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Welcome to Amp it Up! The show for the Ambitious, Motivated, and Positive Entrepreneur who is ready to finally start showing up and standing out online. Ready for this burst of energy??

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    10 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself if You Want to Build Your Personal Brand


    You requested this one!! Listen to this solo episode where I go over the 10 questions you need to ask yourself... Need more help? Check out my Personal Brand VIP Day - only 3 spots left! And DM me on IG with your answers!!
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    How to be an Entrepreneur and Preserve your Mental Health in the Process with Therapist Valerie Sadon


    It's Thanksgiving Weekend week!!Valerie Sadon, friend  and therapist, has a passion for treating people with anxiety, trauma and chronic pain. If you're human like me,  you'll experience some or all of these in your lifetime. And as entrepreneurs it’s easy to feel uncertain in your journey and often feel alone.  Listen in while Valerie puts those feelings of uncertainty into perspective and provides you with new ways to reframe and refocus so that you can balance and even find comfort in the uncertainty that comes with the journey of entrepreneurship. Her best advice? We’re hardwired to want to rid uncertainty from our lives for survival. Strive for the balance and be comfortable with uncertainty, but clear on where you want to go. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  We need to strive for balance between uncertainty and staying clear on our goals. You can’t set a boundary until a line has been crossed. Normalize not being 100% available. Links: Join the 5 day FREE Content Creation Challenge!  Connect with Valerie Sadon: Instagram | Website Connect with Dana Bowling: Instagram | Website
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  • Amp It Up podcast

    Create the Freakin' Content Already!!


    A short solo episode today as I'm on my way to Tulum!! Sign up for my FREE CONTENT CREATION CHALLENGE here! Follow me on Instagram HERE
  • Amp It Up podcast

    How to Attract Clients and Turn Your Conversations into Cash with Quinn Conyers


    Quinn Conyers, speaker and entrepreneur, always knew her big personality didn’t fit in the small town where she grew up. A mix of confidence, energy, and strength, Quinn walks the audience through her struggles and triumphs as a speaker and how she arrived at the place she is today. She teaches the audience how to stand out unapologetically and how the language you use is crucial to landing clients. Her best advice? You can give your audience appetizers, but they have to pay for the full course meal. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode How it took Quinn years to build the business she has today despite the breakups that occurred along the way. How to use your uniqueness to show up confidently in your brand. The difference between discount dialect and luxury language. Links Sign up for Quinn's masterclass here: - use the code SBW Book a Personal Brand VIP day with Dana HERE! Connect with Dana Bowling: Instagram | Website Try Kartra here! 
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    Building a signature online brand that evolves with you and stays top of mind with Phil Pallen


    Check out this incredible conversation between two personal brand lovers... Phil Pallen is an entrepreneurial nomad currently living in Spain while running his business which focuses on building personal brands for successful people.  His business was born ten years ago when he was a finalist to be a social media intern for Charlie Sheen, and used the social media frenzy to launch his career. He got his start in Los Angeles,  training TV hosts how to show up online. Phil takes successful people and helps them make their brand visible to the world with his unique design and inspirations cultivated by his love of world travel. His best advice? If your social media content feels like taking out the trash, it probably is trash. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How his signature brand audits help gain clarity so that he can help you position your brand and build the business of your dreams. Success doesn’t need to be tied to a location; he argues he is more successful because he works remotely from anywhere. How to position, build, and promote yourself online. Links: Try Kartra out for yourself! Connect with Phil Pallen: Instagram | Website Connect with Dana Bowling: Instagram | Personal Branding Bootcamp
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    Finding Community When you Don't Feel Supported


    Less than ONE week to join THE AMPIRE COLLECTIVE! STOP looking in the wrong places for support with your business. So many of us look towards our parents or IRL friends who don't know who to offer what we are looking for. If you're feeling lonely and isolated in this crazy entrepreneurial journey... it's time you invested in and joined a community. Where you can learn from others, feel supported and actually see the needle move! Join the AMPire Collective now.
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    Building Your Community and Your Engagement with Amanda Kohal of The Wolfe Co


    Summary  Amanda, owner of the Wolfe Co. drops her knowledge on building your community through authentic engagement. She teaches our audience how online conversations will help you grow your business and brand. Content creator and marketing enthusiast, Amanda shares how she positioned herself as a thought leader on instagram through free content and authentic audience engagement. One year into full time entrepreneurship, The Wolfe Co. focuses on engagement turning your fans into clients. Her best advice? People don’t buy from you to access information. They buy from you to experience a transformation. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How to show up authentically through conversations on social media How you can work a 9-5 and towards your dream; you just need to give yourself a timeline. Her agency is not like the others; they will actually help grow and build your community and she has several offerings to meet your needs. Links Apply for the AMPire Collective!! Connect with Amanda Kohal: Instagram | Website Connect with Dana Bowling: Instagram | Website
  • Amp It Up podcast
  • Amp It Up podcast

    Three Ways to Make More Money in your Biz... TODAY


    Are you feeling like your business is finally getting off the ground and yet, you have no money in your bank account? In this solo episode, Dana shares three ways to start making more money starting TODAY. Interested in joining the AMPire Collective? Get on the waitlist HERE: Join our FREE community on the Geneva platform: AMPITUP Connect with Dana on IG HERE!
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    On Knowing Your Value and Charging for It In Your Online Business with Jenny Melrose


    Teacher turned blogger shares the ways that her hobby as a new mom scaled into a full time business helping other female entrepreneurs grow and scale their online businesses organically. She shares her knowledge on blogging and why it’s still relevant to your online business. Listen in to hear how you can make money from your website and online platforms through brand sponsorships no matter the size of your audience. Her best advice? Know your value and charge for it. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How Jenny was able to replace her teacher’s salary, and retire her husband through her online blogging business Ways to make money using your website and your influence on your platforms. How to initiate brand sponsorships and present your best package, and negotiate on your deliverables Timestamps  [01:53] I started a lifestyle site called the Melrose Family [02:43] I felt like I lost myself as a new mother and needed something that was my own. [03:15] You can make a ton of money doing it, and can retire from teaching. The sky is the limit. [04:00] I figured out how to grow my traffic and at the same time, grow my audience. [4:14] I was able to retire from teaching back in 2015. [4:55] I was able to retire my husband and ended up selling that in 2019 for six figures. [6:04] Imposter syndrome held me up for years. [7:43] I work with female entrepreneurs looking to better understand how to grow and scale their businesses online. [8:28] How do I work with brands on sponsorships? [9:37] Where is blogging in 2021? [10:52] It really comes down to SEO. [11:36] Keyword research and knowing what people are searching for is first [14:26] Does everyone need a blog? [15:20] You said there’s a few ways to make money using your website [15:36] Working with brands on sponsored content [16:26] You’re charging for time and exposure [17:41] You’re giving them value, charge for it. [18:06] I’m all about the creator economy [19:06] Their the people working on influencer campaigns [20:08] Is there a magic formula on how to write a pitch? [20:58] I talk a lot about pricing, I do have my own podcast Influencer Entrepreneurs [21:28] You send a media kit and a proposal. [22:07] If they come back within 24 hours and say sure; you’re too cheap. [22:31] I think so many people undervalue themselves. [23:15] Reach out to brands you are already using. [24:14] Is there too small an audience to start? [24:26] Microinfluencers do better sometimes than big influencers that have millions of followers   Links Get on the AMPire Collective Waitlist HERE Try Kartra out HERE Connect with Jenny Melrose: Instagram | Website Connect with Dana Bowling: Instagram | Website

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