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Actually, It's Phytoplankton!


Go2Qurious presents a new science and oceanography podcast designed especially for middle schoolers. Join host Dr Jamie Coull, and oceanographer co-hosts Dr Lachlan McKinna and Dr Ivona Cetinić from 15 August to explore ocean ecology and NASA’s PACE Mission. Jamie, Lachlan and Ivona interview 11 scientists and engineers who work on NASA’s most advanced ocean-colour and aerosol satellite mission to date: PACE (Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud and ocean Ecosystem). Each episode is packed with science activities and resources. Find us at Actually, It's Phytoplankton! is proudly supported by Advance Queensland and the Queensland State Government.

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  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    S2E6: Oceanography at Home!


    Watch the video version:  In the season 2 finale, we show you some simple oceanography experiments to try at home or at school using commonly found household items. Lachlan explains the science behind each demonstration and does some great (and bizarre) presenting hands on the video version.  Grab you resource pack: 
  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    S2E5: Let's Get Physical! The Physics of Ocean Optics


    Get to know 3 useful concepts for becoming a wiz at physics (a phys-wiz, if you like...?) On this episode we explore how light behaves in water by discussing light scattering, light absorption, and biological florescence. We're joined by podcast regular Ryan Vandermeulen from NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre's Ocean Ecology Laboratory.  Grab your resource pack: 
  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

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  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    S2E4: Ahhh Acid!: Ocean Acidification (big problemo...)


    This is no time for jokes. In this episode we learn about the realities of climate change and ocean acidification from Dr Katharina Fabricius from The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS). Get your head around the concept of pH (that's power or potential of Hydrogen) with Jamie & Lachlan, then delve into deep discussions about the impact of changing pH on our oceans with Dr Katharina.  Grab the resource pack: 
  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    S2E3: The Great Climate Machine! Earth's Amazing Carbon Cycle


    Feel the power! This episode will leave you in awe of the magnificent power (and fragility) of the ocean. We learn how the ocean and phytoplankton contribute to Earth's carbon cycle from Dr Ivona Cetinić (USRA NASA GSFC) and Dr Steph Henson (National Oceanography Center, Southampton UK).  Grab your resource pack:   
  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    S2E2: Eat or Be Eaten: Understanding the Oceanic Food Web


    It's a fish-eat-plankton world out there! On this episode we unravel the marine food web with Dr Debbie Steinberg from The Virginia Institute of Marine Science and Dr Colleen Durkin from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. What a great one to listen to on the National Science Week school's theme of Food: Different by Design.  Grab your resource pack: 
  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    S2E1: Natural Artists! The History & Future of Arts in Science


    Wahooo! It's National Science Week 2021. Start things off right with the first episode of Actually, it's Phytoplankton!: Planet Ocean. On this episode, we're learning about arts in science. We talk to scientific illustrator Kirsten Carlson about the history of sci-art and the continuing importance of drawing and illustrating in science today. Then we meet Dr Ben Knoerlein (formerly Brown University) to get technical with Virtual Reality and how VR is used in ocean sciences.  Grab your resource pack: 
  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    Season 2 Trailer: PLANET OCEAN


    Discover a new way to hear the ocean for National Science Week 2021.  We're back baby! With season 2 of the kids science podcast Actually, it's Phytoplankton! This year we're bringing you 6 science lessons in oceanography that dive into the carbon cycle, marine food webs, ocean acidification, the physics of light in water, sci-art intersections, and DIY experiments.  Actually, it's Phytoplankton!: Planet Ocean starts August 14 
  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    Episode 6: The Real World! PACE Applications


    Ok, but who does this help? We're joined by the NASA PACE Project Application Coordinators Dr Erin Urquhart and Joel Scott to find out who and how NASA's PACE Mission will help once it's launched into space.  This is our final episode for season 1. We've loved making this show and hope you've learned HEAPS about phytoplankton, our beautiful oceans, earth system science and NASA's PACE Mission. 
  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    Episode 5: The Dream Team! Field work and culturing phytoplankton in the lab!


    Ahoy There! Do you like messing about on boats? If so, you'll want to join the NASA PACE field work dream team who spend weeks at a time on research vessels all over the world collecting data and learning about phytoplankton. This week, we meet adventurous oceanographers Dr Aimee Neeley and Ryan Vandermeulen who tell us all about their careers at sea and in the lab.  Plus, it's National Sea Week in Australia 2020
  • Actually, It's Phytoplankton! podcast

    Episode 4: Captain Planet! Oceanic & Atmospheric Science


    "With your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!" Join science super heroes Dr Ivona Cetinić (Senior Scientist USRA) and Dr Amir Ibrahim (Senior Research Scientist SSAI) for a discussion of the science behind NASA's PACE Mission. Ivona represents the oceanography crew, and Amir becomes our resident atmosphere guru.   

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