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Pandaily.com是一家向世界科技社区介绍中国创新的英文媒体,而TechBuzz China则是其旗下向硅谷介绍中国创新的英文播客。

TechBuzz China is a weekly technology podcast powered by that talks all about China’s Innovation, co-hosted by Rui Ma who is an angel investor and entrepreneur, and Ying-Ying Lu who is also an entrepreneur. The two hosts are both China experts who lived and worked in the technology space in China for many years.

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  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Ep. 84: 2021 China Internet Report with SCMP CEO Gary Liu


    Episode 84 of Tech Buzz China features co-host Rui Ma in conversation with Gary Liu, CEO of the South China Morning Post on the hottest five trends shaping the China internet industry in 2021: tightening regulations, bumpy roads for IPOs, overseas expansion plans, shifting demographics, and growing private domain traffic. SCMP is a leading news media company that has reported on China and Asia for more than a century with global impact. Also, Tech Buzz China is growing! We have a Livecast series of interviews with entrepreneurs and investors in China tech — TBC Livecast. It's mostly recorded live in front of our new paid community Tech Buzz China Insider. For TBC Insiders, we have an active Discord server, a forum, and regular members-only events. If you're really into China tech, join us starting with the quiz. In addition, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, tweet at us at @techbuzzchina, and write to us at [email protected] As always, our transcripts are available on our website, as well as at pandaily.Thank you to our teams at SupChina and Pandaily, and especially to Bryce Ye, and Kaiser Kuo. If you enjoy our work, please leave us an iTunes review! They do matter and we appreciate it so much!
  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Livecast #12: Andy Tian, Copy from China, Exporting Live Social Apps Globally


    Andy Tian is the founder of Asia innovations group, a company that has a suite of live social apps, e.g. Uplive, Lamour, SupreFans with more than 410 million registered users located in over 150 countries and regions worldwide.Andy has strong opinions about what's the best way to take the most interesting things he has seen in China and throughout Asia, and export them to the rest of the world. Hear about:How China's uniquely firewalled off environment created a different ecosystem, thus resulted in different revenue models of social apps in China;What is Operation aka Yunying (运营) in China, and how it works differently in western countries;The twin trends of globalization & localization in social apps;Why Andy implemented multi-regional operations from the start;What he believes are the unique catalysts for the explosion of livestreaming eCommerce in China, and why it hasn't taken off just yet in the U.S. or anywhere else.
  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

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  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Livecast #10: Richard Xu Investing in Chinese Entrepreneurs Going Overseas


    Richard is the co-founder of Grandview Capital, a VC fund focused on investing in Chinese entrepreneurs who do business outside of China (AKA go overseas or "chuhai" in Chinese). He's based in Silicon Valley and his co-founder is in China. Hear Richard explain:Why he started to look at Chinese entrepreneurs who are attacking overseas markets back in 2015;How the nature of the manufacturing & technology industry makes it easier for these companies to globalize;How he believes in applying the "time machine" paradigm to his investmentsHow it's no longer about copying but localizingWhy Chinese companies favor Southeast Asia and Latin American marketsWhat he's investing in these days.Find Richard on LinkedIn!
  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Livecast #8: Ray Hu of Blue Lake Capital on China SaaS


    Ray Hu is the founder of Blue Lake Capital, an early stage VC fund in China with about $700mm under management. Blue Lake specializes in SaaS investments. Hear Ray explain:The current state of Chinese SaaS, enabling factors and requirements for successCase study: Jushuitan (JST), an ecommerce SaaS and their sales strategyEnterprises' willingness to pay and other differences in the Chinese marketInternationalizing
  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Livecast #9: Albus Yu of China Growth Capital on China DTCs


