37 Degrees Latitude podcast

37 Degrees Latitude

US Consulate Melbourne

If geography is destiny, there must be something special about 37 degrees latitude.

At 37˚S, you’ll find Melbourne, Australia; at 37˚N, you’ll find Silicon Valley (and Area 51, too 🛸).

In this podcast, U.S. Consul General Michael Kleine meets the Australian founders and entrepreneurs who cut a path between 37˚ N & S and found capital, partners, markets and success in the United States.

Michael is a career Foreign Service Officer currently serving as U.S. Consul General in Melbourne.

As a failed founder (remember Mike’s Mugs?) turned diplomat, Michael has a deep-seated interest in entrepreneurship, a fascination with innovation, and a passion for the U.S.-Australia relationship.

A big thanks to Courtney Carthy of Mushroom Group for producing the series; U.S. Mission Australia staff Nicola Taylor, Gabrielle Connellan, Jacob Goldschlager for editorial producing; and Tim Dolstra for artwork.

Melbourne’s own Jack Bourke of City Calm Down for creating the original soundtrack.

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