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Strict Scrutiny

Leah Litman Melissa Murray Kate Shaw

A podcast about the Supreme Court and the legal culture that surrounds it. Hosted by Leah Litman, Melissa Murray, and Kate Shaw. Produced by Melody Rowell.

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  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Watch This Space


    A quick breakdown on what the Court did and didn’t do today (Friday, October 22) in the cases against Texas's S.B. 8, which prohibits abortion 6 week's after the pregnant person's last period.
  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Per My Last Email


    Kate, Melissa, and Leah recap the last week of the October sitting and some developments in the S.B. 8 litigation.
  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

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  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Latte Liberal


    Melissa, Leah, and Kate recap the first week of the October sitting.
  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Troll World Tour


    Dahlia Lithwick joins us for a preview of this monster term, and a breakdown of … that Alito speech.
  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Hashtag YOLO


    Recorded in partnership with the 2021 Texas Tribune festival, Dahlia Lithwick joins us to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s busy summer and do a lightening-round preview of 2.5 cases on the docket for the Court’s upcoming term. 
  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Sounds Legit


    Leah is joined by Jeannie Suk Gersen and Deeva Shah to discuss an important case, Roe v. United States, about the procedures for addressing workplace misconduct in the federal courts.
  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Meager Sentences


    Kate and Leah are joined by Elizabeth Wydra and Aaron Reichlin-Melnick to discuss more of the Supreme Court's orders coming out of the shadow docket. First up is the Migrant Protection Protocol, also known as the "Remain in Mexico" program from the Trump Administration. Then it's a look at the Court's decision to vacate the CDC's latest eviction moratorium, which allows evictions to resume. Both orders ruled against the Biden administration and were divided along ideological lines. 
  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Messing with Texas


    Leah, Melissa, and Kate reconvene for another emergency podcast on Texas SB8, which is now being challenged by the federal government. Y’all, they are messing with Texas!
  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Untitled Dating Show


    It’s law school advice time, Strict Scrutiny style! Melissa and Leah chat with Mark Moran, graduate of UVA Law and contestant on FBoy Island, for the first ever Strict Scrutiny x FBoy Island Crossover. What can law school teach you about reality TV, and reality TV teach you about law school? A lot, it turns out….
  • Strict Scrutiny podcast

    Flagrantly Unconstitutional


    Melissa, Kate, & Leah get together again to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision in the Texas SB8 case, what is happening now in Texas, and what might happen still with the law.

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