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You are listening to Soultalk, your podcast for inspiration on psychological and spiritual development. I am Kisser Paludan, a spiritual psychologist and writer and I welcome you into the Soultalk universe. Remember to always meet yourself with lots of compassion, patience and kindness.

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    Breathe your way to inner freedom!


    In this session we continue to understand how breathing can affect our lives. I have spoken to Eugenia Altamira, who is an American/Mexican psychologist and senior trainer in Transformational Breath. Just before our talk, I was lucky enough to have a session with Eugenia and I truly felt how amazing this system is. Transformational Breath shows us how we can release old stuck emotions and allow for new wonderful levels of inner freedom and joy.
  • Soultalk Global podcast

    James Nestor - Breathe your way to inner freedom!


    In this episode of Soultalk I am talking with James Nestor, who is an American bestselling author and journalist. It is conversation about the lost art of breathing. The way we breath has major impact on our health both physically and psychologically. In this conversation James shares with us how we can begin to breathe in ways that will transform our life and sustain us in our heath as well as our psychology and spiritually well-being.
  • Soultalk Global podcast

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  • Soultalk Global podcast

    Cynthia Zhai Your Enneagramtype shows up in your voice


    This is a conversation with Cynthia Zhai, who is a Voice Coach, Professional Speaker (CSP) and Best-Selling Author. Cynthia takes us around the Enneagram to show how the psychology of the Enneagramtype shows up in the way we use our voices and how training gives us the gift of using our voices in a way that is both in contact with body, heart and mind. Enjoy! As a Soultalk listener, Cynthia Zhai gives you 2 free webinars. One on "Understand Enneagram for Personal and Professional Growth" and the other on “Voice and Enneagram" get access by using this link:
  • Soultalk Global podcast

    Penney Pierce - The meaning of the times we are living in


    Are you also looking for answers about the new and strange times we are living in? Penney Pierce is an American Intuitive and bestselling Author, and she gives very wise wisdom on the big and important times that we are living in right now. We so need spiritual leaders to help make meaning of everything going on, and to give some kind of understanding of the big shift. What is it about? What are we shifting? And what is the new age that is emerging, all about? This conversation with Penney Pierce is all about this great important energetic shift.
  • Soultalk Global podcast

    Jennifer Louden - Why bother?


    In today’s podcast, I talk to the American expert in personal growth and bestselling author Jennifer Loudens about selfcare and selfdevelopment. Jennifer is the author of the book; ”Why bother - Discover the Desire for What’s Next”. Jennifer Louden challenges you to open your mind, your heart and your life by following whereever our questions leads us. I hope, that our conversation will give you renewed tenderness, compassion and understanding of yourself and your life.
  • Soultalk Global podcast

    Beatrice Chestnut - Do you know your Enneagram subtype?


    Conversation with American Enneagram expert Beatrice Chestnut about the instinctual subtypes. Beatrice is the author of the book; The Complete Enneagram – 27 Paths to greater Self-Knowledge that takes us trough the 27 different ways our Enneagramtype shows up. Each Enneagramtype has a countertype, that might not really look or feel like the type because of tis instinctual subtypes. So if you are an Enneagram nerd (like myself) or find it hard to land completely in a type, this might be helpful.
  • Soultalk Global podcast

    Russ Hudson - Access your true Self


    Did you know, that you are not your Enneagram type, your patterns or strategies? That within you already lies the deepest, beautiful, divine quality? The Enneagram can help us love who we are and see and understand the blocks to our deepest truest being; our true divine Self. Conversation with the world-leading expert on The Enneagram, Russ Hudson on the spiritual dimension of The Enneagram and the beauty, compassion, connectedness and love that emerges when we do our inner work and let life be our practice-ground.
  • Soultalk Global podcast

    Robert Holden - Enneagram 911


    Conversation with Psychologist and Hay House author, Robert Holden on how the wisdom of the Enneagram can be the aid that we need in these challenging times. Learn how we can how we can meet judgement and resentment with love, support us self by knowing our loving resources, how we may start living life’s that are led by the heart. Hear how we must allow for emotional honesty, trust our innate wisdom, take care of our mental health, tune into the now and let it unfold, se the personal challenge of corona and stay awake and connected to our self’s so that we may stay connected to each other. Enjoy.
  • Soultalk Global podcast

    Mark Wolynn


    Mark Wolynn is the director of the Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco. He is a leading expert in the field of inherited family trauma. His book It Didn't Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle is the winner of the 2016 Nautilus Book Award in psychology, and has been translated into 17 languages.  I am happy to be able to share with you the important knowledge on how we inherit family trauma through generations and on how we can heal ourselves and allow for new levels of peace, freedom and compassion.  https://kisserpaludan.dk
  • Soultalk Global podcast

    Snatam Kaur


    A conversation with world famous spiritual singer Snatam Kaur about music, chanting and daily practices as a wonderful path to living from our true nature. Snatam explains how these practices work, and how we can transform and heal neurosis and triggers of everyday life through living in close connection with our Divine true Self. Enjoy.

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