speaker that is up on a clubhouse stage, you also want to make sure that you're super super intentional about replying, connecting, and keeping that conversation going.” - Dana Bowling   “You don't need the massive following to actually grow your business using Clubhouse or Instagram.I really think we're focusing on the wrong thing.” - Dana Bowling   Links mentioned:  Amp Up Your IG:  Dana’s Instagram: @thisisdanabowling Dana’s Website:

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