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Episode 28: How Games Can Improve Interpersonal Skills with Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

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In this episode, Chris discusses the benefits of using games to develop interpersonal skills among employees and leaders with Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks.

Topics Include:
1.     Engagement and retention
2.     Maximizing cultural intelligence in the workplace
3.     HR Tech - combining team-building, analytics, and upskilling
4.     Making vulnerability at work comfortable

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks is the Founder and CEO of tech startup KeepWOL. KeepWOL's fun learning platform for teams enables employee engagement and retention insights using games. 

Lauren spent 14 years working at five Fortune 500 companies holding numerous leadership roles. Being a Black millennial woman in engineering & tech, she's no stranger to being the "first" or "only." 

Lauren is the first Black woman to graduate from The University of Kansas' Aerospace Engineering Department and the first Black woman to win the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics international design competition. She's a recipient of the Women in Technology Rising Star Award, and she has an MBA in Operations Management. 

Lauren is a wife, a mother of two, and an avid conversationalist. Her top two values are authenticity and legacy, and she keeps these front of mind in everything she does.

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