Weight Loss With Hypnosis podcast

Weight Loss With Hypnosis

Doug Sands

This is the Weight Loss with Hypnosis Podcast, where we share the why and how of losing weight, eating right, and overcoming Compulsive Eating. Even better, we're doing it with the minimum of lost time and wasted effort. My name is Doug Sands, and I'm your Weight Loss and Compulsive Eating Hypnotist. On this show, you're going to learn about more than Hypnosis alone. You're also going to get cutting-edge interviews with industry-leading health experts: from dietitians and nutritionists to fitness experts, psychologists, and more! We're also diving deep into the emotions that cause us to overeat and retain extra weight. We'll even explore the unconscious patterns that cause compulsive eating, body image issues, and even eating disorders. Get ready, my friend, because this podcast just might change your life for the better. Let's get started.

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