    Albus Yu works for China Growth Capital, a venture capital fund that manages about 1.4 billion dollars. He specializes in consumer internet, consumer brands, and services investment. Hear Albus explain:The reason that he  had started to invest in consumer internet and e-commerce marketplaces;What the growth of DTC brands in China looks like these days;The differences that the DTC brands are growing between the US versus in China right now, and Why it is a better opportunity from both the consumer side and supply & manufacturing side; and he gave the Chinese "Lululemon" as an example;The reason that Albus recommend brands to start off online and build offline presence as well;He perceives the potential for some Chinese new brands to expand internationally as positive.
  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Livecast #6: Ron Cao, A 20 Year China VC on Semis, SPACs and Blockchain


    Recorded March 9, 2021.Ron Cao has spent 20 years as a venture capitalist in China. He first went there during the 90s when semiconductor investing was a thing, but then found himself investing in consumer internet startups such as ByteDance and Pinduoduo because that sector yielded the greatest return, and is now finding himself investing in semiconductors again. We talk about the impact of the pandemic, if deeptech investing is really taking off, investing in returnees, blockchain, antitrust, & SPACs!
  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Livecast #4: Deep Dive into Agora $API with Kevin Xu of


    Recorded Thursday 2/10/21.Kevin, now at Github, is the founder of, a bilingual newsletter on the intersections of tech, business, money, geopolitics, and US-Asia relations.We go over:What is Agora? It's a platform as a service company.The origin story of Tony Zhao the CEO who was previously at WebEx & then CTO at YY, where he achieved substantial success.Agora's technology & business model, which is developer facing and self service and usage basedWhat happens when there are more Chinese companies like Agora building infrastructure technologies? Does innovation have to be something super different / sexy or can it also be arising out of battle-tested scaling-up technologies, like Agora? And finally, Agora's latest acquisition, another Chinese company called Easymob.
  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Livecast #7: Jordan Berke, former Walmart China Head of E-Commerce


    Jordan Berke spent fifteen years transforming the world's largest retailer into a truly digital organization by leading strategic alliances with JinDong and Tencent. He's now the founder of Tomorrow Retail, a consulting company. Hear about:How does Walmart China outstrip the US in four major categories?What are retailers in the U.S. focusing on right now?How do retailers turn their business into a platform?What are the differences in the China and U.S. business ecosystems?What myths persist in the industry?And finally, what's the future outlook?
  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Livecast #5: Boyu Hu of XVC: Early Kuaishou Investor


    Early on in VC, Boyu Hu was at DCM China and worked on the Kuaishou deal. Now he has his own fund XVC, managing $600mm, focusing on consumer internet. I asked what's changed in the last ten years and: Why's he continuing to invest in consumer internet? Is rural China where it's at? Are the big platforms more important? Are the big funds more important? How's he adjusting his strategy? Our conversation was recorded Feb. 24, 2021 over Clubhouse app and Zoom.
  • Tech Buzz China 英文科技评论 podcast

    Livecast #3: Growing 2 Unicorns at China Speed with Jack Yang


    Recorded live Feb. 10, 2021.Q&A with Jack Yujie Yang who led the growth of Mobike, China's leading bikesharing company (acquired by Meituan for $2.7Bn in 2018) as VP of Growth & Product. He grew the company from 4 to over 200 cities, ~500k to over 30 million trips per day. He then joined MissFresh, one of China's grocery delivery unicorns ($3Bn+ valuation) as Chief Growth Officer. He is now working on his own e-commerce startup. We talk about:Growth in the US vs. ChinaSpecific growth tactics used at Mobike and MissFresh, such as red packets, WeChat mini programs, WeChat group chats, etc.Not all of these tactics can work in the US, why?Aside from favorable macroeconomics, some weaknesses Jack perceives in the Chinese market.Difference in (work) culture, equity incentives at Chinese startupsWhy Jack is working on e-commerce as his next opportunityCan mini programs be used effectively to test out new ideas?How do you find cofounders and employees?How do you hire, what do you look for?Influencer fatigue -- how are Chinese platforms combating this, if at all?Lots of great things about China speed, but what are the drawbacks? 

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