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Lucy Baldwin

Host Lucy Baldwin interviews people about their personal experiences with psychedelics. DISCLAIMER: Neither the host nor guests of this podcast recommend or encourage the use of psychedelics. Psychedelic substances can be dangerous and lead to serious physical and mental illness. Psychedelic substances are illegal in most countries and therefore the sale and distribution of these substances may not be regulated. Traveling to foreign countries in search of psychedelic experiences can be extremely dangerous. If you are absolutely set on having a psychedelic experience, (which this podcast is absolutely not recommending) please first seek advice from a medical and mental health professional. Thank you.

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  • Psychedelic podcast

    26: Near Death and the Hell Realms


    Author Kevin May shares about his experience tripping balls in the hospital ICU after a near death experience.
  • Psychedelic podcast

    25: Connect and Evolve


    In this episode I interview Ben Holt about his psychedelic and spiritual journey. 
  • Psychedelic podcast

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  • Psychedelic podcast

    24: Tiphareth


    Michael Smith talks about Enlightenment, communicating eternity, Bufo, remembrance, and the lived experience of the transcendental 
  • Psychedelic podcast

    23: Mystically Clinical


    Timothy Ko explores the neurophysiological benefits of DMT therapy on those suffering addiction, the risks, the potential, and the mechanisms to provide the most therapeutic experience
  • Psychedelic podcast

    22: Iboga


    Paije West explores the ceremonial communion with Iboga and the astonishing clarity this plant offers.
  • Psychedelic podcast

    21: Entities, Chocolates and Sanctuaries


    Krystina Castleburning talks chocolate medicines, sanctuary spaces, entities, and her vision for a more sacred communion with plant medicine
  • Psychedelic podcast

    20: Vision Quest


    John Folak speaks to his call to writing from his experiences with psychedelics and the ways to integrate, build, and inspire. 
  • Psychedelic podcast

    19: Communion


    Alexandra Carelli talks integration of the sacred knowledge that plants have to share with us, a human right passed down through millennia of communion with psychedelics.
  • Psychedelic podcast

    18: Kundalini Yoga


    Emmanni Martine talks trauma and energetic processing through Kundalini Yoga, a pathway made clear to her through sacred psychedelic ceremony. Find Emmanni Martine at
  • Psychedelic podcast

    17: Medicine Work


    JZ talks about space holding, religion and sacred story telling in the context of psychedelic medicine work.

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