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Uncovering the Mystery of the Russian Invasion of Thailand

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In this video, we'll uncover the mystery of the Russian invasion of Thailand. We'll explore the latest news and see what's happening in Pattaya and Phuket, the two most popular tourist destinations in Thailand.

Ever since the Russian invasion, there's been a lot of mystery surrounding it. We'll explore the reasons behind the invasion and see what it means for the future of Thailand. After watching this video, you'll have a better understanding of what's happening in Thailand and be able to make more informed decisions when it comes to traveling there!
Anti-Prayut protesters filed a complaint against officers
Anti-Prayut protester Wantana O-Thong, 62, filed a complaint on Tuesday with the Central Investigation Bureau against security officers of Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha for physical assault and holding her against her will. She displayed her swollen wrists, ankles, and wounds to reporters.
Source - Khaosod English
Phuket Tourism Rapidly Recovers But 17,000 Staffers Still Needed
Phuket tourism has rapidly recovered but 17,000 staffers are still needed as more foreign tourists are coming. The President of the Thai Hotel Association Southern Chapter Mr. Sueksit Suwandissakun told Thai media, “Phuket tourism has rapidly recovered since the middle of last year. Eighty-eight percent of hotel rooms have been sold from January to this month which is about the same number as before Covid-19”.
Source - The Pattaya News
Thai Committee on Public Health Suggests E-cigarette Regulation and to End Ban on Vaping
The Thai Committee on Public Health has recommended the regulation of e-cigarettes and the end of the current ban on vaping in the country.

Poll shows most oppose liberalization of alcohol, e-cigarettes, cannabis, and gambling
A network of 12 children’s and family’s rights groups, tobacco, alcohol and cannabis research institutes have disclosed results of their opinion poll, which shows that the majority of respondents disagree with political parties’ policies for liberalization of alcohol, e-cigarettes, cannabis, and gambling.
Source - Thai PBS World
Bali wants to tighten visa requirements for Russian tourists
Authorities in Indonesia's popular holiday island of Bali have asked the central immigration agency to cancel a visa-on-arrival policy for Russian and Ukrainian nationals after tourists were found working...
Source - The Bangkok Post
Russians putting down roots in the kingdom
Russian tourists have been flocking to Thailand since pandemic travel restrictions were eased, with many choosing to invest in the kingdom’s real estate sector after an extended holiday in the country.
Source - The Bangkok Post - The Phuket News
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